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Why not to buy a ninja 250r?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ryanyeah, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. So I just got my Ls and am considering the purchase of a bike. I actually think the ninja 250r looks the best out of many suggestions that come up in suggestion threads about first bikes. Any there many reasons why I shouldn't go for the ninja?

    Also is new or used recommended? Obviously I would prefer used to save cash, but could just be worth it to buy new and I won't have to worry about dealing with someone and being unsure as to the condition of the bike or getting scammed etc. Then again, I would probably want to upgrade after a year and that would probably be a good way to waste a few $k if I buy it for $7k and sell after a year.
  2. Think about if you drop it... And how much money will go down the drain.

    Secondly, it will lose $1.5k as soon as you walk it out of the dealership... Whereas you could buy one that walked out two days ago, for 1.5k less?

    Of course - it's your choice, but it is nearly guaranteed you will drop your first bike... Probably more than once.

    There are also plenty of threads about this mate. There's a search function up the top to browse. :)

    Just my $0.02.
  3. give us a secto dig though my posts and i will provide you with about 3 pages of reasons why they are shit.

    All right here they come, there may be some overlapping between posts as they are all about the same thing in different threads:

    here is the rest of them
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  4. Buy used, not worth it buying your first bike brand new unless you don't really care about wasting your money, as Krollinator (odd name?) said it auto-depreciates as soon as you ride it out of the shop.

    spend the money on gear instead..

    ummm have a search here there is plenty of threads on first bikes, and ninjas, and why you shouldn't buy a hyosung etc.. etc..

    Obviously make sure you get full comprehensive insurance, it is your safety net and is worth every cent.

    buy private and have someone come along who is knowledgeable about bikes and can inspect it for you, or get a mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection.

    There are plenty of honest people and dishonest people out there, and as you alluded to you would not like to be scammed, so make sure you don't buy any bikes willy nilly without seeing them in the flesh (IE don't buy the bike interstate because its cheaper unless you can get a mechanic to look it over)

    and by the time you pay for shipping and delivery you save nothing, so just buy local.

    i feel as though I'm repeating myself as i say the same info in pretty much all new bike threads, but alas here we are.

    Good luck on your motorcycle journey and there are lots of helpful people who have lots of knowledge here.. i'm just voicing my personal opinion.
  5. Kroll is my last name, and uh... ...I really used to like the terminator movies... ...so the name sort of stuck... :p
  6. ah i see, i wasn't really sure what a krollinator was, perhaps a krillinator some sort of robot krill perhaps.

    makes sense now haha
  7. Accept that you are a learner and it is a learner bike.
    It will go as fast as you need it to.
    The tyres will not be the best, and you will not have the power to warm up race spec super sports.
    If you really try it will mono and stoppie, but not in any way that is at all impressive.
    Don't put an aftermarket pipe on it, just don't.
    Really, it's fine. 20 year old design but that just means no catistrophic design suprises.
    Keep it well serviced and thrash it, it will love you.
  8. It has been popular for so long for a reason. It's good value for the price.
  9. Because it's carby not EFI (aside from the import EFI model, but you don't want to go there!) blah blah blah blah... essentially the Ninja vs CBR250R argument.

    If I had've had a grain of extra confidence and just a touch more cash when I was looking for my first bike, I would've bought a second hand Ninja (it was what I wanted). But I didn't.
    Also each to their own but there are so many near-new second hand Ninjas - many just because they were only used to see out a LAMS period, just gotta look for one that's been run in and looked after properly. They do look mighty fine don't they?

    Does it tug at your heartstrings? :roses:
  10. because its a clitoris bike.

    every ****'s got one
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  11. +1 - But it's your money. just spend. it.
  12. Did someone say Ninja 250's are shit ?? WOW i don't think so even knowing it's my first bike i love it... It comes down to what u want to ride :) Plus i bought my Ninja new coz the cost of a second hand one was only a few 100 cheaper than a new one...


    Have u owned 1 before ?? I did do my research and it was the best pick for me and i'll never look back in getting it...
  13. In all honesty mate just buy the bike your happy with I bought the Ninja 250 coz i think there a good bike to ride... There maybe better ones out there but still there good... Mine is 2012 model and iv had no problems with it... :)
  14. OP do you have an iPhone?
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  15. I'm tall, I own one and have never had an issue with it, i researched it quite well and managed to pick one up with a small crack in the fairings for a bargain. It all comes down to whats available and what you feel comfortable riding.
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  16. I also have one, bought new for the same reasons as OzzyDevil - I could pick up a second hand one for around 5k, with a new one going for 6, but I factored in the following things:
    1. Cost of paying a mechanic to come out and inspect it for me,
    2. Transfer of rego, taxes etc.
    3. The amount of my time spent getting stuffed around by the sellers
    I just decided to buy new. Just walk into the dealer, hand over the cash and the bike was ready for me the next afternoon. Plus I plan on keeping the bike for a while.
    As far as the bike itself, I'm new to riding but I love the ninja! I did do a lot of research, started off looking at cruisers but after sitting on different bikes at dealerships (I would suggest that the OP try this, dealers don't need to know you may not decide to purchase a new bike!) and trawling through NR posts (the cruiser I was looking at was the Hyosung Aquila...) I came to my decision.
    My advice - go sit on a few bikes, see what feels comfy for you, but buy the bike YOU want, not what others tell you to. After all, you're the one that's gonna be spending all the time with it. Whatever you get, you'll love it!
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  17. Just look at it this way, it will be your first bike, 99% chance you won't get the best deal, accept it as your first learning experience and move on.

    But in all honesty, as soon as you get on something bigger you will just be WTF is this stupid little thing I have been riding around on, and be putting every single dollar you have spare towards a bigger bike. Buy the cheapest bike that is safe and reliable. Do your own servicing, learn what it is all about with no fear of stuffing up your factory warrenty or anything. Then 12months later you would have spent all of $500 on servicing at absoulte best, and sell the bike for what you paid for it, if not more. No brainer really...

    Oh yeah, and get full comp no matter what!!! You need to start bringing the premium down from day dot, and even cheap bikes can be expensive to repair.
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  18. #19 djc926, Jun 19, 2012
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    What a retarded comment single handedly branding all ninja 250r owners as idiots.
    I own one as my first bike and my brother who started riding a year before me had it for his first bike too.
    I got mine secondhand with about 5800km. It was cheaper than buying new, had extras like oggy knob, yoshi pipe, seat cowl and single seater conversion.
    I have had no problem with the bike in the 6 months/5000km. Depends on where you live but im in brisbane and carby doesnt really get in the way much because it doesnt get cold enough here.
    Read any reviews and they are consistently praised for value for money, good resale, cheap to run and sufficient power for its class. I recommend it as anyone's first bike and prefer it over honda cbr250r.
    I didnt want to waste money on a LAMS bike when i will get rid of it after 12 months anyway.

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  19. I think it's funny that you condemn the 250r when your VFR has most of the same "features".