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why wont the knee go down?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by nadski, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Having read the elbow down thread, i'm wondering why my knee isnt going down
    I hit old pac yday and this morning.
    i'm getting pretty good lean angles (no chicken strips)
    I get most of the butt cheek off the seat
    but the knee wont go down
    I am thinking my leg doesnt open up enuf possibly
    seeing kneedragon's avatar, mine would be far less that that
    I reckon possibly only 20cm away from the bike, so less than raven's avatar as well
    Maybe I need to lean even more (obviously!), however i had a boot scrape today (balls of feet on the pegs, toes straight ahead) so I think i am getting good lean already
    any1 have some other tips?
    Another possibility is that I'm not completely off the seat, so maybe moving over even more?

  2. Body position....Drop your inside elbow ;)
  3. Make sure you're leaning correctly, it's obvious when you see someone just trying to get their knee down and they are leaning completely wrong. Go watch Twist of the Wrist. Make sure your head is as low as possible and that it is off the bike too..

    That said maybe you're doing it right, don't try and force it you will just have an accident. You'll get there
  4. yeah, elbow is going down, chin is headed towards the handle bar
    i read up a bit before trying! bite the handle bar is what i took away from readings
    hhhmmm mgiht need to get an experienced fella to follow me or film it so i have a better idea of what i'm doing!
    thanks guys
  5. knee scraping is a wankfest, you go just as fast whether you leg is in or out. If you really want to get it down go to a track day.
  6. For me i found that when moving around if i didn't use my outside calf enough to push into the tank my hips would not open properly, causing my hips to twist forwards on the inside leg. Don't know if it's useful advice or not, just something i found as i was progressing.

    Go to a ride day and talk to one of the more skilled guys after they see how you ride around a track?
  7. Really?....I tend to use it as a gauge at the track....Must be a wanker!
  8. How about on the old road? The main point was that it wont make you go faster. If someone is making a point of getting their knee down on every corner but you're leaving them for dead, then who's the better rider?
  9. Maybe... but having the knee down makes you LOOK faster =P
  10. point ya toes and hips into the turn it will fix ya problem and you will be able to get your knee out further and will feel more natural to stick it out.
  11. The better rider is the one who know's there limit's and stay's well within them....

    I have never got my knee on the deck on the road and never even tried....It's the whole self preservation thing....Armco and oncoming car's scare me 8-[
  12. well said.
  13. Nadski, what's the purpose of getting your knee down?

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  14. I couldn't do it for ages, even though I knew I had the pace and lean angle. I found the trick was locking your angles in high against the heel guards then rolling your inside ankle over more and bam, knee down.

    Usually anyone that says knee down is a wank can't get their knee down lol. Since I learnt to do it i've picked up a substantial amount of pace due to being able to gauge myself far better. I'd heard about gauging from the knee before and I was sceptical but now that I can do it I understand.

    Someone mentioned doing it on old road and that its a wank? Can you please explain why that is? I can kill a brand new slider in one lap of old road, not reaching for it.
  15. I doubt I could but I've never tried. I ride in draggins. Been well within hands reach of the road though (its a small bike).

    The answer to your other question is above.
  16. save it for the track.

    so many times i've seen the "i want to get my knee down" noobs, pushing their limits so hard they're really wide on pretty much every corner, almost taking me and other riders out.
  17. dont need to push your limits to get your knee down
  18. yeah, that's true. but a hell of a lot of them do on the old pac every saturday and sunday
  19. Thanks for the input guys

    ok, this is really helpful
    I have always suspected my hips arent opening and this certainly will help.
    reason i kept toes it was i have scraped them a few times now and i was always under the impression knees scraped before toes, so figured i was positioned wrong, hence moved toes in

    I think this is exactly what i am doing! I really think my inside hip is twisting away from the turn and not opening up.

    to judge my lean angles and improve my riding. I think i've got yr noob cornering posts (vanishing pts, etc) working well so wanted to take it up a level. I've followed a few fast riders thru sweepers and kept pace with them without feeling uncomfortable. i've noticed their knees only a cm or 2 off the ground and i'm pretty sure i'm at similar lean angles so wondering what more I need to do

    mate, I actually credit (for want of a better word) u for making me try and get a knee down. Never really tried before this year when i saw a pic of u on the track and u were hanging off all over the place with the knee scraping and I know i've had bigger lean angles than that 1 pic i saw (on occasions anyway), so I started trying!
  20. I think getting your knee down isn't about actually scraping your knee or going any faster, it's about knowing your body is in the right position and the bike is not leaning past its limit, I feel safer and more confident when I am getting my knee down than when Im not. Also you dont need to be going flat out fast to get it down, just a smooth and steady pace through a 45k sweeper and you'll touch easy.

    After I did it, it didnt even seem like a big deal