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Why would you buy second hand?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. (apologies to any member who might be trying to sell a second-hand VStrom at the moment)

    I'm normally the first guy to say "Don't buy new, you'll take a massive depreciation hit". But I'm seeing brand new VStroms advertised down to $9k + ORC, and second hand ones advertised up to about 10. What do ORCs run these days? Maybe $1500? So really there's not a hell of a lot in it between a new bike and a second hand one.
  2. i wouldnt buy a bike any less than two years old, i just cant be arsed paying a dealership 390 bucks for something i can easily do my self in an hour just to maintain the warrenty. but if servicing costs dont concern, well no there is absolutly no point in buying second hand.

  3. Unless the second hand comes with luggage and other after-market bits then no, I wouldn't be buying second hand if there were deals like that to be had.
  4. ORC costs most likely broken into rego, rwc, delivery fee, warranty, maybe some govt new vehicle fee/shipping tax & any other bits they care to make up at the dealership, so the 2nd hand ones probably in effect do save some $$. Obviously worth checking dealerships to see exactly these ORC costs are though for real comparisions.

    Personally, unless it was something that I just had to have right now and couldnt wait, Im not someone who often considers buying new, as once something leaves the store & clicks over the 1st few k's it becomes 2nd hand anyway. Better the extra cash in my pocket I say ;)
  5. You would buy second hand if there was going to be a considerable cost saving. In your case it probably would be better to buy brand new for the little extra more.
  6. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the VStrom goes to 2 spark plugs per cylinder for 2007, so there is another good reason to grab new rather than second hand with the prices so close.

    {not pimping for the Stroms, just crapping on!}
  7. Why do people spend 6K on 15 year old imports when they can buy a brand new GPX-250 Kawasaki for the same amount?
  8. umm, two spark plugs per cylinder is better? that just means twice the number of (no doubt expensive) little buggers to replace!

    As far as warranties go, i didn't think that you were required to get it dealer serviced... just so long as it is serviced by a licenced mechanic.

    I guess if a second hand vstrom is more expensive than the new one, it must have extras such as exhausts, luggage and such. the other bonus of a second hand bike is that you don't need to worry about running it in, which can be a bit of a pain.

    Personally, if the bike has the extras and the engine sounds fine, i'd have no problem going with a second hand bike. whatever works out better value i guess.

  9. Spark plugs are under $10 a pop, no big deal.

    Bravus isn't debating the merits of second-hand vs. new in every case, just in this case as highlighted by the V-Strom's price.
  10. Depends on the bike-

    Suzuki DR650 is around $7000! I'm thinking one of them new would be nice.

    On the other hand sports bikes depreciate pretty hard when a new model is released. You'll lose at least $3-4000 per year if you buy new.

    So if it's a cheap/unpopular bike, new can be okay.

    2 spark plugs per-cylinder would just be an emissions thing, not something worth holding out for on its own.
  11. Because a GPX doesn't do 'it' for everybody. Some people like things a little more sporty and a different ride position.

    Bravus, I'd go new. I think there's a piece of mind owning a bike from new, you know it has been looked after.
  12. Probably true, though decreased emissions means more efficient burning, means less fuel used. Given the scenario I personally would be buying for is putting 1000 km a week on a bike, every little bit helps.

    And yeah, Haggismaen is right, I was more talking about this specific case, and it would vary hugely for different models and so on.

    Of course, another way of looking at it is that VStroms hold their value well, given an RRP since they started of $9990 and people still asking over 9 grand for them 2 years old.
  13. Ask my workmate that question.

    At least twice a week I happen across him on the way to work, him on his 2005 GPX and me on my 91 CBR250RR.

    We go for a bit of a squirt on the totally dead 6am roads and he constantly loses.

    Simple answer, because the cibby is the fastest 4 stroke two-fiddy there is :D
  14. I only ever buy NEW!!! No worries about the previous life of the item and if anything major happens, WARRANTY!!!

    I have had 3 bikes now, a 1982 SR250 which i had running nicely before i got rid of it( i just didn't like drum brakes front and back) then my second bike i bought a new '05 Yamaha XVS 250 V-Star which was a bit pricey but i believe in most cases you get what you pay for, I did 25,000ks on the Star in 9 months without any problems at all, befor a car pulled out in front of me and the poor Star was deemed a write off. My 3rd and current bike is a '06 Hyosung GV650 which i bought new and have had only minor problems with and these were covered under warranty.

    The moral is, Yes new stuff cost you up front, but in two years of riding I have had a bike off the road for 1 week waiting on approval and replacement under warranty of a faulty/leaking fuel tank, and other than that, simple(sometimes pricey) dealer services taking only 1 day.

    2nd hand ...... you never really know what you are buying, people sell for reasons you know!!


    P.S. NO, I am NOT rich, I just look at the long term, and see frequent repairs and servicing of old bikes too costly and stressful, compared to paying off something new and reliable.
  15. ive owned both, and im never touchin another gpx if i have a choice.
  16. Because Kawasaki don't bother marketing anything below... well... a 1400 from what I've seen online :eek:

    All the GPX needs is a pointy fairing and it'd steal the Hysong GT250R market.
    All the ZX2R needs is increased Aussie import quantity, and a price drop and they'll steal the 2nd hand sports 250 market.

    Bravus, you're totally right - with petrol prices going up, bike sales are going up - increased volume means increased competition & lower prices.
    People can not possible get what they are asking for a lot of 2nd hand bikes... and it may suck for them and their resale value: they either realise and you can pick up a reasonably priced 2nd hand bargain, or you can more easily rationalise the peace of mind buying new.

    I know in there were a bunch of pissed off 05 CBR owners when they started doing some attractive deals on 06 models...
  17. kols_kebabs: i too am quite amazed at how cheap the DR650 is. i have been told the DRZ400e is a better bike though (just as bullet proof and handles better)

    Tim 650: funny, i'm sort of the opposite. i prefer to buy older simpler bikes, so i can do all the maintenance and repairs myself. heard just as many horror stories about dodgy warranties as 2nd hand lemons. it certainly isn't the case that every second hand bike is a dodgy one that someone is trying to offload.

  18. I wasn't making ANY judgment about whether or not the GPX was a good bike or a bad one, but if you're only going to have a bike for 12 - 15 months, then warranty, not having been thrashed by who-knows-who, etc, would be a factor in favour of a new bike as opposed to a 15 year old bike.
  19. I have had three secondhand bikes which, in total, have lasted fewer years than the bike I bought new. I ran my bike in and have no problems with gear changes....I know how my bike has been treated/looked after/etc. I know that the drops my new bike has had have all been genuine walking pace or less drops. I know its service history.

    I know you lose $$$ when you ride away from the showroom, but what I have gained with peace of mind and the passion of a bike that is completely, entirely and wholly yours is priceless.

    I imagine my next bike will be new, but that won't be for a long time (unless we win Tattslotto and then I can assure you the 1098 will be in the garage immediately!!!!!).
  20. bravi, all my bikes have been second hand. Its a mentality that you fall into i am sure i could go and get a loan right now and have my sex on wheels D675 in a week. But its not what i am after anymore i want to rip a bike to peices, make it mine in every sense and rebuild to what I want..

    I just cant see that happening with a new bike.