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Why stop signs and speed limits endanger lives

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bonox, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/traffic

  2. Doesn't help that the guy has his directions backwards.

    In the USA, you give-way to the left, and in the UK you give-way to the right. He had them switched.

    I've driven in the USA with their 4-way stop signs, and they are a nightmare. They even use them on fairly busy intersections and it becomes a stand-off as to who enters first. Basically if people arrive at the same time they all make to go and it's like some weird game of "chicken" as to who backs off and lets the other through. In general though most people are pretty good at taking turns going through, but it certainly kills traffic flow.

    Overall though I agree with what he's saying and much of it applies here too, especially the speed aspect.
  3. The States and Canada are an interesting place to drive because they clearly demonstrate why lower speed limits are more dangerous than correct one.

    Some of the south-western states have 80mph speed limits on their motorways. People tend to drive within a few mph of this limit because it is reasonable.

    Other states have 55mph limits on roads of very similar construction. This is unreasonable low. So many people exceed it. Some more than others. Others still sit a few mph below the speed limit. The result is a big speed differential between vehicles traveling in the same direction. So the probability of having an accident is much, much higher.

    The worst I struck was actually in Canada around Toronto. slightly better motorways than ours, but with 70km/h speed limits. The speed differential that was created was scary.
  4. Mmm, reminds me of the Geelong-Melbourne freeway.

    I still don't see why a police officer should chase me down after pinging me doing 110kph (in a 100 zone) on a 3-to-4-lanes-each-way, dead-flat, dead-straight, glass-smooth freeway with very light traffic in perfect weather and lighting conditions.

    I was even keeping to the left and not tailgating! :roll:

    Compare and contrast to the hilly, winding F3, with fewer lanes, more traffic and worse visibility... and yet still manages 110kph for most of its length without the world ending.
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  7. I'm puzzled. I read the post and nowhere was there any proof or substantive statement that speed limits and signs endanger lives, just the usual whining opinion as expressed above. Did I miss something? Was the findings of some objective body who've examined such matters and published a scientific conclusion on this allegation, written in invisible ink between the lines of this emotive yank twaddle???

    :roll: didn't think so :roll:
  8. Because speed camera revenue is used for kitten cloning, that's why they keep trying to increase the number of people they catch.
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    Well that and the fact the TAC recently rejected my "this is why you're fined when you speed" ad campaign