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Why it pays to be alert, and keep your distance

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ChrisM, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Okay i'll try this again. I posted this in General, believing it may have been the correct section but it vanished and i've yet to be told why.


    As i said in the original post, apologies if its a repost, i did do a search but couldnt find anything with that web address in it.

    If someone is going to delete this one also, can i please atleast get a PM so i know why?
  2. Incredible, a policing and insurance nightmare.
  3. Yep, I can just imagine the P4 - "Vehicle 56.........."
  4. ha ha! good one rourk!

    i could only download 1/2 and cant really tell what happened apart from the possibility traffic slowed and the traffic coming over the hill couldnt see over the other side so they didnt think to slow down


    an earth quake. there's a pole that looks like its swinging

    when there was more to download i was waiting for a truck of some sort to emerge from the wrong side of the road :LOL: with a bunch o bikes hanging off it

    thanks for the pic

    cheers :cool:
  5. ouch
    they just kept going down... :(
  6. Multimedia is probably the right forum.

    That series of pics is ridiculous!! They just kept falling over! Insurance nightmare is an understatement. :eek:
  7. speaking of insurance nightmares, i heard a story [from a friend who i do not rely on] regarding a plane that lost pressure and the result was instant brain damage to all, except those who were in the loo, a couple o mile highers it seems

    so anywho, these 2 were the only chance of landing the plane safely with every other person severely brain damaged

    apparently, the insurance company instructed the plane be shot down [with 2 healthy people on board] than attempt to land safely


    because they decided it would be cheaper to replace the plane than pay out brain injury compensation

    the plane got shot down
  8. yeah i remember having to draw a picture for my insurance claim when i had an accident :shock:

    It looked like a guy was getting kicked in the 15th picture so I was trying to figure that one out.

    From what i can make out in the 14th picture, it's looks like the guy with lying on his stomach with a yellow and black helmet with red dots on the back of it came in too fast and dropped his bike, he slid along the ground and ended up facing 180° further down the road. His bike took out the guy sitting up on his bike with the khaki jacket and backpack with enough force to spin it around, and it also knocked the bike with the pipes on each side which as already on the ground, further down and to the left into the cruiser which was on the ground. The rider of that bike with the pipes was getting up at the time, and it looks like he gave the guy a nice kick!
  9. Not a problem! That'll Buff right out! :LOL:
  10. Don't think the guy was getting kicked, wrong angle for that, looks like the guy is keeping his balance.
    From what I heard, didn't get the number of bikes involved, but it was in russia and there were no fatalities. Just looking how long the accident is, has to be at least 150m of just crashed bikes...

    bet it was started with a panic reaction at he head of the queue
  11. thanks for putting it into Multimedia, didn't even think about that area!

    You can only imagine the insurance companies

    operator: so you wish to make a claim? where was this accident

    biker: well i was riding along this motorway

    operator: suuuuure i believe you, you and the 40 other people who rang and claimed the same thing

    biker: honest
  12. did anyone notice old mate in the second pic doing the superman® :shock: :shock:

    he/she is about 5' in the air , hope they landed well :!: :|
  13. :shock:
    ummm .. were they drinking?
  14. im guessing in a pub :p
  15. :roll: I can't believe I mispelt that :shock:

  16. Note in pics 11, 12 & 14 - 16 there is a pillion with no Helmet.
    As it is said...
    If you don't think you need a motorbike helmet... You are probably right.
  17. Yups its a repost, i'm sure.

    Last time though, it was a video of it happening. From memory there were two kind of seperate pileups. The First one, someone buggered up and a lot of people couldn't avoid it and crashed, and then the people who did avoid it were distracted by it and most crashed anyway just after.

    I'm sure t was up on netrider, will have a look when i have time.
  18. :shock: Hate to be there! Nightmare alright. I think one of the replies from someone on that forum gets it about right...