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Why the hell are parts in Oz sooo damn $$$$

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by out_of_order, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. I've been looking for some parts but they all seems to be expensive in

    Oz. I've looked at some sites overseas and they are soooo much cheaper even with shipping fees included.

    Has anyone bought parts from overseas?

  2. Yes i have bought Direct from Korea
    for my Hyosung
    the part prices here are way over inflated

    When i order i usually use PayPal (secure payment )
    and Stipulate it '' Must Be registered post ''
    so that it can be tracked and not lost
  3. Yeah quite a few times.

    The cash saving is great, only negative is you have to wait - and most will want to ship UPS (or equivalent), so that bit dearer, but fully traceable and quicker than mail.

    Officially, no GST on goods up to $1,000 - but have imported over this amount a couple of times and still no issues :cool:
  4. Plenty of things from the states. Just make sure you keep an eye out for your conversion rate and taxes. Otherwise yep you can certainly save by buying O/S. And most things i have had within 5 working days.. :grin:
  5. Ordered in my full titanium exhuast system from the US from an online retailer. Cost me $2200 landed at my door ($1900 pre-taxes/postage). I had rung up some local Aussie retailers, and they told me that the cheapest that they could buy the same system for, from the local Aussie distributor, was $3600, after I asked them if they could price match. Rang a few different retailers and they all informed me of the same base price, so they weren't lying. The retailers were prepared to get the system and fit it for me for $350, or basically a 10% margin including fitment (i.e. $3950 total).

    This tells us that it's not the Aussie retailers that are living large on profit margins, it's the importers who always seem to have a "sole importing and distributorship right", aka a monopoly, and boy aren't we getting the round end out of these monopolistic importer arrangements. Given what would likely be the factory price of the system, at an estimated $1500, the Aussie importers are basically charging 100% markups after shipment costs.
  6. I'm thinking about getting tyres from the USA, can get rear Pirelli Diablo Corsa III or Mich' Pilot Powers for $133USD :shock: that's $170 AUD
  7. As much as i want to support local businesses, i often think to myself that "shit i'm not earning that much money, so why do i have to pay for something that is dearer locally when i can get it so much cheaper overseas".

    Maybe if i'm earning more than 50k a year then i'll buy from ozzy dealers.
  8. Well, when it is the importer the one that is overcharging the thing is bad. But what happens when you want to buy Australian made locally and you find out that the same thing also made in Australia is waaaay cheaper if you buy it from overseas.

    I wanted to get some accessories for my car from ARB (Australian company) that were made in Australia and they were almost $400 dearer here than in the USA, same brand out of the same factory in Oz. And I'm talking after exchange and taxes, freight fees, etc.


  9. Often I shop with success overseas, especially New Zealand - often get what I need reasonably-priced and in a short turn-around time.
  10. i have some shoes from o.s. australian made. $200 here.... $90 there.
  11. Well I guess that as they are made in Oz and the exporter already paid to the Australian manufacturer you are still supporting Australian economy. Isn't it true?

    Also I'm part of Australian economy so I need to support "this" part of the Australian economy more than any other.

  12. the main reason for higher prices down here is theres not enough of a bike population to bring the prices down. therefore you'll notice most clothing manufacturers won't even release their whole range here as well.

    but somethings can't be explained:

    like the Aprillia RSV is priced closer to the japanese litre bikes in the UK but here you pay premium. (dont know about the current model...talking about 2 years ago.)
  13. add A$60 for postage then $30 fitting and you start to see the problem. a bit cheaper, but some may think it's not worththe hassle. Especially if the dollar goes down a bit.

    Edit: I will add that I have bought something from the US (cal-sportspike). clips-ons. they were significantly cheaper then here. They initially sent me the wrong ones, but didn't hesitate to change the order, with me being no more out of poket for the extra postage.
  14. Yep Ive bought heaps of stuff from overseas and if you follow the advise of the previous posts and deal with reputable suppliers you shouldnt have a problem. another point its not just Bike parts that are cheap some computer parts are like half price out of the USA and electrical stuff as well, I actually had a debate with DELL regarding their Aussie prices versus U.S. prices and they told me its the size of the Aussie market versus U.S. market that is the reason
  15. The really odd thing about the USA market though is that many companies are often willing to sell at, or even slightly below, cost into the USA market for purposes of brand recognition. Many companies will make near zero profit margins out of the USA market, and instead treat it as "advertising costs" because so much of what is bought in the USA influences what gets bought in the rest of the world. It's sad, but true, that much of the rest of the world actually subsidises the US market, purely because of the US's market trend leading status.

    Go look at the prices of almost anything in any country of the world, and compare it to the USA, and you can see the pattern.
  16. Have bought plenty from overseas, all over the net, all delivered on time, and no scams ... yet.

    I have been given a trip to the US in April (earned it in work incentive) and will be checking out the leather jackets/pants when I am over there - try about half the price of here.

    Haven't bought any clothing from OS yet - worried about sizes!.

    The worrying part was when I was able to buy stuff from overseas and get it in 4 days, but a similar part from Aust was quoted at 1-2 weeks delivery. At twice the price.
  17. I've recently upgraded the motorbike, and part of that was a special deal on a Givi topbox and rack, was originally quoted as a 2 week delivery on the top-box and rack, 80 days later I'm still waiting on the delivery, it seems the sole importer of Givi has been wasting the time of the dealer and myself. By giving the run around of when delivery will be.

    Now if I had brought from overseas (Wheelup in Italy) then the delivery would have been about a week and the price about $80 less than the special "buy it with the bike" deal or about $200 less than the RRP in australia. That includes the Euro85 ($142) :shock: handling/delivery charge.

    So what is with the importers here, don't they realise that they are just alienating their end customers. . . :mad:

    As this is not the first time this has happened with buying products here, and I am certainly going to try and reduce the chance of it happening again. From now on I'll be checking who is the importer of products into Australia even before the price. :evil: