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Why to watch for SEAT's!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by LKC73, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. #1 LKC73, Dec 18, 2007
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    No need to say much about this. Simple head check by the car driver or use of he's mirrors would have seen the bike comming!

  2. It's not that simple. The motorcyclist should never have gotten himself into that situation.
  3. Thats a SEAT not an alfa..
  4. Still an ugly car! :LOL:
  5. Yup. Plus he waited till he got to an unbroken line to start his overtake. Sorry, sympathy level=zero.
  6. Oh and you 2 are so perfect that youve NEVER over taken anyone over double white lines! :roll:
  7. I agree it was less than smart riding, but he actually did have a broken line when he pulled out, and the driver pulled out and -then- started indicating (and obviously without looking) so :jerk: on the non-sympathy card.
  8. He wasn't overtaking on double white lines, his side was broken and he did have right of way, but did it matter in the end? He AND the car in front of him were both tailgating the same car, itching to get past. I'm just saying it wasn't the smartest of moves.
  9. Damn and I thought there would be pics of an Alfa.....bugger :grin
  10. Plus the car feinted to overtake a couple of seconds before the accident so it was clear he was aching to pull out. While watching that, the only thought going through my head was to wait until mister impatient red car had overtaken before overtaking him as well. Because it was a sure thing he wasn't paying any attention to what was behind him, only what was in front. But the rider tried to beat him to it and surprise, surprise, the dick in the car pulled out without indicating and clobbered him. Comes back to the argument of "No use being in the right if you end up in the back of the ambulance".
  11. Without getting into an argument about the technicalities of argument (since you obviously only function at a basic level), whether or not I do something when I ride is utterly irrelevant to what comments I may make on how others ride, whether those comments are favourable or otherwise. I don't have to inject herion to say that people who do so are stupid......
  12. Or alternativly travel back in time and insult each other here
  13. #13 TheYak, Dec 19, 2007
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  14. :rofl: Thanks for that, it must be years since I saw that last...

    no it isn't :rofl:.
  15. In my opinion, both car and bike were in the wrong.

    Bike was trying to overtake two vehicles at once and didn't seem to indicate.

    Car didn't indicate and obviously pulled out without a head check.

    Tough break for both parties, car probably dented, bike obviously worse for wear, rider probably injured. Both were acting like clowns and it didn't pay off for 'em this time.
  16. unlike you who works at a below basic level, would that be a :jerk: level.
    Thanks stigger I knew this had come up several months ago and I could not find it. This recent post has begun to go down the same path as the other and that makes me a sad panda :cry:

    Cheers :cool:
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