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Why should I take my helmet off (all states)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sinner, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Funniest thing happened to me this morning,
    On my way to work I pulled into a shells service station where I filled up my tank. As I was about to pay, I was ask I a rude manner to remove my helmet before I payed. I told him that I had the exact money and that I was in a hurry. This guy didn’t want a bar of it and refused to take the money so I left it on the counter and began to walk off. As I turned my back this little guy gives chase and begins to try and take my helmet off so he can see my face. After a bit of a piggy back around the servo I get on my bike and ride off. He said he was going to call the cops because I didn’t take my helmet off.

  2. I would've called the cops for assault myself. Or possibly just snapped him if he tried to take my helmet off.
  3. Security film will have it all recorded.
    If your account is true he will be in a shitload of trouble since they are not supposed to do anything that will endanger them in a "situation" and your situation is unusual.
  4. Sounds like a case for assault. I don't know how enforceable those signs are to remove helmets. But he can't jump on you as you were no danger to him walking away and had paid.
  5. They're not enforceable at all. I used to work in a servo, but I couldn't care less about riders. They probably were more likely to walk in with a helmet when they saw my bike out front.

    Even in cases of theft, ie. if the OP picked up a few chocolate bars and started walking out, you're just meant to let them leave.

    Ever since some young gun rugby tackled a skinny looking guy who pickpocketed a whole bunch of things from a Safeway somewhere and ended up with a syringe in his arm and Hep B for life, we're told to never place a fleeing person under citizens arrest.

    Even if everything worked out, we'd probably get in trouble. Very stupid move on the part of the worker. You should take it further.
  6. hehehehe.
    i just imagined the news headline: "Biker assaulted by service station employee". it will be just under the story about the dog walking his owner and the hamburger that east people :p

    shoulda fallen over and pretended that he put your back out and started calling for help...

    oh, you were in a hurry... no time for fun :(

  7. You're lucky he activated the pump in the first place.
    Your story sounds a bit "sus" but I got a laugh.
    Why would a console operator chase you if you had paid?
    Take your helmet off next time or find a servo where you pay at the pump.
  8. Visit a doctor.

    Complain of neck-pain.

    Get a certificate.

    Send copy along with the bill, and a letter of demand for $500 in damages for pain and mental trauma of which a condition is you do not file charges of assault against the employee - to the service station owner/company.

    See what happens!
  9. There is NO legal requirement for you to remove your helmet whatsoever. It is the policy of the Petrol Station company or owners, that's all. It's not even a legal requirement to remove your helmet when entering a bank.

    The business does however have the right to deny service if you do not abide by their policy if that requirement is posted and available to you prior to entering those premises.

    As for the Servo, if they did not wish to accept payment for the fuel, then that's their problem. I would have simply walked away and when they call the cops simply tell them what happened and to check the video footage.

    If the guy physically accosted you, I would have called the nearest police station, explained what happened and asked for some advice.
  10. This story is entirely true.

    Charging the guy with assault is not an option I wasn’t hurt (apart from stiches in my stomach from laughing). He was a little Indian man who weighed around 50ky and was around 4ft tall
  11. Re: Why should I take my helmet off

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. do you think they will give me the video if i ask for it??
  13. No, only if you signed a waiver.

    If you wanted to sue them then you could get a subpoena for it, but they would just claim they'd taped over it.

    Maybe if they called the cops they would have a copy, but chances are the cops (if they came) politely told him to bash it up his clacker.
  14. those service station attendants can be a bit rude at times
  15. But it never is. You pull into the servo and fill up before entering the shop and the sign about helmets is only eve ron the shop. Therefore, they have no right to refuse service. The most they can do is refuse to take your payment.

  16. Not a chance.
  17. not unless they are morons. in fact, if you ask for it, they may 'accidently' destroy the footage
  18. Yeah, he should have offered Sinner a piggy-back first.
  19. I agree, but I was actually making reference to the signs posted up on the outside of Banks. That's why I separated that from the next paragraph where I spoke about the Servos.
  20. I've found some service stations can be a bit over zealous. I sometimes get off my bike, take my helmet/gloves off, put the nozzle into my tank, press the button - nothing.

    They deactivated it because they saw someone on a bike. :roll:

    Took a good 30sec until those wankers inside realized I wasn't violating one of their myriad of policies, and turned on the pump.

    I find it pretty offensive that they instantly assume I'm going to fill up and do a runner. Me stealing a whole 8L of petrol on my little learner bike? They just assume people are criminals?