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Why o' why would you do this?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by starlet, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. :shock:


  2. Crazy crazy crazy :shock:

    So is posting a link with no detail :mad:

    A WOMAN had to be surgically removed from a loo seat after sitting on it for two years.

    The 35-year-old American had refused to budge from her boyfriend's dunny after going to the bathroom in 2006 then deciding she did not want to leave. etc.....................
  3. I wonder what had the boyfriend been using as a toilet for 2 years.....
  4. Geez - is that better now??
  5. Yeah, and she obviously used the toilet while there

  6. Could have been worse, it could have been an armchair she refused to leave for 2 years.
  7. It took him 2 years to do something about it :?
    Just NUTS! :roll:
  8. Bad fried rice :LOL:
  9. I get pins and needles after a full magazine article. this is just wrong on so many levels
  10. I saw this article as well today. The woman has psychological problems undoubtedly, I assume a form of Agoraphobia but as others have said where was the boyfriend in allowing this to go on without intervention. :roll:
  11. 'Why oh why would anyone do this?'

    Maybe she had super-explosive dihorrea of biblical proportions and didn't want to risk not making it back to the loo in time? :)
  12. Why the hell should the boyfriend get charged???
    It was her choice to stay there. If he'd tried to get her off and out, he probably would have been charged with assault instead.

    He should be charged with dating an absolute crackpot, maybe.

    It's a crazy, sick world we live in.
  13. Hope she remembered to flush. :shock:
  14. Sounds like a crappy way to spend 2 years to me. If I had have been her boyfriend I would have given her the arse a long time before 2 years as that would have given me the shits! What sort of pain in the butt girlfriend would do that?

    Pisser of a story though! Sewer-iously! :LOL:

    Boom tish. :grin:

    (Sooo bad its gotta meet with hornet's approval...)
  15. Bah, women always spend ages in the bathroom.
  16. Yeah. He probably thought she was just getting ready to go out.

    Although, talking of charging the boyfriend, maybe there's more to this story than first reported!
  17. its probably more to do with him not doing more about it... its hardly normal for someone to spend 2 years on the toilet is it?
  18. well, i would have thought so before i opened this thread. but in america, apparently not :grin: