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Why we should all wear a full face helmet.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Brij, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. I purchased the following Shoei Helmet on Jan 2nd this year.

    I came off my bike on the 4th of Jan this year and totalled it and the helmet. I low sided it in a sweeper and after doing an aikido type roll off the bike, I landed on my front taking the impact on my helmet and my knees and slid down the middle of the road for a while. My helmet took most of the impact. I was able to walk away.... (Well hobble.... wasn't wearing knee guards under my Draggins) Don't think I'd have much of a face if I'd not had a full face helmet on.
  2. Indeed, good advice :). Sorry to hear about the bike though, good to see you're ok though ;).
  3. briiij!
    wat r u dooin?
    please just dint the tank with ur balls next time! :p
    hope ur ok, heal fast, and stay safe :)
    also, buy some cow!!
  4. Nice one! How did the knees hold up under the draggins? Open wound or just bruising/rash?

    And how fast do you think you were going in the corner?
  5. The helmet did its Job. Enjoy your next one.
  6. reckon the helmet is still ok to use :shock: :shock: :)

    that must of been freaky watching the gravel scraping in front of your face while sliding :shock:

    stay safe mate :)
  7. What type of plant will you grow in that helmet?
  8. G'day everyone,...

    Sorry to hear about your lowside Brij,.. Thankfully any acident you can walk away from etc,....
    Yes it realy looks like your helmet did its job for you and I bet you won't be compaining about its cost either!

    Its good to hear you were able to walk away from the incident so that is always good news. I also hope you get well soon and back on a bike in the near future.

    Here's wishing you well and safe rideing for your future.

    Dr Who?
  9. Saw those pics on FB earlier (yes, I am a stalker) and was amazed at how much of a flogging the visor took. :shock:
  10. wow nasty!
    glad to hear you made it safely!
  11. That'll buff right out.
  12. Yep, some black texta and a new visor and you're good to go. :LOL:
  13. Good to see you are ok.

    A shame about the bike but the main thing is you walked away.

    Oh well back to the Swift for awhile!
  14. Same thing happened to me a few months back. Your helmet looks exactly how mine ended up, and as result I came to the same conclusion as you, wear a full face helmet all the time! I'm buying my wife one for the two-up.

    Watch your knees for a little while as after the initial pain goes away something may pop up, it's like layers on an onion, once one problem goes away another seems to show itself.

    Once my initial soft tissue damage began to subside, I notice my knee was not quite right. It turns out that I have a bruised patella (to be expected if your knee hits the tarmac at 60km/ph). When you feel the soft tissue damage subside, if something does not feel right, it's not right! Get it checked out!
    Heal quick and hope the ego is not too battered!
  15. IF your helmet doesn't end up looking like that, you're not getting your money's worth.
  16. In for the answer to this. I'm considering having some armor stitched into mine.
  17. I did some research on the Draggin armour and turns out it is not ideal. If wearing armour under your jeans or other loose fitting clothes, they tend to shift around. Best to get the ones that strap around your legs. ala skate pads etc.

    Hope you're healing well and quickly Brij! :)

  18. In answer to the injuries... I'm guessing I was doing about 60-70Kmph when I actually came off the bike. My draggins held up... Didn't tear the fabric.. Left knee took most of the impact. Not a scratch on my knee. Cotton on knee of draggins is shiny where it has heated from friction. Right knee suffered friction burn but draggins held up. Both knee caps very tender and bruised, was nearly going to buy knee pads that morning, but didn't get around to it. I'd recommend knee pads! Also smashed my knuckle which is still black so will get x-rayed soon as they didn't have facilities last weekend at the hospital I was taken to. Couple of nicks out of my Spidi Jacket, but no injuries to my upper body.

    And a Huge thank you to Noodie Pooh, who was riding with me at the time of the off and came to the hospital with me and waited with me to be released even though it meant having to ride back two hours to Melbourne in the dark with a tinted visor on. You Rock! Thank you.
  19. Hmm, I notice no damage to the chin guard.

    Glad to hear you came out of the incident well Brij, but as for me I'll stick with my visorless open face.
  20. Air vent on Chin Guard was actually hanging out of helmet and I have bruising on the underside of my chin from where the helmet was pushed into it.