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Why we always say "Wear gloves"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. #1 hornet, Apr 13, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2014
    This morning I took a tumble from the second to bottom step outside the motel room in which we were staying. I stumbled for about 20 feet trying to get my balance but in the end gravity won and I fell flat on my face in the asphalt car park. Net result is that, as you do, I had put my hands out to try and break my fall, I have lascerations to the balls of both my hands (and a gouge out of my head).

    So, you heroes out there who think you're tough, wear gloves when you ride: the first thing you'll do if you come off is to put your hands out to break your fall. I won't be riding for most of the school holidays as a result of this morning's effort, and I hit the ground at very low speed compared to what happens in a bike accident.....
  2. is that little boo-boo seriously going to stop you from riding? WTF?
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  3. ouch is right glad ur not to bad
  4. Looks like you should wear gloves after a big night in a Motel room attacking the min bar too! LOL

    On a more serious note, heal up quick mate.
  5. I was going to laugh till I remembered I tried to cut my leg off with an angle grinder a few weeks back, so instead you have my sympathy, may I suggest you add more water to your scotch next time or if you don't drink let the wife walk in front.
  6. I don't drink, so I just have to put this down to old age and clumsiness!
    And its not the cuts on my hands that will stop me riding, just the fact that my wrists both feel like someone has been massaging them with a sledgehammer. And it's the stat of the school holidays too....
  7. Crikey ! That had to hurt ! Get better soon .
  8. Strewth - when I first heard about ATGATT - I thought it was only whilst riding - didn't realise that All The Time meant ALL the time. Not sure how I'm going to explain it to my misses when I crawl into bed tonight with my gear on. ;)
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  9. lascerations to the balls

    thats just not cool
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  10. Ouch! Looks painful. Hope you recover quickly, both the skin lacerations and the wrists.

  11. Looks like yer sex life might suffer a bit too?
  12. So because you are an clumsy old coot the rest of us should wear gloves when we ride motorcycles.

    even on my most squiddy days I put gloves on - not so much because of the potential road rash, but because my grips are fcuking uncomfortable and fcuking hot in summer.
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  13. For goodness sake man! You were walking down stairs! ATGATT I tells ya!


    Did something similar a few years ago, kicking a footie around one morning on the school quadrangle, as I waited until he was called to class. Came a gutsa, tore up the hands, knees, nose... Ouch is right.

    And McSenna - angle grinder wounds are self-cauterising. The worst part is digging into the wound with a scalpel to try and get the bastard to start bleeding!
  14. That's got to suck, it's easy to forget how fragile we are sometimes and I'm a bastard for not wearing gear.. I know I should, but when I'm only riding around town sometimes I "forget". I need reminders like this and I hope you feel better soon mano!
  15. Yep, that was fun.
  16. Should've done what I did and keep your hands in your pockets. Was walking on the rocks at Wilsons Prom with my hands in my coat pocket. Came a cropper, went down like a sack of shit, hands stayed in my pockets. Hands were beautiful...my nose wasn't so lucky.

  17. That is just evidence of why we should always wear a full face helmet.