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Why so many model names?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Hi, I like to think I'm not a complete "idjit" but why for the love of god are there so many different bike models, VTR, ZZR, GPX, etc then all the different sizes....what do all the names mean, what's the reasoning, I don't understand .....is it just me....er yes it usually is....sorry a complete noob question I'll regret asking later.


    (ok I do understand engine sizes but why have a 500 then a 650 then a 750 ....... aghhhh) :shock:

  2. If holden called every car the commodore, how would you tell them apart?

  3. I like a couple of Honda's acronyms for models, such as VTR (V Twin ..), VFR (V Four ..), not sure what the R would stand for other than the obvious. I'm not sure those are really even right but they seem to make sense, dunno what CBR would stand for then?
  4. Cant Bloody Ride?

    :p :p :p :p

    i like justins explaination. short and to the point, you have to tell different models apart somehow dont you?
  5. as for different sizes/shapes/abilities, you'll find the biking community, though not as large as the caging community, is a LOT more diverse in tastes and a lot more finniky about getting the right thing. all the different sizes and shapes, brands and models, are all there to cater for us riders that always seem to like something just a little different from everyone else. unlike cagers, we're not all content to stick some fluffy dice on the motorcycle equivelent of a crummydore/commondore/crappydore and call it our own :wink:

    plus it makes choosing the next bike a bucketload of fun :twisted:

    and it confuses the bejeezuz out of newbies :p :p
  6. Suzuki has some logic to its naming sequence - have a pic of a chart explaining them but it's low res and hard to read. However have worked out that:
    GS = DOHC, two valves per cylinder
    GSX = DOHC, four valves per cylinder
    The suffix "s" denotes "special styling" ie the Katana.
    Full list is at the bottom of this pic - you'll see what I mean by hard to read :wink:.
    Edit: Does prove that there is at least some logic to the model codes used by Suzuki at least.
  7. lol I'm definately confused coconuts! Talk about spoiled for choice though! :D

    thanks for the chart jd, that's a fair list of models too.
  8. Yep, and that's not even close to listing every model they've ever made - this site comes pretty close though. For a list of bikes released by other manufacturers try here (although it only seems to list models available in the US market).
    Edit: Oh and if you're interested in bikes 250cc or less try here - although it doesn't quite list all of them (mine's not listed :wink: ).
  9. C - The model letter designated by Honda that indicates the bike was also sold on international markets

    B - Model letter designated by Honda to indicate a road bike

    R - Model letter designated by Honda to indicate a sports bike

    This was taken from a book titled "Honda V4's on road and track". There are many more letters used by Honda, but the basic point is that they are primarily used as internal codes initially.
  10. And, just to confuse the issue even further, different manufacturers can use the same coding (there's only 26 letters in the alphabet, after all) but mean different things by it!

    Then there's sub-coding as well; Honda's VFR-750 is also known as an RC36.

    Suzuki's 1984 GSX-250FWS probably takes the cake as the longest model number!

    If you want to wallow in cubic confusion, here's a site that lists nearly every model made by nearly every manufacturer, http://www.bikez.com/index.php

  11. I dunno with the amount of CBR's down lately i think we should go with Cant Bloody Ride!
  12. quoting "Suzuki's 1984 GSX-250FWS probably takes the cake as the longest model number! "

    have you seen the Harley range of model numbers, they take the cake here.

    Springer Classic FLSTSCI
    Ultra Classic Electra Glide FLHTCUI
    and there are plenty of others.. AMCN even did a guide last year (??) as to what all the Harley letters meant. :)
  13. Careful: biatch Revving
  14. How about the 1988 Suzuki GSXR250RGJ73A, the actual model name is 22 letters long thats the shortened better knows abrev or simply putting it the Across Prototype.
  15. Suzuki GSX 1100 EFE was a mouthful to.
  16. So why would an internationally-sold road bike such as the VFR not have a model designation containing a C and a B?

    Or would you say that it did, at least internally at Honda?
  17. this is out of a book titled "honda V4's...." they obviously didn't do a lot of research on I4s :p :p
  18. Think you'll find there that the GJ73A is actually the engine code - even that has a system:
    G = Multiple cylinder sport street
    J = Displacement of 200-250cc
    7 = Four stroke, four cylinder
    3 = model version
    A = Means unrestricted, full power version.

    There is logic to the Suzuki suffixes too, my bike's full title is GSX250SSM - The first "S" denotes Katana styling, not sure about the second "S" but the "M" gives the year of manufacture (ie 1990, the 91 model is a SSN).
  19. correct the GJ7## is part of the engine code but the series was full GSXR250RGJ7##. It was never released here in Aust but alas was a good hit overseas unfortunately half of the parts were taken from the RGV and the other half from the GSX750 unfortunately it came with a 4stroke 250 but horay no boot :)
  20. Yeah familiar with the bike but only ever seen it referred to as a GSXR250RK. There was also a naked version known as the Cobra which is a very rare bike. Incidentally the Across was actually derived from the GJ71A powered GSX250FW-S - the GSXR formed the basis for the Katana/Bandit (which is why many parts are not interchangeable between the two).