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Why wouldn't you?

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. A man went into a telegram office (back when they had such things) and sent a telegram to a friend. He wrote galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph galumph, and handed the paper to the clerk for payment.
    The clerk said; "Sir, you've only written 10 words, and you can write 13 for the same tarriff; would you like to add three more words?"
    The man replied; "What else would I write?"
    Entering into the obvious humour of the telegram, the clerk replied; "Well, sir, you could put in three more 'galumphs'!"
    To which the man replied; "Three more 'galumphs'? That would be ridiculous!"

  2. hmmm, I'm trying to get it.....

    Nope, sorry, I think i'm missing something.
  3. Hornet, I'm on dailup at home here. I just wasted 30 seconds waiting for this page to load, just to find some stupid joke that isn't really that funny. So here are your options:

    - Make the joke funny
    - Stop posting not funny jokes
    - Lobby Telstra to upgrade my area to get ADSL
    - Pay for a two-way satellite connection for me
    - Return the 30 seconds of my life you stole from me

  4. Sorry, folks, hereby is 30 seconds of life refunded to Dan, and, mcbigg, you don't really want me to explain it, do you?
  5. Thats better. Now, I have to go and watch some re-runs of the Simpsons....
  6. c'mon dan, it was funny....really!!
  7. do dial up internet connections still exist?
  8. yes, and they are a pain in the groin
  9. I thought it was funny... :roll:
  10. What I want to know, Dan is, how in the name of goodness have you managed to rack up nearly 1900 posts ON DIAL-UP!????
  11. Thanks Clive, I was starting to worry, honest!
  12. er, um, I post in my >lunch break< at work. 8-[
  13. Gonna have to apply for some of them *lunch breaks*