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Why my workmates call me 'crash'...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lefty, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. My proper learner permit card only just arrived in the mail on Friday, and I've just had my 3rd spill! This time coming back from the KittiMinx ride on Wednesday arvo.

    Came into the t-junction too hot (60?? :eek:) and changed my mind about the direction I was going in part way through. In the end I managed to lay her down softly beside the edge and proped myself up against the traffic island for a rest. :wink: :wink: :wink:

    Poor voyager was hanging out for a coffee too. Ended up directing traffic around me and the bike. :LOL:

    The bike's only sustained a broken left peg and the plastic bit around the gauges is cracked. :( Maybe a couple of extra scuffs and dints added too.

    All the gorey pics to follow soon!!

  2. Some people just weren't meant to ride, and you my friend are one of them. Maybe you should stick to cars.
  3. Dude if your really having trouble I would advise going to a riding school and getting them to coach you.

    3 crashes in a short space of time is pretty serious though...
  4. Hey Josh, good to see you upright at coffee tonight, albeit I never got to the other end of the table to say gidday! Dam shame about your spill/s but it can be part of the learning. Just dont go wearing yourself out by trying too much too fast etc, take some time to rest as well okay :wink: Sounds like the damage to your bike is minor so hopefully yours is too.
  5. Hmm... maybe I should have put more winks in my post. :wink: It was meant to be a light-hearted beat up, a laugh at the incident. Not that I don't take it seriously, but after all the lessons and analysis, I walked away and I'm a better rider for it too. Of course a crash should be avoided, but lighten up a little eh? :)

    For the record, the two previous spills hardly rate a mention, if they did I wouldn't have been on the Wednesday ride. Comparable to dropping the bike in a car park or at the lights from my perspective. They do add to the funny side of the story I think.

    And yeah, I'm okay. Just some bruises and pulled muscles.

  6. I watched Lefty take the bike out through Anzac Day traffic to the Black Spur, get through the Spur in good order, back to Healesville, and down Myers Creek Road.

    Yes, he dropped the bike. But he did it after almost 150k of freeway traffic, congested tourist road and a notoriously challenging public racetrack. Not bad for someone who's only owned a bike for a week.

    nicholas - respect is a funny thing - you get it when its earned. In the meantime, quit whining, biatch.
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  8. Very Succinct Chairman, Nicholas I think you have been told. Lighten up mate, we are here to offer mutual support. :)

    Lefty glad to hear you are OK. End of day, lack of food, blood sugar low your concentration drops. Also the adrenalin is pumping when you are out on the open road. You hit a natural low after you come back into slower traffic. My advice is get the guys you are riding with to stop more often, get off the bike, walk around stretch. You will be far more alert when you get back on.

    More experienced riders sometimes don't stop often enough for newer riders. Thanks for the reminder. From what Charman says you are developing as a rider ok. :grin:

    Shit that sounds heavier than I intended. I better insert 5 grins. :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. Good to see you have a sense of humor about it all. :)

    Just keep your mind on the job and prepare for things in advance (well as much as you can) and you will get there no doubt.

    I'll talk to you at next Mondays coffee night if you are there.

  10. Very well put Chairman, thank you :)
  11. Thanks for your advice & encouragement. I was getting worried I'd do myself another injury for a minute, with all that winking... :LOL:
  12. did you leave unscratch?
  13. What Chairman said. :)
  14. A sad condition seems to be sweeping the :wink: Netrider forums, its starts with single winks but soon the addict can't get enough from a single wink :wink: and multiple :wink: emoticons break out :wink: :wink: :wink: in their posts. Before long full blown emoticonosis is shown with an inability :cool: :? to send any text without :roll: :cry: peppering it with :twisted: emoticons.

    "How can I help!!!" I here you say, send money :) to the :wink: CJVFR fund for the treatment of emoticonosis. Do it today before young riders like Lefty are forvever and hopelessly addicted. :wink: :wink: :wink:
  15. I meant to add this too...

  16. On behalf of rob sal vroom vroom, I'd like to say ~ Josh, Josh, Josh.... sigh :p

    Josh, it takes a sensitive rider to recognise when his bike needs a rest and a lie down after a hard day at the Spur. Remember, bad luck comes in 3's so it's all good from here on in :grin:
  17. As one of the double team that mentored Josh from Rowville to Black spur meeting point, and then as the mentor for the leg to the Black spur roadhouse, I was pretty happy with the rate of progress shown... way shaky at the start {coupla heart in mouth moments with an eye in the rear view} but progressively better and better - to the point where I felt that the twisties were handled well at safe speeds and I was happy to leave him to the care of Chairman, Voyager and the wesside crew for the return trip.

    Important lessons have been learned no doubt... primarily don't change a horse midstream!... and Look where you wanna go!!

    Hey Nicholas, that truly was an absolute zero brain activity statement you made. Hopefully someone around you will show you the same level of respect.

    :applause: Nicely put Chairman.
  18. :rofl: :rofl: Thanks fu z z y :LOL:
  19. You're very welcome :grin:

    As for Nicholas, perhaps he just needs to make better use of his emoticons, particularly the wink :wink: This versatile little fella makes winkers out of most w@nkrs.

    The written (typed) word is notorious for being misinterpreted ~ all the more reason to be a little more conscious of what we're typing. Or learn to 'embrace the yellow face'.

  20. Fuzzy sometimes you just crack me up :LOL: