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Why ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bravus, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. It’s funny - talk to most people who don’t ride, and they’re convinced that it’s basically a death sentence in fairly short order. They're wrong, but it got me thinking about why I choose to ride.

    And of course there are other reasons to ride, like parking for $100 a year, right next to my building at work, vs parking for $100 a month half a km away and having to circle for half an hour to find a spot. And like filling up with fuel for $15.

    But one reason I haven’t heard talked about all that much is that it converts the meaning of commuting. If you commute in the car, it’s something you’re doing for the sole purpose of getting to work. That means that that time belongs to your boss, because you’re doing it only in order to work.

    But when we commute on the bike, the ride belongs to us. Heck, we ride on the weekend, for fun, because we enjoy it. So the ride to work is something we do for its own sake, for our own enjoyment. So we have reclaimed that time for ourselves.
  2. So what about those of us that also drive for fun, because we enjoy it?
    (and those of use that can park right next to our building at work for free with any vehicle :p).
  3. Those people are witches and should be burned at the stake, after being drowned to ensure that thier kindred see the error of thier ways.

    I can see sense in both posts. I enjoy both.
  4. (to jd)

    Well yeah, if you drive for fun, then that time is yours too.

    Sweeping generalisations make better posts than lots of qualifications, though. :p


    (a) do you enjoy driving on the commute, or only at other times and

    (b) how many other people you know really drive for pleasure?

    But yeah.
  5. Also after a crappy day at work , when in the car it's just a hassle driving, the same crappy day but on the bike the ride home is fun relaxing and i arrive home so much more relaxed and content, when i eventually get home from my ride can tend to linger on my rides home and detour :grin:
  6. I ride because it's a reason to get out and be by myself. And simply I enjoy it.

    I am actually pretty much the same with driving but I can I have people with me.

    Kind of a contradiction of each other. So I guess I am saying is that I like riding / driving for different reasons but I like both.
  7. Agreed,

    I ride for business and pleasure but am always pleasured by my machine :cool:

    Rock on!
  8. I enjoy both driving and riding. More so riding during commuting to and from destinations. If it's just a cruise without much traffic, I enjoy either.

    As someone else mentioned...on the ride home, I sometimes take a detour to enjoy the travel home more rather then be stuck in traffic :D.

    phong =P~
  9. a) Both, but then I don't have to deal with heavy city traffic :grin:. Of course even if I did that just means sitting in a nice comfy chair in a climate-controlled environment listening to music. It's only having to be somewhere by a specific time that makes people stressed. Actually it always amazes me why more employers don't allow people greater flexibility on start/finish times - after all, why be at work 8 hours a day if you're only doing 5-6 hours of actual work anyway.

    b) A few, but these are people that didn't buy something so over assisted with electronic driver aids and auto gearboxes as to take any effort out of driving, or so over insulated from the outside world as to make it no different to the office they're driving to/away from. Lots of old, cheap cars can make the trip to work "interesting" - even if it isn't any faster (try driving an old Kombi in heavy traffic for example, certainly far from boring ;)). I quite often take a detour on the drive home from work - especially if the weather is nice enough to take the roof off (which also makes the sound of a perfectly executed heel-toe downshift all the more satisfying :)).

    Basically you can't expect driving to be fun if you don't put any effort into it.
  10. a) My ride is to the train station so it takes almost as long to gear up as it does to get there, though I do enjoy it more then when in a car.

    b) Me, my father, a few mates. All up probably close to a dozen or so.
  11. Well said, i couldnt agree more
  12. That's a n00b question. Google it.
  13. i know this is kinda off the topic but i was having an argument along the lines of "Why do you ride" with a friend who hates them because a friend died on one.

    I replied with this which promptly ended more than the conversation:

    "Bikes never killed anyone. A bike is an reactive object that needs human input to function. Treat it with respect and it will do the same. Its the ego's and attitudes that kill"

    was I far off?
  14. They live in some piddly county town... not a state capital of national importance :p
  15. I ride for a number of reasons:
    It's "me" time.
    It's fun
    It's cheap as a commuter
    It's quicker in traffic
    The main reason however is that :
    It looks cool, and fools others into thinking " I am :cool: " :LOL:
    It also make me feel younger .. don't ask why, coz I aint gotta clue :?
  16. Midlife crisis?
  17. Ok for you to say .. ya bloody 23yo :LOL:
  18. Have to admit, it is one of the things that helps me feel like I'm not 'just' a suburban Dad. That and the metal.
  19. I am just young and dumb