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Why no three seat bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bugcatcher, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Just thinking, why aren't there any three seat bikes besides side cars and trikes?, i know weight and lenght and being hard to hold up at the lights because of extra weight might be obvious answers, but what about people with young families that would love to use the family bike instead of the family car?. I am sure manufacturers could design some kind of bike that would work well, at least with well trained pillions!. I guess the hard thing would be to design a bike that would be legal and comfortable with three, and still be nice to ride with one person. Any replies would be very interesting thanks!!

  2. Three up on a decent size bike is easy. Three 14 year olds on a peewee 50 is ridiculous.
  3. well i recon one of the reason this is when corning
    and all 3 lean a different way it could get a little hairy..
    that could be a reason
  4. i think your right, with three people leaning different ways it could get hard, but a couple of light weights like my wife and daughter, that were used to leaning on a bike, i am sure i could cope if the bike could.
  5. Yeah they do actually, it's called a car...
  6. There is,

    The Motortrikes (3 wheel motorbikes) Sometimes you can get varients that have 2 seats at the back, like the motorbike tour company's have.

    And then there are side cars.
  7. cars are practical, but bikes are more fun!
  8. IMHO, bikes are single person vehicles that, depending on the bike, can take 2 people with varying degrees of success.

    I wouldn't want to be on a bike with 2 other people, regardless of position. As the rider, it's too much weight and you'd lose the feeling of what your pillion is doing. There's also a holding on issue. No thanks.

  9. one day i took a freind who has never been on a bike before...
    suited him up and off we went
    and i will say i will never take a person who has never rode again on the back of my bike
    man he was stearing the bike without me moving.. :shock:
    so if i had 3 people in the back .... might drop the bike
    and thats not a big no no :LOL: :LOL:
  10. I agree. But personal choice really. There are trikes that carry 3 people (which have 2 adjacent wheels at the back like a car). But I am assuming bugcatcher is thinking about a bike with 3 wheels in parallel?

    Might want to expand on what config you mean bugcatcher, because the 3-in-parallel option presents a few concept issues for me! Aside from extra safety/weight issues, you'd need more space for luggage. Not even sure cornering would be even posssible? Middle wheel might hinder that.

    Yup. I would jump in the cage with 3 or more but that's just me :)
  11. Obviously you have not been to places like Vietnam or Cambodia !

    Its amazing how many people the humble Honda Today scooter carries ! :p
  12. Was looking at the RTA website, at the list of demerits and fine for motorbikes and found this:

    So apparently you can have as many passengers as you want so long as they're wearing helmets... :LOL:
  13. YOu do what most people used to do. Put a chair on the bike.
    2 passengers on the bike, 2 in the chair, shopping in the boot and on the rack(s)
    No problem

  14. Ive had 3 on my the Hornet 600 I used to own. It was interesting to say the least. I sat on the tank, Richard sat in the middle and Trudy sorta squished on the rear seat. It actually handled o.k. didnt go over 40 kph though, was at a resort at Jindabyne. No alcohol involvement either!
  15. If anyone went to the superbikes this year, they would have seen a four person motorbike putting along. I first saw it in the main street of Cowes and could not believe it. It must have been street legal, as he rode past all the police that were around. Looked like it might have been one family. From what I could see, it was a husband, wife and two teenage children. :shock:
  16. Meh, asian countries do it all the time

    Dad, Mum, Son, Daughter, Bub, Chicken, shopping basket . . . . .

    They must go through a lot of those little Scooter/Bikes. 3 wheels could be an issue however. :p
  17. It just sounds a bit dangerous - On a turn the weight would just push too hard against the tires and cause it to slide. Also if you have an accident you have 3 people injured instead of two. My advice - buy a car - or a trike (if your really desperate)

    BTW - during our holiday (at the start of the year) - We watched a motorcyclist family go past - 5 People - Dad driving, Mum (side saddling behind), daughter behnind that, Mums holding a son that has his legs dangeling out below the wheel, and a young one was in the basket between the father and the handle bars. The dad was using his arms to stop the kid from stepping out of the basket. What a sight :shock: , i should have taken a photo to post!
    lol :wink:
    Evil O
  18. If anybody watches two wheel torque on ch31 they would have seen the kwaka z900 the other week thats built for 4.
    the guy is a member of the Z club.
  19. Hey, i was thinking more about a two wheeler with an extra seat. Maybe a slightly longer version of a standard bike to carry three people, sorry for the confusion
  20. Thats exactly what this guys Z9 was...two wheels.
    Just a very long version :p