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Why ride with one hand?!?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Just wondering why riders (paticulary sports bike riders) often rest there (left) hand on their (left) hip and ride one handed when riding near or after passing other bikes... (especially when passing 250's)?
    Is it to proove they can ride with one hand? Is it supposed to be cool?

    3 bikes passed me the other day down kings way (Vic) and as they passed, within 20 seconds they all (sequentially) put their hand on their hip (as if following eachother).
    Everytime I see this kind of thing I (and my mates) just have to laugh.

    Ive been riding for almost 6 years and i see this all the time...

    So... anyone know why people do this?
  2. I do it too rest my left hand, cos you can't exactly take your right hand off and hold your speed unless you have some sort of throttle lock...
    Also can sit up a bit straighter, just gives a bit of relief after a long ride.
  3. personally I do it cos my left hand cramps from the clutch. I dont usually put it on my hjip, thats a bit camp :p I rest it on the tank, my leg... stretch it.
  4. very valid point, i do that too... I just find it amusing seeing a group of riders do it together, usually after they overtake then sit in front me, then do it...
  5. :LOL: Yep I'm guilty of this (and I ride a 250) for the sole reason that my hand/arm gets sore after a while - never has anything to do with whether other bikes are around. The right hand side I can rest when stopped at an intersection but since I usually leave the bike in gear when stopped the only time my left hand gets a break is when I'm cruising at steady speed.
    Edit: Incidentally I don't actually rest my hand on my hip though, far more comfortable for me to just rest my arm across the tank.
    it also looks cool
  6. I do it because it gives my hand and back a rest and it's more comfortable to sit that way....Plus it looks cool :roll:
  7. Most sports bikes because of there seating causes you to put pressure on your shoulders and wrists and takes a fair bit of weight on them.

    sitting gives the arms and shoulders a rest just by changinging the posistion .
  8. They pass you with 2 hands on the bars for maximum control in case you did anything unexpected.

    Once past, they resumed the one-arm posture because it provides added back support by supporting the upper body weight somewhat due to the slightly hunched over nature of the typical sport-bike riding position.

    I do it all the time when highway droning where I can't travel fast enough for the upper chest wind blast to assist in supporting the upper body weight. It has nothing at all to do with "being cool", and everything to do with doing what is most comfortable.
  9. Yeah, what the others said about being able to sit a little more upright and relax a little. It helps heaps for me.

    It may seem to you that they all do it in tandem, but in reality they were probably cruising with their left wrist on their hip whilst approaching you.
    They most likley reached for the clutch whilst passing in case they needed to gear down or just to be safe. Then once past return wrist to hip.
  10. :p :p :p :p
  11. Yeah what the others have said about the 'why do it' part and i agree with what Vic and Cathar said about the passing part.

    I'm on a 250 and i will regularily do it because:

    1. It is more relaxing and cruisy to ride like

    2. On a hot day it is a good way of getting more airflow if you ride a FF bike which means you are cooler.

    3. It allows me to move around alot more if i am checking something out or enjoying the scenary.

    I will ALWAYS however put 2 hands back on the bars if i am approaching another vehicle, approaching the lights, overtaking, braking or generally anything else which requires full control of the bike.

    I compare it to a driver having his arm on the window sill or 'flying' his hand out the window while in a cage.
  12. oops! typing what your thinking not what you mean, Id better pay more attention to what I type!
  13. Riding 1 handed, i do it cause im lazy.
    Makes things easyer.
  14. I ride sometimes with only my left hand and sometimes with only my right hand (having a throttle lock lets me take either hand off the bars).

    And as people have said... it helps relieve the soreness in the wrists, arms and shoulders.
  15. I do it so I can sit upright to give my lower back a break. Usually just place my left hand on my leg nothing camp-like though. I also rest my left forearm across the tank. Bit wierd about all three doing it together though. While on the topic of stretching, I have often stuck my heels into the wind on long rides, to give the back of my knees a stretch. Standing up too...
  16. Ditto... :)
  17. I do it cause then I can sit up straight. If a rider in front of me does it, it drags my attention towards how cramped my hand/back could be where 2 seconds before I'm concentrating on the road and not thinking about anything else.
  18. i do it to impress little chikky babes on 250s and to make the n00b guys phear me :cool:

    :p :p

    seriously, if you cant work out why we do it, just make up whatever you want eh :wink:
  19. There's a few other positions you can use on a sports bike... and i usually interchange between them on a long slow boring ride.

    1. The upright holding the right bar with the left hand on the hip.
    2. The leant forwards with the left arm/elbow on the tank.
    3. The 'on ya knees' trick of feet up on the rear pegs.
    4. The 'bloody oath im hot' holding open the jacket to let the air in a bit quicker.

    That said, perhaps they're all just limp-wristed-ice-cream-eating-poser-copy-cat-wankers who can't think for themselves.
  20. cause I can....... it's my bike....... and I sure as shit don't do it to impress other riders, not unless it's a Harley rider..... then I also stick my legs out like I got highway pegs.. confuses the phuck out em..