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why it pays to be in the right gear.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by shady_knife, Mar 30, 2012.

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    (did that work?)

    if you're in the wrong gear, then you might not have the power that you need to avoid a situation like this.


  2. fixed :)
    Holy shit that was close, riding on a road like that going straight for ages is when one can become complacent to. That dude was on his toes!
  3. EDIT: removed to reduce redundancy
  4. Wow. Just wow.

    Driving on a multi-lane highway with low traffic is difficult for some people.
  5. Actually had this happen to me just last week. Both cars regained control, I had to dodge a whole heap of broken car bits and then change my underpants
  6. I had a run in with two ****wits in 2 x nissan 200sx tonight

    young guys boxing me in and shit on the free way
  7. I just love those types, Hahahahahaha,

    I have high bars and can swing right off my bike, When they realise they have Bitten off more than they can chew, They take off,
    Then I just casually wait for them to get boxed in at the lights,

    Then its my turn, Hahahahahaha
  8. I don't know how Americans manage to do what that car did but I've seen quite a few vids like that and had personal experience of it.

    A few years ago I was leaving Sacramento on a straight section of a multilane freeway when something caught my eye in the rear vision mirror. It was an orange sedan very sideways and the start of a multicar pile-up. 5 seconds further back and I would have been part of the carnage.
    It was mid-morning, the traffic was light to medium and the weather was nice and sunny. And nothing I could see on the road that constituted a hazard.

  9. one of them is still searching for his keys in the bushes somewhere I am sure

    what do you mean by high bars and swing off your bike ?
  10. crazy vid. how the **** do you even do that?

    if you ever need a reason not to ride next to a car...

    thats the scary shit, the shit you can't predict
  11. Welcome to hell, or the nearest thing - cagers.
  12. wow... just wow.

    Clearly it wasn't that rider's time yet.

    watching it was enough to give me the chills :shock:
  13. A very good example of an incident where braking would have been detrimental, a very good lesson. (y)
  14. lucky he was on a bike.
  15. holy shit! very close call.
  16. That was scary to watch, that was one very lucky escape!