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Why wont they go away?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MREVOX, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. B-grade "celebrities" and rubbish TV shows... why wont they bugger off?

    The people I currently find really irritating:
    - Guy Sebastian
    - Terri, Bindi and Bob Irwin
    - Nikki Webster

    Why wont they go away? They just seem to be holding on to their 15 mins of fame, and are so goddamn annoying to me it is almost beyond comprehension.

    The shows:
    - Australian/American Idol
    - So You Think You Can Dance
    - Hey Hey It's Saturday

    Particularly "Idol"... why do they attempt to pass off this homogenised trash as "music"? Add to that the irritating "judges" that constantly use positive superlatives to describe mediocrity... and the stupid tweenage girls that seem to regularly lose their shit at the drop of a hat and scream like it's the second coming of Jesus.. it makes my blood boil.

    As for Hey Hey... FFS Nine... get a new idea. We all know you're struggling - but really, to bring back a struggling format that became irrelevant 10 years ago (which is why you cancelled it in the first place)... with the exact same people and segments.

  2. Step One: Reach for remote control.

    Step Two: I think you already know what step two is.

  3. "Anything that can be coopted, will be"

    Why does the music industry churn out rubbish music? Well because people can be coaxed into buying it.

    Take 1 sexually attractive teenage girl, musical talent not required, and mould her into whatever is fashionable and marketable at the current point in time. A bit of makeup and photoshop on the visuals, some pitch shifting and quantising on the musical side, you can turn anyone into a convincing musician ( I dread to use the term )

    I can tell you, as a musician you really need to look deep in australian culture to find the real artists (using the term subjectively of course) . I have been lucky enough to study under world-class musicians here in australia, and I know society could help out a lot more, if people could pull themselves away from football for a while.
  4. I would... but you see, it is someone else in the house that takes over the main television and cranks up the volume. Like, to the point of cutting short their attendance to social events so that they will be home in time to see these shows (mostly Idol).
  5. Ah... I see.


    Step One: Reach for remote.

    Step Two: Hide it.

    Step Three: SupaGlue the manual buttons on the TV.

    Step Four: Deny, Deny, Deny all responsibility.

  6. I think your looking at this all wrong! I would have thought that guys would like these shows, because it's usually the women who are so into them, so while your miss's are so distracted by these shows... It gives you guys uninterrupted time to go do 'guy stuff'!!
  7. Take this as a sign (obviously the mouse wasn't a big enough hint) ........ it is time to fly free and seek a nest of your own. :p
  8. True words. You speak them.
  9. Suggestion for step Four: Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations. :cool:
  10. . . . . not when her private video is leaked !
  11. Pays my salary?
  12. Moreso when her private video is leaked :tantrum:
  13. Oh, I'm sure these people are nice in real life. And I'm not saying they should stop what they are doing with their lives.

    It's just that some of the time, some of these people (there's a lot more than the ones I mentioned) seem like they're grasping to the last remaining shreds of their fame - and when they appear on TV as a feature guest on some show, to me it just feels completely awkward and out of place... kind of like they are just there so they can say "I'm still here! Remember me?", and then off they go... to awkwardly appear in some other show/public event.

    Kind of like the last guest to leave from a dinner party... everyone else is gone, and it's just "them"... no more funny stories to share, just awkward silence.

    By the way, I totally get the irony of me posting a statement like this... only to keep turning up and posting on forums completely uninvited ;) lol
  14. Go for a ride or read a book man. That's what I do. Or I study.
  15. Ewwww....just ewwww Micky
  16. Guy is a talent in his own right. He's not drifting on the Idol coat tails anymore.

    As for the others, if they were truly hopeless, people wouldn't still be talking about them this long after they popped up on the scene.

    Mate, mediocrity is us, solid riders, solid employees, solid citizens... where's our point of difference that makes us shine and stand out from the herd?
  17. This thread is a perfect example of why they won't go away!

    If you ingore them, they will die. Unfortunately, there will always be someone willing to talk about them, bag them out, biatch about how shit & untalented they are. Any publicity...

    & here I am posting in a thread about it! ](*,)
  18. ... I think it's interesting the lengths that some of them go to to remain in the public eye....even though their 15 mins has already been and gone!! :roll: (Dannii Minogue comes to mind!!! :twisted: )