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why the hell would you do that?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. just watching 'getaway' with the sound off and notice 2 guys riding mountain bikes.

    now, you know how some motorbikes have v sexy single sided swing arm?

    well, these mountain bikes have a single sided


    so that's one fork. the handle bars still have the bracket [or space] for the other fork but there's no 'other' fork.

    the engineering would involve super strong single fork to make up for loss of other fork.

    now, if having only 1 of the things that we really need 2 of for the simplest way to balance and hold wieght, is the new trend then im not complaining. it could be my fault for being so damn cool, just the way i am [toss toss].

    anywho, i can understand a single sided swing arm, but not 1 FORK! esp when there's room for the other 1, that's just CRAZY!

    what dumb arse inventions have you gob smacked?

    cheers :cool:
  2. I can't understand disc brakes on bicycles...I mean, the old stye that clamped the rims had ridiculous leverage and stopping power (and were simple and bulletproof), but then they go to tiny little heavy ineffective discs?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. um, what's that? disks on peddals? are you serous?


    what's next? a horse saddle where the seat was?

    jax rule of thumb;

  4. OK guys, it's called a 'lefty'


    And it is awesome to ride. Why only one? Less weight, less stiction in the forks and way smoother travel. And it looks cool! Specially the carbon one.
    Disc brakes are far more effective than V brakes or any other, particularly on long downhills where regular brakes fade terribly, and also in the wet where moisture on the rim reduces braking severely. Rim brakes also wear the sides of your rims to the point of failure. Not good out in the bush far from home and your rim self destructs under braking.

    So while I'm sure there are many useless inventions out there, this aint one of them, sorry.
  5. its been done. the bambach saddle seat...
  6. Actually, motorcycles could benefit from some cycling technology I think.
  7. I think that single sided swingarms are retarted and stupid.

    Totally pointless wank wank look at me i have a different setup to you feature.
  8. triway wrote

    im with fluffy donkey on this one.

    smoother travel my eye! that sounds like suspension and there aren't nothing wrong with that invention!

    looks cool? why thank you, one appendage does look cool :wink:

    on a bike, i think it looks wrong and painful for the bike.

    the wieght would be uneven

    the forks take a lot of pressure. ive seen them snap when a mountain bike hits high speed down a hill.

    carbon fibre or not, i dont think thats an area you want to be cutting back.

  9. Been around for many years now, snapping is not a problem.

    Stump, I didn't take you for someone who would knock something without trying it. When you've tried it, then post your report. There'd be a stack of 'em at Bike Addiction in Manly if you're keen on a test ride, probably find one at Inner City Cycles at Glebe also, I don't know where in Sydney you are. :wink:
  10. triway
    yeah, a free vasectomy is a great thing!

    i did try it, i looked at it, it looked ugly! :LOL:

    the ritch snobby part [lane cove]

    thanks but i dont think i will be test riding any thing that requires two legs.

    cheers :cool:
  11. What a cop out! You use that excuse often? :p
  12. stump

    triway wrote

    yeah, when im not in the mood for being on top :LOL:
  13. Did you mean disc brakes or discs "on pedals" somehow? My (sadly, very unused :() mountain bike has disc brakes, they've been around for a long long time, no idea about discs on pedals? And I'm way tooooooo tired to search, just got back from seeing some bands and I'm not used to it. hehe. I'm all worn out! :oops:

    The base model for my bike is the pic below cept I got a few/lot of mods done due to my mate being a sales rep for rockmachine in Victoria (MAYBE Australia as I've known him to drive interstate for work related stuff). Some mods were a gel pad seat, different handlebars + tyres. They are 1/2 1/2's. They are straight "road" tyres in the middle and knobbly bits on the side that help when on mountain tracks. Once again, I'm way too worn out to use a good help/description. Some will debate that this isn't any different from me not tired! :p

    ta da


    Totally sorry if there are discs on pedals??? Can't contemplate how that'd work at present for this tired lil' wazza. :? Oh well, if the convo is about "normal" disc brakes on pushies, they look fun and I like their great stopping power. Just need my shoulder to be stronger so I can ride them. Going to actually try it "soon", when I remember to take it out AND it's not bad weather :oops:
  14. 'peddals' is another word for 'push bike'

    cheers :cool:
  15. when you're coming down a mountain side, at about 50km's through trees, over rocks, drop offs, logs etc, a disc brake isn't just nice to have, it's an absolute MUST.

    I love it when people who obviously have no clue about what they're saying, pass judgement. D-Stump, just about every criticism you made of a disc brake fitted bike, and the Lefty is utterly wrong. How about you do a little research before commenting next time?

  16. Ah, cheers. See. mr fuzzy wuzzy's brain being on empty failed to join those dots and make the connection. I think sleep is in order for me, Ta ta
  17. :LOL: ^^that's v cute
  18. The "lefty" started some years ago with cannondale being the first to produce the Carbon Fibre one, not only was it a single sided fork but it had the ability for the stiffness to be adjusted from the head stem.
    Disc brakes come in two forms cable and hydros, the cables require adjustment on a regular basis if you give them a bit of curry but the hydros self adjust as the pads wear.
    After having both V brakes and discs theres no way I'd go back to V's. V brakes not only loose grip in the wet but theycan warp the rim if you really get them hot however thats alot less likely now that most mtb's come standard with triple wall rims.
  19. This might be true, but it begs the question: why would anyone want to come down a mountain side through trees, over rocks, drop offs, logs etc at about 50km/hr?' I mean, couldn't we apply all this technology to something useful?
  20. The single-sided fork (can you have a single sided "fork"?) has been done on motorcycles too.

    Not production bikes I'll admit, but quite a few years ago I remember seeing a review of an aftermarket unit that an Italian(?) firm was offering. Looked v. trick but, apparently, didn't actually work very well. Certainly no better than the conventional units it was intended to replace. This was before the days of the universal upsidedownies too.

    Round about the same time there was also a K100 based custom bike in the UK that had a fabricated one-off single-sider. I don't think that worked terribly well either.

    When you think about it, without having adopted cycling technology 100 years ago, motorcycles wouldn't exist :p .