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why so hard to buy HP4S oil!?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by markwearspants, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. hey guys.

    time to service the cbr600 and I have decided to go with the honda HP4S oil. fully synthetic. I dunno what my former mechanic used but those last 3500 km have been pretty "clunky" on the box.

    anybody have any idea where I can buy this oil? been heaps of places online. amx motorcycles(yeah i know the range of service parts is very limited) and to a local mechanic.
    i'm sure a Honda dealer would have it but i'll do [almost] anything to avoid paying dealer prices.

    many thanks!
  2. It's a Honda product so you may have no option except to use a dealer. It is only 10W30, aren't you worried about high temperature performance using it with those ratings?

    Haven't dealt with these people but they seem to have it.


    So Pro Honda must have it and I think they will take phone orders.
  3. think it's no good? been reading up heaps on it seems to be the preferred oil.
    10W30 is the recommended in the service manual
  4. Given it's coming into the cooler months now, and you're in Melbourne, I would be opting for something around the 5w40 range. Others may recommend differently though.
  5. Ok fair enough, I thought 10W40 was the standard for Australia, higher temperature rating. From all reports the HP4S seems to be a good quality synthetic so I am interested to hear what you think once you have done the change.
  6. hmm yeah I mean the main reason why I want to try HP4S is because my box has always been pretty clunky. first to second can be a real pain and since the last oil change[no idea what was put in it] it will be slightly clunky through the other gears too. thats why i'm changing it so early.

    I tried the link, brings up the motosport website but they have no record of the oil. dealt with them before, 4 days shipping from america So i'll try get a hold of it.

    do you guys ride sportsbikes? what has been your favourite oil?
  7. - just a quick update. bought 4 litres of HP4 for $66 from honda and a genuine filter for $22[cheaper elsewhere but will cost more in petrol :p]. ill change it over tonight and let you know how it runs
  8. I just saw this thread. I brought from Metro Honda last week, the HP4 pack which included the genuine filter.

    Nice work!!
  9. Yeah. Metro Honda has it... but seriously, spend the money on Motul. Your left foot will thank you for it. ;)
  10. Mark honda stopped making 10w 40 and instead make the 10w 30,you dont have to use honda oils their okay but not cheap
    For my honda 1100 i use silkoline 10w 40 semi synth,other brands are okay Belray Motul Yamalube just depends on price,even mineral oil is fine,as long its changed when its due ,cheers.
  11. thanks for all the suggestions.

    just did a service on it with the hp4 10W30 with a genuine filter. bike is very smooth now. no more clunk between gears (except down to first or from first to second as usual). cost me $88 all up but well worth it.