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Why oh why did I buy a Suzuki

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BJR, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I know I will probably get heaps for this but I need to voice my thoughts... Ever since I have ridden road bikes I have owned all Honda's, from CB750's to a CBR1100XX, never any problems. Recently I came accross a GSXR1100W in very good condition with low kms. Checked right over the bike, all ok.
    Then low and behold it has developed a problem with second gear and it looks like major work is required. :mad:
    I guess it is just bad luck, but it makes me regret trying another brand....

  2. Must've been severely abused.

    Suzuki gearboxes are almost universally accepted as the best and strongest in the market.

    People with brand loyalties will of course argue that point, but Suzuki make damn fine gearboxes. If one is shagged, it is typically only through extreme abuse by the owner.

    Second gear problems are almost always associated with an owner who pops wheelies excessively and does clutchless upshifts with full throttle into 2nd from 1st, thereby damaging the second gear.

    If I were you, I'd also be checking for steering head bearing damage too, as quite often this can develop problems from hard wheelie landings.
  3. The ghost of Soichiro Honda is haunting you for forsaking the flying boot. Return to the fold before it's too late...

    Or it could just be bum luck....
  4. if a big sporty is going to be flogged .thats where its going to be ...2nd gear... and make has no baring ..... you could save yourself some dollars if you do the engine swap out yourself ... or plead dumb and fill it with high viscosity oil and flog if off if your concience will let you
  5. just bad luck man
    ur next suzuki will be a beast... i can see it...
    yes yes its all clear...
    :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Yeah, though about selling it but my concience won't let me. I would hate to do that to someone...
  7. Just look on the good side I have owned Jap bikes all My life and ended up on sprint st the worsed choice I could have ever made IF ONLY JUST GEAR BOX TROUBLE.
  8. Only one thing to say KAWASAKI KAWASAKI KAWASAKI :grin: OK Well three things :grin:
  9. They are pretty damn strong those bikes ....You should have bought mine ... Im selling it for $5000 55,000kms .... 1995 ........ Its the strongest bike ive ever ridden ...seems bulletproof ... esp the engine

    But i agree with Cathar .. Would have to have been severely abused ....how many kms did it have?
  10. Only has 35000kms on it. Yeah I thought it might have been abused but I have spoke to some people and they have told me that some of these gearboxes have been know to have problems. So... I really don't know. But all I know is that it has a gearbox that needs fixing, so I'm going to have to do it. :(