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Why Motard?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by scottw, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Ok..so I see this bike that looks like a dirt bike with a big fat slick on the back and wonder whats the deal? I'm intrigued..I have a chat to a motard enthusiast and he is very excited indeed - talking about riding around go-kart tracks flat out and having fun in the rain.

    I'm in the market for a new bike..i'm not on restrictions, i ride through heavy traffic into the melbourne cbd 2 or 3 times a week and enjoy a good ol burn most Saturdays around the twistys too - Kinglake, Dandenongs etc. At this stage..no go-kart tracks.

    I've been looking at the usual suspects GSXRs/CBRs..but before I take the plunge on one of them..I need to know why would I look at the motard option? Whats the buz about? Who does it suit?
  2. I used to race motard and have a huge soft spot for them (I am not claiming to be good :p). When I return back to Australia I am definitely going to get back into it then!

    The thing with motards is that you can have a lot of fun with them, without needing to go over 100 km/h. Seriously! On the reefton spur etc, or here in Tokyo i have passed many 600`s and 1000cc sports bike purely by the ability of motard bikes to carry more corner speed.

    I have also borrowed a XR650R motard at a Track day at Eastern Creek once, of course I got smoked up the straight, but as soon as we were passed turn one and into the turn 2/3 left hander, you`re back on their arse and over taking them by the run up to turn 5. Awesome fun.

    They are light, handle well and in a controlled area, ie not public roads, they are the best machines for learing to do wheelies and stoppies on!

    Another big plus is the fact that they won`t cost you a fortune in repairs if you have the odd stack - especially if you have oggie knobs on both axles. Maybe a new clutch lever, etc but not much at all. I have had some beautiful highsides at approx 100 km/h at oran Park (New Slick / 500 cc 2 stroke =ouch my poor head!) and came away with only a flooded bike (it was upside down) and slightly scratched plastics.

    Do yourself a favour, find a shop with a demo Husky. KTm, Aprilla, Suzuki, or whatever and book yourself a test ride! the proof is in the pudding!


    CR500 motard <-- clicky!
  3. A well set up motard is a huge giggle machine. They let you ride with merry abandon over just about any road surface, carry huge lean angles and tear strips off sportsbikes in the tight and twisty stuff. Brilliant bikes.

    The downside of course is that they generally have small fuel tanks and hardish seats, which can make them a little uncomfortable and less practical over long distances - but they're easy to stand up on to rest a tired bum, and about as much fun as you can have over shorter distances.

    If you can find one with both road and dirt wheels, you've got a bike that can tackle just about anything. Take one for a ride, it's hugely different to the sportsbike experience, the long travel suspension makes everything feel smooth and you'll notice a huge amount of weight transfer under throttle and brakes, which can really get you thinking about your riding tezznique.

    Go for it!
  4. All good info.

    I would however hasten to add that not all motards are created equal. For bikes that essentially all look like slick shod dirtbikes, there is a pretty big difference between the "race" motards and the "street" motards. A converted MX bike or something like the SXV's or SMR's will be insanely flickable, very snappy off the throttle, and here's the clincher, will require servicing every 500 to 1000km's. The street bikes are softer in all regards, will stretch out servicing, and still very agile relative to most other bikes.

    Work out how many k's you will be doing and whether or not you would be doing your own servicing. After that, go get a test ride on the bike that you can afford/make time to keep. Don't test a "race" bike if you know it won't suit you, it'll be hard to appreciate how good some of the street-tards are afterwards. :LOL:

    I would recommend test riding a Husqvarna SM610 for a more streetable bike, or an SXV550 for the other end of the spectrum.
  5. Aren't Motards , Supermotos?
    When did the big shift happen?

    SMs based on race orientated dirtbikes ask allot of their owners. Riding time between servicing is measured in hours & actually riding them lasts for well ,minutes before you stop for a bit.
    SMs with a heavier street bias have most of the characteristics but suffer soft suspension which give things like fork drive on heavy braking on-road, and softer power output.

    I'm not saying don't buy one, but they're about as far removed to life on a regular roadbike as you can get without going to somethnig without foot controls.
  6. On a slightly different experience, I just (last week) picked up my Ducati HM, some reasons being: the upright seating position(good for back/arms/legs, not leaning,I'm an old bastard); the fun factor (more local>200km runs/backroad blats); the light weight (compared to my 1400GTR, about 200kgs less :shock: ); it sounds so nice too :oops:

    In my research before I got it I found it's capable of long trips (with planning/fuel stops, about 160-220kms range), more than comfy and it's got a 'personality' that's different.... well, it all comes back to the fun factor... so easy to be on it...

    If you were to go for the smaller ones, you would simply have no end of fun, like what's been said before, easy maintenance/repairs, makes traffic the most fun....if you don't forget to flip the mirrors in (in my case :roll: )
  7. :shock:
    far out dude, I didn't think you could stretch the Motard/Supermoto definition to include Ducati's Hypermoto. It is still the 2-valve Dual spark DesmoDue engine in that Multistrada frame.

