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Why would someone do that???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Yesterday avo ...decided to head out to the new industrial estate ( Lathams Rd Carrum Downs ) to practice stops, U turns etc . As I head toward a roundabout, figuring I'll negotiate a 180 .. I saw the road was full of tiny gold heaven-knows-what making the roundabout glisten. I managed to stop just before I reached it, dismounted to investigate, only to find the entire roundabout covered in gold self-drillig METAL SCREWS ! :shock:
    WTF ?? ( thinking I was so close to puncturing my tyres BIG TIME )
    What sort of demeted POS would do that? :?
    In disgust I spent the next 15min ( easily) picking up what must have been an entire box of these screws.
    What is it with people ??? :evil:
    PS .. SHEPPO , yes its the same place you sometimes frequent.

  2. may have fallen out of someone's ute or truck by accident

    at least you spotted it, and cleaned it up :cool:
  3. I'd like to think that was the case, but the entire roundabout was littered with the stuff. :?
  4. My first thought, too.

    VCM, was there a box or something lying around? If not, chances are it was a deliberate act. God knows why people do this sort of sh*t, though.
  5. No box mate.. was thinking if it was an accident, it would not have covered the entire roundabout. Should have only covered an area where the box may have fallen.
    DAMN i hate people sometimes :twisted:

    EDIT : come to think of it, it couldnt have been sprinkled from a moving vehicle either. Someone would have had to physically walk around the intersection spreading the stuff.. it was way too neatly done. :shock:
  6. I think this is a case for CSI
  7. There wasn't a tyre place just down the road that's been struggling for business by any chance?
  8. You think they wanna buy the story ?? :p

  9. WOW Vinnie

    there is nothing wrong with your observation skills

    good on you for spotting AND picking them up

    makes you wonder about what sort of people we share our society with doesnt it

  10. There truly are some pieces of sh!t in this world. That wouldn't just puncture tyres, they'd act like marbles almost to a bike.
  11. Probably somone sick and tried of the boys practicing their drift skills all night.
  12. Yeah, that was my immediate reaction too.
  13. Tracey: I'm actually surprised I spotted it.. prob was the 'gleam' that caught my eye.
    How could someone NOT pick them up ? ;-)

    GS5hundy: (they'd act like marbles almost to a bike.) :shock:
    Damn that's worse than a puncture.

    There were plenty of car tyre marks not far from the roundabout ( ie wheelies/burnouts ) Perhaps someone was trying to 'punish' these guys?
  14. Today, riding west towards the Anzac bridge and a big wooden plank, must have been an old cupboard door or something flew off a ute and was sliding down the road with everyone dodging.

    The urge to jump on and surf was so strong. It slid so well! :p
  15. driving to canberra a couple of months ago, temporarily behind a demountable building that was being transported. glass door came off at 80kmh smashed showering the car with glass.i thanked god that day that i wasnt on the bike. that wouldve hurt. the glass was embedded in the duco of the bonnet and in the headlights. they paid for the respray and were charged with unsecured load
  16. Yep thats what i thought. Idiots driftinh the roundabout and a neighbour has had enough of it.
  17. Had a double bed mattress lying on the anzac bridge once, stopped most of the fraffic
  18. i went thru that area about a week ago to practice high speed stops and some u-turns as well!

    it's pretty common in areas where alot of construction is happening to find nails/screws all over the road. usually a tradie forgets the packet of (whatever) sharp items on the tray of the ute or on the roof, and they fall off. it happens unfortunately.

    i'm amazed you spotted them Vinnie! and 10 points for picking them up! send us a sms when you next head down and i'll tag along.
  19. Yep - good onya for spotting and picking them up! Sure would have hurt if you'd fallen on them too :shock: