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Why we aren't seen

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' at netrider.net.au started by Heli, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. This came to me today:

    One for the SMIDSY campaign to use?
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  2. Thick roof pillars and even thicker drivers are also to blame :LOL:

    but that doesn't invalidate your point :)
  3. There was a series on national geographic tv about testing your brain and they did an experiment where they had dancers on a stage and there were two blue circles painted on the stage and they had a live audience. They asked the audience to count how many times the dancers went into the blue circles. Once the dance had finnished they asked how many times they went into the blue circles. Everyone answered and then they asked if they noticed anything else, they said no. They replayed footage of the dance a a guy in a big penguin costume. Walked right across the stage in clear view and no-one noticed as they were fixated on the dancers. Scary...
  4. Yep, scanning the view is the way to go.

    That is why we swerve to attract attention, moving lights demand attention.

    PS: nice line Hornet.
  5. lucky i'm not a tiny yellow dot.

    all they have to do is watch where they are going. it's not that hard.
  6. Nice find.......
  7. 99.9999 % of them look and see you.
    otherwise we'd all be long dead.
    or you'd be smashed into by the first car that has to give way to you.

    it's 00000.1 % that should should look before they pull out or change lanes. if they don't want to look. then maybe they could at least have the courtesy to indicate first. then i can avoid them.
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    The gorilla experiment is famous.

  9. yeah remembers seeing that one...
  10. Good work Heli. Nice link.

    The problem with stuff like this, is old salts remember it and realise it's important, and that it's not getting passed on to the young who need it. So we start talking about it amongst ourselves, but it goes no further. I learned to read on Biggles and Paul Brickhill, so this is hardly a surprise to me. How do we make sure that learner riders and learner drivers a century after W E Johns learn the things he had to teach?
  11. the gorilla experiment is bullshit.

    if you were at a live basketball game and a big ****ing gorilla ran out onto the court.
    you'd sure as **** see it.
  12. i'm old salt. and i'm over it.
    near all smidsys i've been victim to could have easilly been avoided if they driver was paying attention.
    and i don't ride around sneaking up on them. i make it apparant where i am.
    sorry i did'nt see you is just the first thing that pops into their head to say, as an excuse.
    translation> i was'nt paying attention
  13. mt1 there was a show on a while ago with many examples of this and most people would always miss things like the gorilla..

    point is people are focusing on one thing thus missing other things...
    in our case, people are preprogramed to look for cars and anything smaller will at times be invisible....
    this is not an excuse but a very accurate assesment on how and why the human brain functions as it does when it's in cruise control.
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  14. That is a stupid post, deliberate presumably? Of course you are likely to see the gorilla in that context.
  15. What Rob said. The point is, if you just give people the video and say "Tell me what you see." then they'll usually mention the gorilla. But if you get them to do a specific, difficult thing - like count the number of passes, and the number of times the ball changes teams, and give a hint like "Watch how many players there are - Does blue team get one or two extra players at some points?" and THEN show it to them, half of them completely miss the gorilla. I did it myself. I was trying to count and watch 50 things at once. I wasn't looking for a gorilla. That's the whole point.
  16. Who cares about excuses, or explanations on why we cant be seen.

    You are Totally Invisible to all, except other riders, while riding on your Bike,

    So ride your bike with that attitude fully in your Consious, And plan for the worst,

    That way you will survive, because you can plan ahead and avoid all the Morons that cant see you.

    You are in full control of your situation, Brake, Stop, Accelerate, Go Around,

    And Not in the control of some jerk that wants to see you as mince meat,
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  18. Inattentional blindness is what drivers have for a host of reasons.

    Intentional blindness is what the TAC has, because the real causes of SMIDSY doesn't fit their preferred view.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  19. look ahead five seconds, check rear view. look ahead 5 check side mirrors. rinse and repeat. Really can't go wrong with that.
  20. Yeah what could possibly go wrong?