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Why isn't the Catholic Church a "declared organisation"?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by grue, May 28, 2013.

  1. Seems to me they've got plenty of reasons to consider it.

  2. Same reason as the police force or any political party you want to name.
    They are the powers that be.
  3. And what reasons would they be?
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  4. A demonstrated and documented history of keeping the plebs dumb and scared while holding sway over those in authority.
    All the way from only reading the bible in Latin with the pope sitting next to the king thru modern day donations to political parties.
    None of this seems to be very good for the average person on the street.
  5. After Islam they are the second biggest single religious organisation in the world. If they wanted to they could buy the entire economy of Australia out of their petty cash. Do you need any other reason?
  6. So we should run scared because they can 'buy' us out? Or is that 'pay off' people for their crimes?
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  7. So what you're saying is that they should be declared a criminal organisation for doing nothing at all criminal, just stuff "I don't like".

    Now, if we were to move out of the 15th Century and back to the 21st,

    If I didn't have reason to think otherwise, it really quite read like hornet was agreeing with grue and dan.adl
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  8. Lilley, like it or not the Catholic Church (you'll notice I'm talking about the Catholic Church not Christianity) has a long history of criminal activity, which is one of the reasons for declaring an organisation criminal.

    If the current investigations show that there was/is institutionalised child abuse within the church then we have further proof (using the same rational as the government does for bike clubs) of it's criminal activity.
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  9. I can see an argument based on the systemic hiding of known criminals. This mirrors the attempts to outlaw motorcycle gangs for similar reasons....
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  10. The unethical control and corruption of power is what I don't like.
    Along side the exploitation of ignorance and fear.
    I object to being told I will burn for eternity in a lake of fire for any given arbitrary reason, could be interpreted as a threat.

    Also the systematic cover ups of child r@pe are by definition illegal. But it's ok, the church can be trusted to police it's self, they said so themselves.
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  11. I'm not catholic and I have no great love of the catholic church but I have to say your starting to sound a bit 'fringe extremist'.

    All comments like yours do is make them gather their wagons in a circle which does no one any good, least of all those entitled to compensation.
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  12. And trusting them to do the right and moral thing has helped so many in the past.... oh wait
  13. I will generally lay the boot into organized religion when I get a chance.
    I just don't trust them.
    But what ever keeps you happy and sane is a good thing, even if I don't agree with what you find comforting.
  14. Probably a more important question is why haven't the 1%ers tried to claim organised religion status? Politicians will listen to them, they can get away with anything and they don't have to worry about all that pesky money laundering stuff, just write everything off as a donation.
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  15. Really?

    Ok, lets bring out the green koolaide
  16. It is not my place to dictate what goes on between consenting adults.

    Unlike the above mentioned churches seem to think.
  17. It's not the consenting adults I'm concerned about. And don't forget even consenting adults can be conned.
  18. Which brings us into a nice circular argument regarding cause and effect.

    Preying on the vulnerable we can all agree is distasteful at best.
  19. Just went to research scientology to find out numbers compared to bikies and lo and behold

    "In November 2009 Independent Senator Nick Xenophon spoke in the parliament about the organisation, describing it as a "criminal organisation" and saying that he had letters from former followers which included "claims of abuse, false imprisonment and forced abortion."[49] His staff interviewed a number of people who made the claims. Xenophon called for a parliamentary enquiry to investigate the Church's activities and its tax-exempt status.[50] In March 2010, Xenophon's call for an inquiry was "overwhelmingly rejected" by the Australian Senate, the senators voting 33 to 6 against, with 37 abstentions; Xenophon said he would "continue to push for an inquiry when parliament reconvenes in May."[51]"

    dan your idea is not that original.
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  20. agreed.