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Why to Wear a Full-Face Helmet...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by lowercase, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. These pics are from my accident about a month ago when a car slammed into me.



    If I hadn't been wearing my full face (not that I have an open face), I probably would need a jaw reconstruction and look a little bit more like this today:

  2. he dose'nt look very happy
    do you think he will be ok?
  3. Not sure. But he/she can't smile without the bottom jaw :eek:
  4. naah, he's a trooper, he"ll be right.. chin up son... err, or not
  5. Maybe we should post him up in the moneyshot thread :rofl:
  6. haha maybe.

    i just hope this thread makes people think twice about open face helmets
  7. I have 3 helmets, one open faced, others are clear and tinted full faced.
    Ive seen the other side of the coin too though Hol.

    The result of the front part of the helmet being driven into someones face at high speed. Sure, he would have broken his jaw and probably lost half his chin to the road otherwise, but instead his entire face was potato mash, practically every bone broken.
    Somehow after all the reconstructive surgery he still looks good. Damn dutchies.
  8. got a photo of this hot dutch bloke? :p


    yeah. i know that happens too, but i'd rather keep my face than lose my chin/jaw.
  9. i'm not seeing the other side of the coin there.
    the amount of force it would take to do that to a chin bar on a full face helmet would have probably decapitated him.
    but assuming it's true and anything can and will happen in an accident>
    ...then if he was wearing a half helmet at the time i'd say most of his head would have never been recovered...it was the full helmet that kept it reasonably intact.
    sorry, but not seeing how a half helmet would have been to his advantage there.
  10. I know there are situations where an open face helmet would defiantly be more convenient, but I personally will never own another open face.
    I have had a few (in dirt riding days) but I also have seen impact damage on the jaw protector of my lid after a "big one" where I ended up with no facial damage (only a busted back and a shirtfull of busted ribs).
  11. Full-face all the way. One thing I would like to find is a study comparing street and off-road helmets in terms of safety.
  12. Flip Face ftw! Best of both worlds!
  13. I am far away from home, so no access to my pc, but maybe I should post photos of my last crash when I was wearing an open face helmet. I learned the hard way.
  14. Tempted by flip face.
  15. Because a flip face mechanism held shut by a 5 cent piece of plastic is to be trusted? ****. that.
  16. Having snapped a shoe tz-r chin piece in two during an accident, I would argue otherwise.

    having spoken to a former shoei Australia manager who claimed their plastic flip face helmet chin piece was seven times weaker in testing during the time he was there (mid 00's) than the equivalent one piece, and given I owe my life to said helmet part, I'd tend to avoid them.
  17. yeah, i'm not too into the flip face helmets at all... it's just like an oversized visor...
  18. In my opinion the flip face is a bit like not wearing full racing leathers on a bread and milk run. Sure they're not as strong as a good full face, but you're compromising for convenience sake, and it's definitely safer than an open face.
  19. did it concave your head when it snapped?.. if not, your argument is mute.

    i don't think flip face helmets perform worse overall to full face hemets in testing... some are good, some are poor, some are outstanding...most of them have multiple locking points to my understanding.
    38 have been SHARP tested >http://sharp.direct.gov.uk/testhelmetlist?sharp-make=All&sharp-model=&sharp-type=3&sharp-rating=1&sharp-price-from=0&sharp-price-to=9999&discontinued=1
    the shoei multitec got 3 stars... should have faired better for top dollar you'd have thought.. the shark flip face helmets did very well overall.

    my own helmet got 3 stars and cost 100 bucks incidently.
    meh!.. 3 stars is better than none.. my cup is half full dammit!

    worth a look/re-visit the SHARP site if you have'nt for a while... they've tested quite a few more... and no they don't test open face/half helmets, obviously that would be silly.

    another point of interest was the shoei xr 1000 got 3 stars, then the shoei 1100 got 5 stars...lifted their game perhaps?
    you've been able to pick up xr 1000 for around 500 bucks lately... but still twice the mulah for an xr 1100.

    personally, the AS sticker/testing means nothing to me... because you can buy a flimsy open faced lid for about 50 bucks that carries the sticker... so ****ing anythings good enough for your head by their standards.
    it's always annoyed me that many of the best helmets money can buy, don't carry the sticker/ can't wear it ... ffs it's MY head !
  20. According to that site, the N102, only a mid range flip face, scores 4 stars. Just goes to show throwing more money at a problem isn't always the best course of action.