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why scooterists don't wear protective gear

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by alice, Jul 17, 2006.

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    it's not because of ignorance, lack of understanding of the dangers, inability to match it with our fashionable outfit of the day, or any other of those plausible sounding reasons.

    the truth is, we just don't need it.

    watch - [media=youtube]mGvKV4yp3Uo[/media]
  2. its not a scooter ^.^
  3. I'm surprised that guy was walking around.
  4. try and pause it just before he crashes, his legs are on the outside, not infront of him. and on the ground it doesnt look like a scooter, but im not 100% so disregard if im mistaken.
  5. i don't know what he's yelling about it looked like he was in the wrong to me :?
  6. It's a little bike and it's been on here before. One of the Admins translated the Greek? Aparently the car ran a red light / sign whatever.
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    I frankly don't believe it.

    Whether we ride scooters or motorbikes, we will all come unstuck and slide down the road one day, and I'd rather look like a complete idiot in all the protective gear than have my bum used as a skin farm for the rest of me, providing my bum survives the slide.
  8. You call that a car that hit the scooter? is the front if the car that short or did the impact with the scooter cave it in?

    I bet it would be a different storey if it had been a flat fronted van or decent sized car.
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  10. [IMG:640:480:cd6fbec083]http://trapdoor.darb.net/albums/General-Forum-Images/shaven_pussy_2.jpg[/img:cd6fbec083]

  11. That reminds me of a bloke I used to work with. Had a skin graft on his back, he had not much hair on his back, but had this lovely diamond shaped expanse of black, curly hair on his back where he had a bum graft! :shock:
    That was enough for me to dislike the idea of skin grafts....
    I kind of really like my skin, stops me drying out and sticking to things, you know?

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. He must have had a hairy bum to start with... interesting physiology there :LOL:
  13. it all comes down to a choice, fredom of choice, We still have it in this country .... for how much longer no one knows. You should worry about yourselves only and only yourselves but if you dont thats your choice. it is my choice to wear what I want when I want if it is illegal then it is my choice to suffer the concequences, if I stack or get taken out it is my choice as to what injuries I could or could not azvoid because of the choice of clothing I wear. it is all about our INDIVIDUAL CHOICES we as motorcyclists make

    IT IS OUR PERSONAL CHOICE pure and simple
  14. reeepost.....
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  16. Whoa, how good was the spin! I thought the scooter went under, but nope!
  17. oh crap! what an idiot!!
  18. dear god....that second one is pretty full on.
  19. +1