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Why New [b]South[b] Wales?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. I work for an international company and get to spend time with people from all round the world.

    On a recent trip to Singleton I had an Iranian colleague ask where the "w" was. After about 15 seconds of WTF? I realised he was talking about the "w" in "town".

    I had to look it up. It seems "ton" may actually be more correct.

    I also had an American colleague ask "Why New south wales?". It never occurred to me, but why indeed did they specify South Wales rather than just Wales?

    A brief search didn't produce any explanation on this. So if anyone know I would appreciated the heads up.

    It make me wonder the oddities that we take for granted. Can you think of any others?[/b]
  2. Dunno for sure, but South Wales and North Wales are very different places and always have been, to the extent of effectively being two different countries, whatever official borders might say. Maybe whoever was naming colonies recognised this and made a distinction.
  3. Apparently the first written record of the name is in Cook's diaries penned during his return voyage he doesnt go into any detail about why he called it that so take your pick - from wikipedia
  4. I have read that Captain Cook initially called it New Wales, but later corrected it in his journal to New South Wales. I would assume that the reference to Wales was to pay that area homage as has happened in other countries, the way New York is named after York? Then finally the South could have been added as a reference to this "New Wales" being situated in the Southern hemisphere? Does that sound possible? That's my guess. :cool:
  5. Or maybe because Australia is in the southern hemisphere so it makes sense to call it New South Wales.

  6. hehe thanks for anwsering my question, tags don't work in titles... :)

  7. No worries.

    thanks to others. That gives me some useless trivia to store in my brain. [/b]