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Why is this idiot still driving?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. This from yesterday's Newcastle Herald;
    Lifetime driving ban and nine months' jail
    PAUL Robert Johnson was in tears as he was banned from driving for life, jailed for a minimum of nine months and ordered to pay almost $4000 in compensation, fines and court costs.
    Johnson, 23, of Lewis Street, Greta. pleaded guilty in Maitland Local Court yesterday to dangerous driving. driving an unregistered, uninsured car with unauthorised plates. resisting arrest, two counts of stealing and three charges of driving while disqualified.
    Johnson's solicitor, John Logan, said his client's problems were all related to drug use.
    Before yesterday, Johnson had 18 previous disqualified driving convictions up to March 2000 when he was banned from holding a licence for a total of 87 years.
    Yesterday's disqualified driving convictions related to incidents at Tenambit on June 26 this year, Branxton on July 1 and Islington in the early hours of August 21.
    Magistrate Col Elliott told Johnson he had "a most unenviable record" and had to be jailed and given a lifetime driving ban to reduce his potential to seriously injure other people.
    Mr Elliott jailed Johnson for 18 months with a nine-month non-parole period for the disqualified driving charges, ordered Johnson to pay $2500 in compensation for a damaged Commodore, fined him $1200 for driving an unregistered and uninsured car with unauthorised plates and ordered he pay $195 in court costs.

    This ass was already banned for 87 years and was caught again; why wasn't he gaoled in 2000, for around three years or more? UNBELIEVABLE!
  2. Laugh as I'm sure you will but what the hell is a life time ban going to do to a knob like that? He'll still drive when he gets out. Some serious re-education a la Clockwork Orange might have some effect. But really, how do you change the thinking of a person like that?
  3. Not defending him, but his 'bodycount' is still 'potential'; doesn't say he has caused injury on the road. It's a pity that some people who do kill on the roads get off just as lightly.

    You don't need to be a serial ticket-getter or suspended driver to be deadly. Anyway I'm glad he'll be off the road for 9 months at least.
  4. Fair point, Dan.
  5. The underling problem here is that the guy has a drug problem. If goverments focused some more on the rehab of these people perhaps things wouldn't get this far out of hand. Imagine if back in 2000 he was put in to a sucsessfull rehab program. He wouldn't have been driving around a danger to himself and other road users and even could have sorted out his life to the point of being a valuble member of the commiunity. Instead we keep puting these people through the courts with light punishments and no help so they end up re-afending until they get to the point that this guy is in. Reading this story sadens me to think the guy has a drug problem so he's going to be put in jail were drug use is at epademic levels. When the guy gets out in 9 months he'll do it all again because nothing would have changed for him. Goverments put very little into rehab programs but spend billions of tax dollars on fighting drugs on the street chasing small time drug pushers that are replaced as quick as they are caught.
    This kid (and he is a kid he's only 23) needs help to sort himself out. Jail will just f uc k him up even more. Next year we'll more than lightly read about him killing someone in a car chase or killing himself with drugs.

    It's sad.
  6. That's too right, and too sad, Pete.
  7. At what point does "responsibility for one's own actions" enter into this discussion?
    To many professional victims these days, generally backed by smart-talking mouthpieces (that are lower than sharkshit imho), and not enough people putting their hand up saying "Well, yes I did that. It was my fault"
  8. I agree. The person does have to take responsibility for their actions. But sometimes people need help to put wrongs right. Would you prefare that this guy carries on the jail cycle until he kills someone which could be a family member of you or someone you know?
  9. Depends. Answer may be not be what you expect if it involves the ex-wife.
  10. Actually the underlying problem here is his original sentence when he was 17.

    He got banned for 6 years for a relatively minor offense (driving without a license, he hadn't got one after failing it when he was 16).

    From then, if you live in the country what the frig are you meant to do? What public transport? There's not even cabs to catch.

    From there, he got busted again, banned again. Repeat.

    The guy isn't a bad driver. If you look at his list of _traffic_ offenses, none of them are bad. There are people on this forum who have had much worse infringements.

    He just can't get a license in his lifetime.
  11. Spot on (as long as there is no drug-driving). People associate no licence with a horrendously dangerous driver. How many professional bike racers don't even have a road licence? doesn't mean they are dangerous. As I said there are real killers out on the road who are part of the licenced, registered population, we never know about them until they kill, but we assume this bloke is a potential killer.

    Unregistered car is a bit different, due to the _potential_ medical care issues, but again, not a capitol offence...
  12. Point taken, Kaer, but there are plenty of people in this world with no car and no licence who still get around, legally. This guy's problem is a drug problem, as Pete has so eloquently pointed out. He's probably burnt his bridges with his family and friends, so no-one will drive him around. SO why is it surprising that he indulges in illegal activities in taking drugs, and compounds it by driving illegally as well? He has also stolen licence plates, stolen property and fought with police. It's not a glowing CV, is it? Irrespective of circumstance, and with Pete's sad caveats, the law has to be applied.
  13. As Sheriff Buford T Justice said in "Smokey and the Bandit"

    "What we have here is total lack of respect for the law."
  14. As the old sayings go........................

    Ex-wifes. You cant live with them, you cant murder them in their sleep!
  15. does anyone know that he has drug problems or is it just a statement his lawyer made?

  16. fair comment, after all, a lawyer wouldn't lie to the court, now would he?
  17. Yea you know the old i have a drug problem Defence in court has been around for ever. Anything to get a lighter sentence, Most but not all of them are full of shit and i wouldn't piss in their ear if their brains were on fire.
  18. Well there wouldn't be much of a brain left to burn.
    As for pissing in the ear wouldn't that miss the brain anyway?
    Just asking
  19. That's similar to what my wife keeps encoutering as a sexual asault counsellor. Every slimeball now tries to tell the court that they were assaulted as a child as that somehow stops them from having to take responsibility for their actions....

    She wonders whats wrong with her clients - none of them have any inclination to go and assault anyone else...


  20. Now THAT would do ALOT for the fear factor of cagers being STUPID!!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: