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Why the Roosters have no chance.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by rc36, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Freddy Fittler, after round 10 and the Roosters struggling, finally decided he needed a bit of help with his coaching... So he wandered down to have a chat with Wayne Bennett at training...

    He said " Wayne ... I need help, tell me what I can do to turn this poor form around!!!"

    Wayne said "Look, Freddy, youve been around a long time...but ill give you a tip. You have to make your players intelligent... Wait ill explain."

    Bennett says "Wendell, come over here big fella! Who is your mother and father's child, but its not your brother or sister?"

    The Big Dell has a little chuckle and says "That's easy...its ME!", and he jogs back off to the boys.

    Fittler is amazed...so he takes his new advice back to training.

    "Braith" he says..."Come over here mate?! Got a question for ya! Who is your mother and father's child, but its not your brother or sister...?"

    Braith looks really puzzled...concedes and says "Freddy give me some time to think about it and ill get back to ya!"

    Freddy says "Alright. Ill ask you again tomorrow."

    Braith is really confused that night and decides to ask Gus Gould...he's a smart fella. So he calls him up...

    "Gus, its Braith, I got a question mate... Who is your mother and fathers child, but its not your brother or sister...?! Its really got me puzzled."

    Gus says... "Thats easy mate, its ME!" Braith is a happy boy, so he goes back to training the next day ready to deliver the goods.

    Braith goes up to Freddy and Freddy asks the question again...

    "Alright Braith, who's your mother and fathers child but its not your brother or sister!!!"

    Braith lets out a grin and says "That's too easy, I should have got it straight away!!! Its Gus Gould!!!!"

    Fittler snaps back knowing his team now has no hope at all for 2009... "No, you idiot!!! Its Wendell Sailor!!!"