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Why motorcyclists are better people

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by caz64, Apr 29, 2016.

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    This appeared on my Facestalk feed.... I got a laugh out of it.

    Motorcyclists are, as an organic whole, better human beings than people who do not ride motorcycles. The science is in, and science, as we all know, just does not lie...

    Motorcyclists are selfless
    Motorcyclists are egalitarian
    Motorcyclists are tolerant
    Motorcyclists are sexy
    Motorcyclists are altruistic
    Motorcyclists are honest
    Motorcyclists are charitable
    Motorcyclists are determined
    Motorcyclists know things other people don’t
    Motorcyclists are resourceful

    You’re not a motorcyclist? Sucks to be you then.

    Acerbic comment: why motorcyclists are better people
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  2. Awesome! :)
  3. ...This one... intrigues me.

    Does that mean I can put 'motorcyclist' on my resume?
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  4. Only if you don't mind being referred to as the "temporary applicant"

    Actually, I applied for a job 9 years ago - yes, i put it on the resume for a job mostly populated by people fully 30 years younger. Got the job, still do it.
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  5. im a motorcyclist
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I wish all this stuff actually was true.
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  8. but hang on - some motorcyclists are absolute tools
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  9. And having been tutored by you Uncle Greg I counted ten things on that list that apply to you. You wanna a Man Hug?

    Tools are part of life. They're everywhere & they give us a reason to feel superior.
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  10. Do I have to wait until I earn my Ps to be on the list?
  11. Only if you don't tell the outsiders "those things".

    Actually mostly they don't care.

    Or is that just when I tell people stuff?
  12. A hipster bike riding colleague shared this piece of gold today "Wouldn't it be better if motorbike riders were banned from wearing black?"

    Refer point three above. But my tolerance bucket was a bit empty for the rest of the day.
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  13. #13 BitSar, May 11, 2016
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    The answer is:
    "No mate. We just ban wannabe douchebags like your fine self and we'll all do just fine.

    Now. Go and whine about equality and ethical coffee beans whilst you feverishly consume Apple products from Chinese sweatshops. Idiot."
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  14. what's a motorcycle?
  15. Ethical coffee bean conversation happened not long ago. Other topics that make me want to body slam some them to the wall when I’m unfortunate enough to have my ears assaulted just passing them in the hall are feminism, womanhood, kale and the big no no...sugar. It makes me smile when I walk through the office after lunch and open my can of coke very loudly. People visibly cringe. :sneaky:
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  16. The best addition to a cv that i saw recently, which was listed under 'Hobbies', was 'avid karaoke singer'!!
    They didn't make the cut.
    'Motorcyclist' would've been a certainty for the shortlist ;)
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  17. Coffee beans have ethics? That must mean they have consciousness. I feel awful that I've been grinding them up and pouring boiling water over their remains. Sorry. Ffeeling pedantic this morning (no coffee yet).

    GoldenberriGoldenberri Perhaps a can of UDL after lunch next time?
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  18. I ride twins!!
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  19. How can you tell if someone rides a motorcycle?

    You don't, they tell you :v
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  20. Can someone please find a dude version of this
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