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Why we ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cejay, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. After a few posts from Sir Skuffy and others about why we ride, I decided to post a few vids from the holiday in Tassie. For me, this explains exactly why I ride. Maybe it does for you too.

    The holiday in Tassie was the best holiday I have ever had. The company was fantastic but the riding was outstanding. Every day a new road, a new adventure, always that amazing buzz when you get off at the next fuel stop. At a photo op after one run up a mountain I was willing to have Scumbags babies. I spent two weeks on a state of high that left me feeling immensely depressed when I got home.

    Anyway, the following vids were done with a Canon still camera in movie mode, tucked inside my tank bag. No fancy mounts, no expensive movie cams, but still works. Well, sort of.

    Apologies for using WMV, if anyone knows of a cheap (free!) movie editing and coding package, let me know!

    I will add the others later. First off, a run from Bothwell. Ahead is Scumbag with Black Betty pillion. Check out the overtake past the cattle truck....


    Scottsdale Part 3
  2. Thats how road are supposed to be made. None of this 10 klms dead straight crap.

    Good lines from the Sgt as usual.

    However, cejay (read nanna), it took you long enough to get past the cattle truck. Thought Sgt would have been at the next stop waiting for you.

    I love watching clips of bikes like that.
  3. Nice vid Cejay! I look forward to riding around Tassie after seeing that! :grin:
  4. scotsdale? sidling is fun as!!! +10 on the vids
  5. love living in this state :grin:

    glad you enjoyed the roads cejay. not bad quality for a normal digicam
  6. The pre compression videos are better quality, but in the absence of a proper video editing program, the size of the videos becomes quite large. Hence using MS Movie Maker on Vista which though good, doesn't have all the best compression algorithms.
  7. Very nice videos, looks like you guyz had a great time. :)
  8. I thought Tassie was green all year round.
    Nice vid cejay great editing
  9. cj whats wrong with the second clip..... only shows about 7 secs worth then stops? :?

    First vid i sgreat those roads looked amazing...... bet they were even better to ride :wink:
  10. All clips work fine for me. Maybe do a 'Save As'.
  11. Ah so much fun was had, lovely reminder, thanks Cejay. :grin:
  12. just red/l it and it worked fine..... :? anyway great vidz mate, looks like you guys had a hoot over there.

    How did you sit the camera in the tank bag to get that angle? :?
  13. Great clip Cejay, Scumbag and Black betty.

    wish i had a bike that went round corners
  14. It was a very sophisticated camera setup.... :LOL:

    Camera placed in the top clear section of the bag, with the lens poking through the zip, with the two ends of the zip clipped together. Amazing it worked at all, let alone produce some half decent clips.
  15. shit you should of taken a picture of that instead, sounds like a work of art :LOL:
  16. They are some very nice results there cejay. Nice to have a reminder in these chilly months of how good the roads are down there in summer.

    The road heading north out of Bothwell is a cracker also. I'll try and take a vid of it myself this year. I stopped a couple of years ago to take a still photo of it and I still have it as my desktop photo now


    Plus how good is the 99 bends road near Queenstown? Gotta love it

  17. Tassie is a lovely place, makes me long for more every time I view the videos...