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WHY would this happen!?!? and what can i do ?? :(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Irideabike, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. PLEASE no hyosung burning comments!! ... I'm pissed off as it is :(

    As the post says.... wtf... I was about to go on my usual sunday ride today when the worst thing possible could happen. As i was putting all my gear on i figured, as i ALWAYS do that i will turn the bike on so as it can warm up... Now get this, my bike was sitting happily on its stand on a level ground in NEUTRAL and i checked it was in neutral before even trying to start the f***er (excuse my language but im absolutely Pissed off!) :evil: :evil:

    Now when i start my bike to warm up i just stand next to it and click the ignition switch to get it idling in neutral while on the stand. BUT for some unknown reason this didn't go as planned. When i pressed the ignition switch while next to it and i also checked that it was in NERUTRAL as it stated in the hud, the bike jerked forward as if it was in 1st gear and in the process rolled off the stand and BANG whacked onto the ground, and in the process snapping my left handle bar clean off and causing some damage to the fairing????!!!!

    I have no bloody idea why my bike did this, and i dont know what to do. This clearly is a mechanically/electrical error of some sort and i don't want it happening again! But i just can't get it to replicate what it did to prove to the dealer of what happened???!!!! - anyone else heard of this ?

    What do you guys think i can do ? How can i prove it wasn't my fault, and that there is some sort of fault in the bike. Because i swear on my life i didnt just knock it over, it launched/jerked forward, when it shouldnt have(as the hud displayed the usual 'N' for neutral) and slammed sideways!!

    I need your opinions :( ! By the way my bikes an '07 GT250R.

    Below are photos of the damage... Not sure if its major or not or whats required to repair it.... :( WHYYY ME!!!



    edit... Dont know how to make the photos smaller :S ?

    [mod edit : I do :)]
  2. I can't believe the handle bar snapped of from that...
  3. Neutral lights sometimes lie. Learn from it.
  4. Always pull the clutch in when you start. Just get in the habit.
  5. yeah and i have no idea why the handle bar snapped like that :( would be because its the side that it was leaninig to ? ... you know how you turn the bike towards the stand?
  6. Can a mod please resize the pix?
  7. Was it on a center stand or side stand? If it was on the center stand was the back wheel off the ground?

    The handle bar sheered right off :shock:
  8. I have to say i would have serious concerns as to the safety of those bikes if bars snap off that easy , thats scary !!!!!. i would be fronting the bike shop and if i got no satisfaction i would be contacting relevant motoring bodies etc to investigate the safety of these bikes. secondly it should not have started at all with stand down in gear ?? .
  9. yeah well thats the assumption i made... the side stand was down for reason 1.... and reason 2 the 'N' neutral light was lit up in the hud- so i figured it should start normally... but no, the bike kicked forward as if it was in gear and koncked off the side stand! .... Who could i contact for more inquireies about it? - and yeah the fact that my handle snapped off from a drop is disturbing...

    Do you guys know how i could go about this warranty wise or with the dealer (peter stevens melb)

    and when i get this repaired... its something i dont want happening again. :evil:
  10. I didn't think they started without the clutch in if they were on the stand. I'd biatch these bikes have issues with the sidestand switch playing up
  11. +1. I always fire up clutch pulled in. When going, grab a whole handfull of front brake, then ease out the clutch. You can't trust neutral lights. Was 1 of the first thing they taught us in the pre learners.

    Unfortunately it seems that you just have been taught a hard lesson. Hope the damage isn't to exy. I don't think handle bar stems are that dear.


  12. The problem is that if the neutral light is lit, then as far as the starting circuit is concerned the gearbox is in neutral.

    I agree that an 2007 bike should be better set up than that.

  13. I'm trying to remember my hyo is busted again, but I don't think mine starts at all without the clutch pulled in or have I missed something.
  14. Sounds like you need to make a warranty claim on the basis of a faulty neutral light, at least. Plus, I think you should expect SOME consideration from Hyosung for that busted handle-bar; that metal looks worse than what used to be on Dinky toys in the 50s!

    {and can someone PLEASE!!!! resize the pictures :LOL:??}
  15. Easy... Cheap Korean shit..
  16. Ha, I was wondering when that'd pop up!

    Honestly, I ain't never seen a bar snap like that.
  17. Congrats on your 1000th post :).

    Yeah, that's my gut feeling too, but having worked for another huge Korean company, I can say that that's NOT the way they worked, or the quality of their stuff. I think that metal problem should be pursued to the highest level; what's the stuff like that the frames are made of, for example???
  18. Thats your 1st wish, please choose wisely as you only have 2 more :LOL: :p
  19. Second one's easy; I wish if I have a major crash with the bike that I be somewhere near where you live, after your Lazarus job on the Loz Ninja :rofl:.
  20. so how do you guys think i should go about it? I'll be giving a call to Peter Stevens tomorrow trying to explain it. The next would be to try and get the bloody bike there :( ... suppose ill have to pay for freighting... But with regards to warranty complaints and part quality(ie the handle bars) .... should i go through the dealership or direct to hyo australia?