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Why Risk It?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. On my way home tonight (in car) up Mountain Highway, I had the unnerving displeasure of watching 2 boys on their sports bikes continually crossing double white lines to weave in and out amongst cars just to get that little bit ahead - only to turn around at the top and come down again.
    Now I know Mtn Highway is a great ride - BUT.

    1. It was right on dusk, so difficult to see
    2. Drivers were on their way home ie: tired & in a hurry
    3. Majority of drivers don't Ride as well - so aren't looking out for bikes
    4. Double white line are there for a reason!

    I'm well aware that a bike can get around a car fast, but if you had to pull in because on one of the many blind corners you passed on a car suddenly appeared - there's no where for either car to go to miss you!

    I don't want to be scrapping you off the tarseal, picking up the broken pieces of your lovely bike, or comforting the driver thats just hit you. Neither do I want to be cut off by a driver next time I ride, because you annoyed him/her by dangerously passing!

    Just needed to get it off my chest

  2. Well said :applause:

    There's a time and place for everything, busy roads at knock off isn't the place for anything but being cautious.

  3. Agree absolutely
    That's why the video from the Spur a couple of weeks ago was funny, but also unnerving because most of the bikes in it spent as much time on the wrong side of the double unbroken as they did on their own.
  4. Too right - there is a time and a place for road racing, and peak hour heros have always given me the irates.

    You have to balance your own need for adrenaline against common sense sometimes.
  5. I get your sentiment Dan...

    But it's "own WANT" not "own need" A lot of problems today can be related to people confusing "wants" and "needs"

    I WANT a gsxr1100 or similar, cos I like them, I don't need it at all. The Across is a good commuting bike.

    My Ego WANTS a bigger bike, I dont need one tho, I might WANT to be the twisty king of Tas, but there is no NEED for me to be such.

  6. you cant be accountable for others
    people have to be resonsable for there own actions and you can talk till you blue in the face and it doesnt do diddly squat.

    good setiments , but you are wasting your breath with some and the others allready know .
  7. I meant it in a dependancy kind of way - eg "I need to score another hit of smack" :LOL: :wink:

    btw the across one of the best commuting bikes indeed, all that boot space. And with tassies new speed limits it does quite nicely. :LOL:
  8. I agree with what you're saying, but I can understand why... car drivers dont
    seem very alert on their way home from work and they just plod along well
    below the speed limit.

    but yeh, double-white lines are usually on places with crap visibility, so I
    wouldnt be overtaking unless they were going VERY slow (think tractor)
  9. .........and what happens to the 18 year old with the WRX speeding down the mountain in the opposite direction, also on a bit of an ego trip?

    I would say in that case two idiots may cancel each other out???
  10. Yeah OCI and Grobe. Spot on.

    Hey wait a minute.

    They were deciding that is was safe to do so. And who are we to say no.
    (Sentiments of other threads)

    Pity there wasn't a car with the blue/red lights on it around.

    What would they get?

    Double lines.
    Dangerous driving. (((YEEEESSSS my opinion only))))
    Endangering life. (see above)
    Careless driving (see above)

    Anything else?


  11. :shock: whats with all the mature responses old fart responses?
    i think you guys might be getting a little to old to ride, might be time to sell the bike and take up a new hobby like bingo :LOL: :p
  12. They're not law yet, got until 19 Aug to put in a submission, and I've done a fair bit of research already, my submission is gunna be a big one!!

    The last poll had 89% of the population against the idea, and an election due next year, we might have a chance.

    Esp as they are basing most of their argument for the reduction on some Swedish examples SWEDEN FFS!!

    They have a 30kph urban limit for one reason only... IT SNOWS FOR 8 MONTHS OF THE YEAR AND IS LIKELY TO BE ICEY FOR 10

    Even Tas ain't that bad. Oh, and they forget to mention that Sweden still has 110 kph limit on the open road.


  13. Ever thought how we survived long enough to become Old Farts???

    Cos we appreciated "a time and place for everything" at a much younger age :wink:

    Either that , or just plain lucky :shock: :D

  14. Nope, it will means two things...

    1. Darwins' theory wins the daily double.

    2. We see another "rider down" post, where a lot of indignant riders assume the tintop was solely at fault

    And I'll still feel sorry for their families.


  15. huh?

  16. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Believe me - I'm NOT very patient with 'tourists' going way too far below the speed limit - but locals on their way home are usually going a little bit over the speed limit!
  18. From experience its the big 4WD's that you have to worry about - but same difference...
  19. Well said :shock:

    If they want to do it, let them :shock: its not we are all perfect frigging angels. So they do that, what no one on this board has not gone over the limit, brocken the law ppppfffftttt.

    So you reckon coz you think it was dangerous its wrong, well fair enough but remember it can get very lonely way up thier on your PERFECT White Ivory Tower. Its a scale of believes. When you speed YOU believe it was safe to do so. Well I reckon I could argue differently. So what if you ONLY speed on outback roads. They have different dangers. Dangers none the less.

    It must be hard being perfect...........

    I don't believe they should have been doing that, there is a place and a time for it. But sometimes I get very revved up during peakhour on the Monash and when I lane split you probably would say the same about me, Fair enough. Its a judgement call. In my opinion I FIRMLY believe I am in control and SAFE. So what if the argument is that someone could shift lanes on you. Christ tintops can shift lanes on you when you are putting along.

    We have had riders on this forum who are on large capacity bikes who are well known and respected by the elder folk and the noobs who have openly spoken of overtaking cars on double lines. No one got up them, why start now.

    Different strokes for different folks. Its way too easy to say they will give us a bad name........as if. If they check out and leave no forwarding address so be it who gives a shit other than there families.

    Anyway look on the bright side at least all the hanger ons can post away in those stuffed up "Rider Down Threads" with there half arsed don't know the bloke/chic never met him, never heard of him, probably would never have met him, dont know him from a bar of soap, but must give my condolences to the families who probably would never jump on this site, coz he was a rider sentiment bullshit

    Cheers 8)
  20. Condolances ....

    :p :p :p :wink: :LOL: