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Why so cheap?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by deafwish, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Why the hell are bike parts in the UK so cheap? :shock:
    I've been hunting around for a race can (new or used) for my Hornet and in the UK, they have brand name cans ie ART/ Micron etc, brand new going for around 50 pounds ($100odd) !
    Are there any importers in Oz who can get cheap race cans either with or without link pipes, for good prices?
    Anyone have a can they want to sell me, cheap?
    Seems the going rate here is around $500! :mad:
    They're almost tradeable with carton of beer, over in the UK! :?

  2. why dont you just buy from UK or USA then??
  3. Perhaps they are not ADR compliant???
  4. if deafwish is after a race type can odds are it wont meet ADR anyway
  5. Buy from UK, get it shipped.
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  7. Correct.
    A race can will be far from road legal, just like 90% of all aftermarket mufflers.
    Shipping often costs as much, if not more that the item itself.... :(
  8. Anyone have or know of anyone who wants to sell a slip on can to suit a 600?
    I'll happily pay for shipping to Melbourne.
  9. When the $$ was a bit healthier compared to the US$, i bought a yoshi tri oval rave slip from the states for $$470 shipped to my front door..

    I know most dealers cant even buy that system from Mladdin imports (imports for yoshi products) that cheap, there cost for the same pipe is around $600 - $700
  10. Bike stuff is cheaper in the USA and the UK and Europe for the simple fact that so many more people ride in those countries compared to Oz.
    They can sell stuff cheaper because they sell so much of it.

    Oz is one of the best countries in the world for biking, and yet in reality hardly anyone rides here at all.

    It's very sad.
  11. same reason we sell SFA soft top cars here and the car execs and marketing gurrus have no idea why.

    I'll hazard a guess, Cause compared to average income the bikes and cars are to freakin expencive and/or the iterest rates are too high.
  12. Could it be something to do with cracking down on noisy bikes and the new Euro emissions laws? Perhaps dealers are trying to offload their illegal (or more illegal? :p) stock. :p
  13. Pricing here has a lot to do with the wholesalers cassons for starters witch i know in the bicycle industry have huge margins and grab any brand for the sake of it then ditch it later :shock:
  14. I agree. Importers and resellers have huge margins causing these high prices in the Oz.
  15. Now that i know the UK is so cheap i might put a wishlist together for my MUM.
    Can just see her going into a bike shop and asking for a noisy Muff ! ! !

    "yes thats right son, my boy asked me to come in and get him a noisy muff , and his friend wants a bikini to stop the bugs "
  16. hmmm, I'm not so sure...
    My Renntec engine bars cost $A110 for the bars and an additional $A110 for freight :shock:
    The only reason I went ahead was because I couldn't get anything like them in Australia at ANY price....
  17. $210.00 for training wheels with out wheels :LOL:
  18. deafwish, where are you finding micron cans for $500AU in Oz???????
    Every bike place I've called in adelaide has quoted me $895 for a carbon fibre micron slipon with the link pipe for my hornet 600.

    IN the end I have decided to buy direct from the USA from a totally different company (not saying who or what can - this will be a suprise!). The price they gave me INCLUDING POSTAGE was $750AU, which according to the two bike shops I mentioned it to said "shit that's cheap!"

    And yes 90% of the parts for my hornet have come from a) UK b) USA.
    some I have bought through austreetfighters though - namely my footpegs & my belly pan (which was actuallty shipped from the UK anyway...) that belly pan cost $320 including postage.
  19. Hmmm......
    I'm thinking I'll just try source a cheap, good condition race can in Australia and have someone like Ken @ Megacycle jig me up a link pipe.

    Anyone wanna sell me a cheap race can? :oops:
  20. Getting things in from overseas is the only way with thriumph parts... The prices from the dealerships were astronomical as well as eurobrit and most of the major wreckers.

    A good example for this rorting is on ebay... front wheel arch fairing $125 these sell regurarly in the US for about $40USD and in the UK for 10-20GBP... the problem with buying overseas is the freight component but every major postal service has a dirt cheap international no frills service. These can take up to a month to arrive and nearly everyone on ebay combines shipping for multiple items..

    one biggie is insurance and packageing these are often in small print on the international bids... I got stung witha 10 Euro / $17AUD aud packaging charge and a 5 Euro / $8.5AUD insurance... the item arrived it was better than the photo's but there was the sting...

    I've recently found an online wholesaler but the minimum purchase is $250USD.... Its ok if you want service tools and the gameboy but most other one off items are too cheap to reach the limit... and I'm too poor to get multiple items :(