    Well yeah , I suppose a Hypermotard will give you a difference expereince to the SM bikes this thread has previously covered, but thats for pretty obvious reasons......
  8. Do your research

    I was in the situation that I wanted to have fun on a bike without having the capability to do >200km/h so got very interested in motards. Was originally of the impression that all dirt bike were tough like farm/ag bikes but lo and behold, a lot of them require servicing way too often. Your typical 4-500km weekend blast on a 1L sportsbike would see a dirt bike due for oil and valve checks. But not all dirt bikes and thus supermotards are the same. There are a few that don't have such short service intervals.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, I chose to buy a Husqvarna SMR610. All I can say is. WOW!! What a machine to ride. I used to ride a RSV Mille, but I really enjoy the 610 just soo much more. This thing is fun to ride anywhere and I'm not having to feel like I'm commuting just to get to that nice patch of road anymore.

    There's plenty of discussions on various other forums (VSMR, SMJ, and TT) so I suggest you have a browse through them.

    I also suggest you watch this youtube video. Now because I haven't posted enough, I can't post a url, so just do a google search for "youtube sm610 crazy riding" and click on the video titled so. Maybe some other kind member could post the link for me - well worth a look.

  9. Becuase you can. :grin:

    I think the info above gives you an insight. Now go and ride one and you will understand why

    Good Luck!

  10. There are many bike styles out there to suit many different riders. The one that still has me puzzled are the cruisers. I cant see the joy in riding up & down the highways and pulling an "Oh Sh!t" face whenever there is a deviation in the straightness of the road!
  11. Motards are probably the best bike for commuting imaginable. Pull a lazy wheelie while splitting, laugh at sportsbike riders because your bars are above the cage mirrors and theirs aren't, take a shortcut along a footpath, terrorise pedestrians with the sound of a big single and the off-throttle pop and crackle....BANG.

    Oh, they're pretty good on really tight stuff too. Anything over real speed ~110-120, I start wishing I was on the sportie instead.
  12. I would not sit on high speeds for long periods, but 170 is no problems, lose a couple of bike lengths to a 600 SS and more than make it up under brakes into the next turn. No problems through turns at that speed either. It's interesting to note in fact, that the Bears F2 (not F3!) record at the full Oran Park GP circuit is held by a motard. Not bad going.
  13. Depends what you're looking for really. As others have said -the full on MX converted bikes are pretty service intensive. But there are alternatives. The KTM LC4 range have 5000km service intervals on the pre injected models and on the road will not give away much, if anything at all to the more serious competition derived bikes (single cylinder). Not sure what the Husky service intervals are but I would expect them to be something similar. My converted KTM 625 SXC now has 20,000 trouble free kms on the odo. The first 8,000 were spent in the dirt which is pretty severe on wear and tear. The rest on sealed and dirt/gravel roads. No effort to cruise at 120-130 (if you can hang on) which is enough to say bye bye to your ticket. But hit the twisties and you're king :LOL: :LOL: The only downside is that you ride like a total lunatic. Wheelies, stoppies and elbow & boot scraping are all included -not optional extras :LOL: :LOL:
  14. why motard?

    cheap trackdays at TT :) ...soon...soon
  15. Oh -and you can fling them down the road or cartwheel off through the bushes, then simply pick them up and ride on with only a couple of extra "character lines" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Time to hit the shops..

    Wow guys great responses..so I’ll be getting along to my local dealer really soon, maybe this weekend to do some serious test riding. From what I’ve read and seen I’m going to check out the SM610 husky, have a look at the KTMs and maybe Aprilia too. I kinda like the look of the huskys and prilas..but it seems the quality of KTMs is tough to beat.

    So to summarise..brilliant bikes to ride below speeds considered probably too fast anyway eg. Anything under about 130kph is cool, reliability and servicing is ok but depends on the model you go for – and it seems the less racey you go the longer the service intervals. THE bike for a lively morning commute. Get some padded dacks and don’t attempt the Nallarbor and you’ll have about as much fun as you can have on two wheels..or one if you choose.

    Agree with the cruiser comment too. Some of em sound cool. Nice if you like lots of polish and chrome..but not quite the fun factor I’m looking for!!

    I like the Ducati HM – bit pricey for me I’m thinking though – brilliant looking machine.

    Oh..loved the comments about enjoying the SMR610 so much more than the previous RSV Mille too…that’s great..until asking the question on this forum I’d never have thought it possible.

    I checked out some of the sm610 youtube stuff too..totally awesome! I can’t believe the things done – don’t think I’ll be taking roundabouts on one wheel just yet but hey good to know what to do it on if I ever get the urge.

    I’ll put a post up when I’ve made a purchase.

    Thanks for your contributions – my eyes have been opened to the world of the motard.
  17. Keep any other thoughts coming..

    Don't stop the replies there either..i've come from the world of fairings..but the motard thing has really got me challenging my thinking - i'm sure others out there will be just as interested when they read your thoughts.

    Thanks again.
  18. I think anything that your more upright on seems easier to flick around.
    Not long after getting my CBR1000 I took an 07 Z1000 for a run on a Kawasaki ride day, it was awesome, so easy to chuck around.
    Would have loved to have a go on the new Aprilia Motards, they look the part, 180 Rear tyres, V Twins, Big brakes, Italian and rumour has it one of the best selling Motards out there.
    Would have loved one but not so good for two up, but they look like so much fun to throw around.
    Good luck with your difficult choice.
  19. Yea got an 08 z1000 as a loner bike the other day great fun and sharp handling but not a motard by a long stretch. It would be one of the best commuter bike out there for my money.