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Why not supply the VIN and engine details?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by huntersdad, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Wasn't sure which area to post this in, so I figured General discussion would have to do.


    I was checking out cheap bikes on eBay and spotted this one.
    Check out the comments.
    I asked the guy a couple of questions including the first one about the VIN and engine number (order of comments on eBay goes from bottom to top).

    I can't honestly think why this guy is so reluctant to give out the details.
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
    Am I missing something?

    Yes it is an old clapped out bike, but surely there's no reason to act like an arse.
  2. Stolen??

    I thought it was law to either provide the rego or the vin/chassis number when selling a vehicle in australia?
  3. Not sure if eBay has some kind of loophole but the law was changed a few years ago so that ALL vehicles advertised for sale must state rego number or, if being sold unregistered, give the engine/chassis numbers. Fairly sure the penalty for failing to do so is around a $2,000 fine. So suspicious and possibly breaking the law, can't say I'd trust the guy.
  4. Ya not missing nuffin brotha.

    If the dude cant supply details he needs to supply, then stay
    away from him.

    When you do a check with Vicroads, they will need those details.
    If I remember correctly, also the Reg No. as well.

    He wants you to win the bid B4 he gives those details? LOL
    Faaaark orf! :LOL:

    Dont waste ya time on that one bro
  5. As far as I'm aware, you're spot on there :wink:
  6. Avoid like the plague; the bike may be good but the seller is questionable. Most other eBay bikes adverts that I've seen have full details. (aside from the 650 litre motor, that is :grin:)
  7. Thanks for the clarification.
    Yeah, definitely sounds dodgy.

    When he replied "Hi I will not give out no.s for obvious reasons...", I thought "obvious reasons???? Does he think i'm going to ring up the cops with the details and say he's stolen it from me or something???"

    No way i'd wait until i'd won the auction to do a REVS check :p
  8. :LOL: :LOL:

    Hes a tosser.

    I sent a Q asking what this obvious reason might be, bc supplying
    those details does not enable one to find out the locations of the

    Interestingly, he says its avail for inspection :? :LOL:

    So I dont know what the go is with him :LOL:
  9. what a wanker. There is no good reason he shouldn't supply the info up front.
  10. He's either a hoarder getting rid of his rubbish
    or making proceeds off stolen goods :LOL:
  11. Quote from item "bike was sitting in an older mans garage for years and hadnt been started, I brought it home...".

    He makes it sound so innocent.
    "An older mans garage" could be any old blokes garage.

    Then again we are making assumptions... this could still be legit...

  12. If i was at all interested, I'd bid, do the check after the auction has ended and if it come up stolen just not pay and report him with the written proof to ebay so he cant give bad feedback and list you as an unpaying bidder... gets him in strife somewhat
  13. You could always bid, pull his conatct details (hope his registered ebay phone number is correct) Call him up and have a chat.
    If you say not happy Jan, retract your bid.

    Just remember you request his contact details, he gets yours aswell.
  14. Or you could just not bid at all, don't waste your time, and find a better purchase.
  15. Q: Whats the obvious reason you state for not providing VIN & Engine Numbers? Providing those details does not tell us where your bike is located, so why be so secretive. Bidders; if he cannot provide details hes supposed to, do not bid. You should be able to do a check BEFORE winning the auction

    A: does winning the auction mean you have to pay for the bike if it is stolen or is encumbered?you are obviously another dumbshit.

    I think you got to him Kishy :LOL:
  16. PMSL @ "you are obviously another dumbshit" :LOL: :LOL:

    Best way to avoid a Q... to attack who asked it LOL
    Members here have learnt that same trick :LOL:
  17. Sold to a bidder called kombidriverdude (!!) for $511.

    As P T Barnum said .........
  18. haha :LOL: :LOL:

    Hes just doubled the value of his assets with that purchase!