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Why not to ride when ur sick or hungover

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slickncghia, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Had a big one last night....bigger than I intended anyway...damn belgian beer cafe' and your delecious bevies. But i chose to keep my appointment with my mate and we headed off to the spurs.

    Now i wasnt drunk or anything but had a shocker of a hangover and shouldve tried to postpone it for abit. Ive ridden sick before and its never a good thing.

    Anyway had a little incident with a gold deawoo matiz at the traffic lights. thankfull nothing was damaged. I filtered to the front and sat a little to the front and side of said car so that my mate could come through too.I should have moved more infront to make it more obvious that i was there. All of a sudden the lights changed (a little before i was expecting) and the bloke accellerated into me. Luckily my leg got in the way of the bike :p ...and he was only doing like 5km/h and stopped straight away. i was pinned up against the car using all my strength to keep the bike from toppling over (was probably the highest lean angle it saw all day :)). The bike was in gear so i twisted the throttle and slipped the clutch a little to get off the car. steady'd the bike and accelerated over the intersection and pulled into the petroll station on the corner.

    The bloke was shitting himself. probbly thought me and my mate were going to have a go at him. However i knew it was mainly my fault and since i was ok i appologiesed and accepted the "i didnt see you" standard line and went and got some petroll and had a little break. Lesson learned about bike possitioning and being ready for the lights.

    This and a couple of other little moments that i had on the reefton run probably wouldnt have happened if i was in the right frame of mind. Will i learn? hopefully! and hopefully somone else reads this and makes a better decision once.



    ...btw no flaming required, i know im an idiot :p
  2. Yes, anything that impairs your judgment or reactions is dangerous when you've only got two little patches of rubber between you and the road....

    Which makes you wonder, doesn't it, how many of the dumbo things we see other drivers AND riders do, may be the result of the same sort of impairment???

    Anyway, I'm glad it had no serious consequences for you....
  3. A big bender will leave me feeling funny on the bike for up to a couple of days, so I try and avoid drinking anything at all. Easier said than done though when you're with a bunch of mates on a riding trip.
  4. After a bender I will happily use my bike to go down to the station for a pie and some mid morning hydration but will always say no to any spirited riding.

    Nothing worse than having impaired judgement on a bike!
  5. If you feel hungover, you probably are over the limit.
  6. we always know better, yet we still do stupid things

    theres nothing worse then coming up to a nice right hander at the right speed feeling like shit and for some reason convincing urself to straighten up and pull out.

    ive only been to reefton 3 times and ive been sick everytime....hmm perhaps i should just stick to sassafras....never seem to have an off day up there.

    In this pic im actually using the reefton sign to support myself so i didnt fall over :p . note both legs are still working fine thankyou mr gold daewoo
  7. i wouldnt have been. was mainly cause i was an idiot and didnt drink any water...and i was still feeling the same at 5pm. but the effect of feeling that shit was probably the same :shock:
  8. It's when you're NOT feeling hungover that you should be really worried. :LOL:
  9. I also rode today hungover from Loz's party last night, to Wantirna market to get some keys cut,bout 30 mins away. The motivation of saving 100 bucks kept my chewing gum brain and reactions, focused just long enough to make it back and spend the rest of the day till 8pm on the couch :?
    Was planning a longer ride but know bad stuff happens when me feeble brains, addled from all that ale. Not the brightest of ideas :?
  10. Exactly. Most people think they're not under the influence the next day, but most are still over the legal limit by a fair way if it was a big night. It's tough to say you're not, but if you can't think straight, you are.
    Which is why the police set up RBT's on Sunday mornings.......

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I respect you because you didn't have a go at the guy, accepted some of the fault and chilled. Well done mate
  12. I have my own breatho machine. The readings that I see, the morning after a big night, clearly tell me that I should not drive/ride until after lunch, at least.
  13. cheers black, yeah us nice guys are used to getting run all over.

    is ur breatho court ordered MVrog? lol
    my ex's old man had a car that had a breatho system attached to it...was a pain in the arse, couldnt use mouthwash, everytime the batt went flat or u failed had to get it inspected or something
  14. My Breatho is not dissimilar to what they fit into cars, in fact it is made by the same firm, and operates the same way. It is accurate. I carry it around, if I am in a situation where I want to make sure. It cost 200 bux, but that is sfa compared to the fine.
  15. The downside is the temptation for groups of friends to go for the high score on one.... :LOL:
  16. Yeah, there can be a "sporting" aspect to it's use, but I don't bring it to piss-ups.
  17. I had a big night last night. Haven't done that since the same date last year. I waited until 2pm to go for a ride and that was a gentle strop through the Black Spur and to Marysville for cake and coffee.
  18. Be careful with cake. That stuff is full of flour and sugar.
  19. Just drink more water before/after sleep to clear up faster from both your BAC and your hangover.
  20. If you're paralytic at 5am, or even 3am, you're likely to be over .2

    No amount of water will do a thing about that and you shouldn't be driving until well into the afternoon. You know those days where you only start to get hung over at lunch time? That's when you're starting to sober up.