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Why it's better to pretend you know nothing about computers.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by TonyE, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Any of us who have any level of computer expertise will truly appreciate this!

    (Won't we Paul?) :)


  2. I gotta show my dad this. My family have a few friends who are like that uncle, they come to my dad for anything and everything to do with computers. Right now we have two computers sitting in the hallway that have been fixed, now waiting for the owners to pick them up.
  3. thats just way too familliar.

    it forgets the step where you instanly become an expert in all areas of technology.

    Hey, what digital camera should i buy

    which phone is best

    im trying to setup my bluetooth toaster and now the toast isnt coming out as dark at the moment.
  4. No it doesn't - the last bit mentions it...
  5. yeah it mentions it. i just find thats one of the bigger ones.

    hey! you know computers. i tried to buy something on ebay and it hasnt arrived. why?
  6. The internet's broken!
  7. oh so true

    I have a friend on another forum, whose sig is "Yes I DO have a ute; NO I will not help you move house"

    same sort of thing

    Saddest part is you DO know the answer to most of the problems, but just because you know doesn't mean that you want THEM to know :LOL:
  8. Gotta keep the trade secrets secret?
  9. nothing to do with trade secrets. you get sick of telling people that they wouldnt catch viruses if they only stopped looking at dodgy stuff. its common sense and is no secret!
  10. Relative of mine had his anti virus give a mesage saying it's licence needed to be renewed (for free mind you. I installed thinking he'd like saving some money)

    So he uninstalled it and went out and paid for a different one whith annual renewal costs.

    I cant win sometimes.
  11. So true, its funny how its percieved in regards to other professions. You wouldnt ask your electrican mate or your carpenter friend to casually come fix you a new deck or rewire your house. Well you might :) but you would pay them. :)
  12. Welcome (back) Drew :wink: (y)
  13. No, but most people do ask their doctor and lawyer friends for free advice. It's much the same; it's not seen as labour.
  14. True, I am reminded of the probably apocryphal story of the the Doctor and Lawyer talking together at a party. The Doctor says "I suppose you are like me and get asked all kinds of professional questions in social situations" The lawyer replies "Yes all the time" The following day the doctor receives an account from the Lawyer for consultation fees. :)

    You are right that its just seen as pressing buttons and not real work, and as all of us know when a user says "I have a little problem it won't take you long", its time to flee.

  15. Ha! Happens all the time.
    I've been out of the Building Industry for about 6 years now and I still get asked at BBQs/Dinners/Pubs etc.

    "Oh, so you used to Renovate Bathrooms eh?, sweet. Can you have a quick look at me ensuite for me. Water's been comin' through the wall for about six weeks. I think me showers leakin'. What'ya reckon......"

    We all know what "have a look at" means.
  16. You need to nip it in the bud :

    Attached Files:

  17. This is so true! Its especially true when everyone I know is computer illiterate!
  18. Lawyers have friends?

    sorry tramp, I just couldn't resist :cheeky:
  19. I want to be an astronaut. Maybe THEN, I can stop doing job related favours for people.
  20. This is why I downplay all computer/technology knowledge. If someone asks me to do something I'll just tell them where to find out how to do it, not how to do it.

    I've had a few tech support jobs and the overriding thing you want to say to some people is 'ok, technology is clearly not for you I think its time you just faced that fact and moved on with your life.'