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Why my first Aprilia, is going to be my last Aprilia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Icefire, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. First and foremost, this is not a gripe about my bike, it's an awesome bike and I know all the issues that I have had were due to the old owners doing dodgey work on it and treating it like crap. I also wont be naming any of the dealers I went through here either.

    In August I got my bike learners, I found an Aprilia RS125 which I loved, 01 model, great condition, rode like a dream and only had 8000kms on the clock.

    I took it home and done the full inspection, stripped her down, had a look to see what needed to be fixed up with it being a second hand bike and all. Only issue I found was the old owner screwed the choke adjustment cable into the carb too tight, and the throttle cable was starting to fray. So I order a new throttle cable, which was rather pricey at $100

    A day before the throttle cable arrived the throttle cable snapped, damaging the throttle tube, so I call to order a new throttle tube I'm expecting the part to be around $30 but with it being Aprilia so I prepare to pay about $80 for it. The dealer tells me I cannot buy a throttle tube, that I need an entire switch assembly also as they aren't sold separately and quotes me $250 respectively, naturally I freak out about this. So I spend 15 mins making sure we were talking about the right part, the idea of being made to buy a switch block assembly just to replace the throttle tube sounded ludicrous. The dealer convinces me I cannot buy the part without the switch block. So I call another dealer, on the phone for 2 minutes, he tells me throttle tube is $110 and that I don't need to buy a switch block assembly.

    I send my concerns in an email to Aprilia and they took action to acknowledge the issue, I get an apology from the dealer and it was all good in the world.

    A month after this fiasco my clutch blew, no big deal, call Aprilia for a clutch, get quoted $400, I scoff at the price again and order a genuine Aprilia clutch from the UK for $160 landed. However I bought my $33 clutch cover gasket here

    After I replace the clutch it was still slipping so I decided to change the springs. Call Aprilia again, $94 for the clutch springs, again I scoff at the price and order genuine Aprilia springs from the same dealer in the UK for $25

    Now my bearings have gone, so I ordered the bearings and a full engine gasket kit from the UK, not even bothering with Aprilia here anymore, the entire engine gasket kit from the UK cost me less then just my last clutch cover gasket from Aprilia Australia, in needing to replace atleast 3 gaskets this time around it seemed senseless to even bother with Aprilia here.

    However I also needed a special Aprilia tool to remove the engine from the frame to do the work which I could not source overseas. It's a special size socket, I order this thing from Aprilia Australia, 5 weeks ago they told me the ETA is 3 weeks as they were already on back order, I ordered the part 3 weeks ago as it was the only time I had the money. Now 3 weeks on, the dealer tells me that they do not know when the part is going to come in, Aprilia dont know, however they estimate atleast another 2 weeks but its not definate. So naturally I try contacting John Sample Automotive (The aus Aprilia distributor) and they have no phone number, "ok I'll send them an email" I think. I sent an email inquiring about the ETA on this tool on Monday morning, still no reply, I sent an email this morning asking about my last email and why I have not heard back, still no reply.

    I ordered my bearings and gasket set from the UK 8 days ago, and my parts are sitting in my office right now. I ordered the main tool from Aprilia over 3 weeks ago, and the only thing I have is an unconfirmed estimate when it arrives. The only thing they can guarantee is it will not be within the next two weeks.

    So here I am with a bike thats been broken down for over a month now, and there is no sign of me having it back this side of christmas. My Aprilia has had a few little issues that I've found as I've worked on it, seems to be from dodgey repairs, I'm not angry about that, or it breaking down. I cant point the blame at Aprilia for the old owner. But what I can point the blame at them for is since the 28th of august, the down time that this bike has endured has been over a month and a half, the month and a half wait has been because of parts, and Aprilia don't have the common decency to even respond to me.

    The whole experience has left me sour towards Aprilia's and especially the Distributor. I love my RS to bits, I love owning an Aprilia, and being able to say I ride an Aprilia, if I could have one bike on the market right now it would be an RSV1000, however I could in no good conscience recommend and Aprilia bike to anyone ever again let alone bring myself to purchase one again simply because of the stupidly high markup on spares, and the very common situation where theres no stock, and no reasonable ETA on stock.

    P.S. If anyone has the tool can they contact me asap please, beer and money in it for you if I can borrow it and post it back
  2. if your going to get rid of it, it sounds like you would be better off stripping it down and selling it in pieces . did you ever get to ride it??
  3. I've had it just over 3 months, its spent a good 50 percent of its life in my front yard whilst I've been waiting for parts.

    I'm going to be fixing it and selling it
  4. I think that sums up what I've always said.

    Genuine parts and dealing with manufacturer or their dealer = Bad.

    Ebay = Great.

