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VIC Why is this shite still on their website? TAC crap

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. Arseholes.

    Those posters down the bottom of the page aren't bad though.

    I can't recall actually seeing them anywhere though.
  2. ^^ the "put yourself in their shoes" one was another video. and quiet well done IMO
  3. It's still there unfortunately, because it's a message to all an sundry about the arrogance of the TAC.

    TAC have a huge huge huge PR issue with riders, hence the spopkes motogp competitions and motogp sponsorship...

    When you're at the motogp, I strongly encourage you to share your views.
  4. They'll probably even keep that crap up if the Parliamentary Inquiry tells them that they're full of shit: they believe their agenda to be more important than a Parliamentary Inquiry.
  5. Two points still stand out in the Spokes site:

    Despite assurances that references to the driver being absolved of blame would be removed, the site still asks the question: just doesn't give an answer

    They still reference the 1975 American Journal of Epidemiology study to justify their graph of the potential for serious injury against speed. The narrative has been modified following the VMC criticism, but it is still based on riders in the USA pre helmet laws from 37 years ago.
  6. went to the spokes tent... pretty girls doing a survey on whether boots or thongs are safer....

    is that really what the TAC call rider engagement?


    im going to write to them to tell them i WANTED to give them feedback but there was no option or comments section or anyone at their stand that looked like anyone remotely more official than a hired 16yo marketing girl in short shorts.
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  7. TAC are waaaaay too derious.... NSW seems to at least have a sense of humour

  8. NSW aren't too proud to import successful ads from elsewhere - this ad was first created by the Think! campaign in the UK from memory.

    Victoria hasn't imported a safety ad ever as far as I can tell. TAC are so proud of exporting their ads, but heaven forbid they admit that someone else made an ad better than them!
  9. i like how they spent all day showing adds about wearing leather...specifically leather... which were continuously followed by advertisements for alcohol...
    and there was NO mention of, say, drink driving, despite 70,000 in attendance and at least 10,000 of them spending the day drinking.... at a TAC sponsored event... made me giggle.

    also noticeably absent was their monotonous "speed kills" mantra..... perhaps cause it may be shown to be an implausable argument when theres guys getting off their bikes all day at somewhat over 67kph then jumping back on and riding away?
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  10. The concept was an import was it?? ... good on 'em =D> it reminds me of the pinky ad ... that was a ripper and effective too !!
  11. aside from causing numerous road rage incidents through encouraging and mandating sexual harassment.... yeah it was a "success".
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  12. Tac "think that what they do is worlds best practise . Delusional Arrogant god knows
  13. aaaaaw... did it offend your masculinity?