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Why the fook wont I stay logged in?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Cowboy1600, Mar 28, 2005.

  1. Every time I load a new page on this site I have to log in again. Whats the story?

  2. I'm having the same problem. :?:

    :D :D
  3. yup ... me too. no avatar, no sign...... but at leat I'm getting to read about the rides I missed out on.........bugger...
  4. when it does that , do the same as you did to get here .
    go up to the adress bar , remove "org" insert "com" and hit go at the end and bobs your uncle
  5. ummmmmmmm............nope sorry mister roberts but I tried that......am in dot com all the way and still doin it........ maybe I'm a luddite
  6. Yeah, I have the same problems too....You are lucky you can post at all..

    I was thinking all weekend that it's only me that's been locked out....and everybody's gone on looongg rides for the weekend....just me and netrider dot com dot au
  7. Its because the cookies are on org.au not com.au and since the small hickup your browser wont keep you signed in because the cookie is .org.au and you are on .com.au.

    Simple if you are technical :)

  8. yep the explanation is all well and good but the answer is............................................................

    Cheers 8)
  9. Okay okay, greg's right. The problem lies with the cookies that's stored from using netrider.net.au. The workaround for firefox browsers is going into Edit -> Preferences -> Privacy -> Cookies and click on the 'View Cookies' button. Go through the list and find all references to netrider and delete them all. Once you've done that, try it again and it should be fine.

    If your using Internet Explorer, then you deserve the problems you get :twisted:. Ah okay fine, in IE, go into Internet Options, and delete all the cookies (I can't be bothered looking for the surgical way of removing only netrider). But seriously though, go and get firefox if you don't have it :) .

    edit: oh my bad, this method is the fix for people who can't log into netrider.
  10. Doesn't seem to be a cookie issue - cleared all cookies and also tried a different browser that I'd never previously used to access Netrider - but no cigar! Still dumps me out.

    Bloody annoying!!
  11. Same here

    Lisa :twisted:
  12. Clearing your cookies wont help.

    The lovely people behind the site have to change the config of PHPbb so that everything is .com.au and then phpBB will generate cookies properly.

    Technical stuff, just bare with it for now. Hopefully it will all be good soon :)

  13. Ah that's great!
  14. The netrider.net.au domain issue will be fixed tomorrow, and all things will be back to normal. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  15. Great - thanks for the followup guys
  16. Oh-God-O-Moderators and Administrators...(mouth, flipper??)

    I realised today that I received a PM notification at my work email before the long weekend...and when logging on netrider, I didn't receive any PM. :( :(

    This is the second time it happened to me.....the first time was the last time netrider dot com dot au played up...I think around christmas time.

    The PMs could be really important......I could be invited to a really cool party........:'( :'( :p :p

    Can anybody help??

    (and no, my inbox is not completely full)....
  17. I'm using IE :shock: and once someone mentioned try dot com it's working fine :p and IE may have it's problems :wink: but it kinda works and my employer has a license with Microsoft so I don't have a choice anyway :roll:
  18. I think the problem is fixed as everything seems to be working as was originally.
  19. Yep, yep....mines croooooozing along nicely :D
  20. was happening to me for about 2 days, ok now though