    The dealers don't car about little stuff. They know people always say, just take your toyota to toyota and your mazda to mazda. Never mind that if you are replacing a clutch, a specialised clutch place will do the job in a fraction of the time at half the price and probably do a better job.
  5. Mate, I know how you feel. I too had an Aprilia RS125, which was neglected and abused by the previous owner (I bought it on my L's, my excitement clouded my better judgement to thoroughly check the bike).

    Anyway, when it came time to do my top end rebuild, my bike was at my mechanic's for over 2 months waiting on 1 single part to come direct from the factory - which decided at the time to close for 2 months! Aprilia Australia are no help, they don't stock anything and as you have found out, buying direct from Italy or UK is much much chaper.

    I am with you - I would love to ride an Aprilia again, but I am switched back to a Japanese brand because I know parts are much easier to source and readily available at all times. Its the price I have to pay to have a bike that pretty much looks the same as the next supersport Japanese bike...but at least I have a bike to ride.
  6. Get an Aprilia SXV550, and they just give you a whole new engine. They've got crates of them sitting out the back. :LOL:
  7. this "special" tool/socket cant be made?
    i have never come across a job specific tool that cant be made....
  8. What you've come across is a common problem with JSG. I've been waiting over a month already for some parts and I expect at least another couple of weeks. Why they don't hold stock is anyone's guess but it sure as hell doesn't impress potential buyers of the brand to find out parts are scarce as hen's teeth. Try ordering the little clip that holds down the battery for a Tuono. I've been waiting 10 months for it.

    Another mob to try is AF1 in the states, they carry a shed load of spares and the like.
  9. Jesus Christ mate, 10 months? What the hell is their excuse?
  10. What I've heard*

    JSG is a small operation, with some family members. In the team, everyone has a 'management' role. Everyone is very keen to impress the owner and therefore a lot of time is spent doing lots of stuff other than customer centric activities. Couple this with family involvement and you have a lot of people slapping themselves on that back and no-one listening to the customers.

    Just like the feedback I gave A1 when they 'forgot' to service my bike and seemed genuinely surprised that I was mightily pissed off.

    Contrary to what some companies might think, logistics is not a half time role, it requires full logistics experience, cpaital to purchase stock, good inventory systems, an efficient warehouses etc...It's a pretty full on job for whomever does it.

    My advice is, don't let this be your last Aprilia, they make serious great bikes, but use AF1 whenever possible, their service is outstanding.

    * I will deny this!!
  11. Why would I want to buy another Aprilia though? When the supplier clearly doesn't give a shit about their customers
  12. This type of thing is common with distributors esp if they are the sole distributor. They know it's a niche market the brand, and they have massive mark up to support the low volumes sold in our small market.

    Often these are run by one man bands or very small family businesses, and they have monopoly so they focus little on the things that count, and they stock nothing but the most frequently used parts and consumables because they cannot afford to have money tied up in the stock.

    I found this with the Australian Sole Distributors of Heckler & Koch Firearms. Believe it or not they are a small security company in Victoria. I and many others waited 13 months to get a particular handgun, when in the states there were thousands of the model available off the shelf, and after contackting HK in Germany, they said there is no supply problem at their end, the Aust Dist simply hadn't ordered any stock.

    Thankfully HK Systems has seen the light and appointed a new distributor..
  13. Sad to say, But the Ducati Distributor seems to be the same.

    NFI seems to spend more time picking there nose rather than looking after customers.

    Finnally I am getting my Monster, only took em 3 and half months!!
  14. where abouts are you?

    i have the tool.

    it came in my tool kit underneathe the rear seat.

    PM me
  15. I cant PM at the moment as I have less than 20 posts.

    I'm on the central coast but work in Wynyard. Are you sure its the right tool? I didn't think the tool kit came with them (mine didn't have one) it allows you to remove the bolt from the swingarm that goes through the actual engine. It's similar to a castle nut but only has 4 studs
  16. sorry i thought that you meant the clutch adjuster tool
    the socket that you can put a screwdriver through.

    look on www.apriliaforum.com/forums if you post in the 125 section you will be able to get more help most people on there have pulled apart/put together their bikes a couple of times

  17. Because they make some really nice bikes?
  18. A nice bike is all well and good until it spends 5 weeks sitting in your front yard as you wait for parts and the dealer wont even talk to you.

    Anyway, I've made the tool I need. I'm fixing the bike this week then I'll be selling it
  19. Ain't got no excuse for the 10 month wait. The guy at Moto One didn't seem to care at all, kept telling me he'd call if it came in.... :?

    I've had the manager/owner tell me it's a hard business and it's hard to make a buck. Well, first thing you do is get what the customer wants when they want it and suddenly things sell themselves. :roll:

    Look at Peter Stevens, that's an operation that has no trouble with selling anything because they have so much of it.
  20. Deyago, I got similar vibes from Moto One. I think we were blessed before. Unfortunately I found the old spares guy from A1 to be awesome, but the service department let me down last time. So I am left with Moto One and AF1 for parts.