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Why is Rossi so annoying?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Tex Warren, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. [IMG:655:441:202e0412b4]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y204/biggavin/Separated-at-birth.jpg[/img:202e0412b4]

    but only Gibbernau can see the real Rossi.
  2. i have never liked him reminds me of a spoilt little kid :shock: now mick dowan,wayne gardener,casey stoner,troy bayliss them i like :grin: I am not racist am i :p
  3. nope your just patriotic :p

    I dont mind rossi
  4. I dont find Vale annoying at all

    But I recon that pics a cracker :LOL:
  5. He's annoying because he is so damn good! There have been times when I just thought "common bin it or break down so someone else can taste victory for a while"

    I find him a bit arrogant but you can't really expect anything less from someone who has won four premier-class World Championships.

    Hmm Mick Doohan always kept his head, maybe that was because he was a aussie :beer:
  6. Well he's binned his bike and broke down a few times this season so that shoulda made u happy :eek:

    I like Vale, and I love the way he celebrates after a hard fought victory :cool: unlike some MotoGP riders who are just plain boring after winning a race

    I grew up idolising Mick Doohan... still have posters and vids of him :grin: I'm extremely patriotic, but pay credit where credit's due and Rossi has definitely earnt every bit of respect that people all over the world have for him!!
  7. Thanks 7thsin ..... its the photo I wanted to showcase.... I find Rossi extremely exciting to watch and he always has a great press conference.
  8. I think people just don't like him because he is able to relax and have a bit of fun after a win. Seems to be the unwritten rule that if you don't have a stoic expression on your face after you win that you're automatically a smug bastard who's trying to stick it up everyone else. Rossi challenges that notion and actually celebrates his wins by being a bit of a clown, and I think that this is what really pisses everyone off. How can someone be a clown, seemingly not take it all too seriously, and yet still kick the butts of everyone else who are putting in 100% serious effort every single time.

    People just dislike him because they think it's not fair that he gets to enjoy himself. In reality he's not that different to an Italianized version of Barry Sheene, someone who both knows how to win and have a good time when doing it.

    You might hate him now, but if Rossi's career ended today and someone like Pedrosa took his place, most everyone would be missing Rossi like no tomorrow.
  9. hmm riding a motogp bike for a living, chicks hanging off you, fame, fortune, cool accent...

    Bit of the usual tall poppy syndrome.

    Biaggi, now he's annoying.
  10. I actualy find Pedrosa very light hearted, intelligent and witt.....




    Oh sorry. Were was I again. :?:
  11. Bloody right cathar.... well said. (esp the Barry Sheene reference)

    On the other hand.... what ever happened to Max Biagi? anyone miss him? Best thing he ever did was nearly flip a 500 after winning a race.... best recovery ever.

    I feel privaleged that I can see him in action and will be able to relate it to my kids....
  12. Five World Titles :wink:
  13. 7 world titles... 5 in the premier class.... :wink:
  14. I have liked Rossi since he started racing. He's always got something nice to say about his competitors (unlike some others) and is a great ambassador for the sport.

    I like the fact that he can be serious when he has to get the job done, but knows how to let his hair down and act the clown afterwards.
  15. I dont mind the bloke he is a good rider no doubt but you all forget kevin swanzt (spellings wrong ) now there was a bloke who new how to celebrate.
    I still reckon Mick Doohan was the best and I always will cause I reckon he had much stronger competition than rossi and was a nicer bloke.
  16. Anyone who can ride like he does, seemingly just so damn naturally, has got my respect as a rider, and anyone who can clown around while doing it like he does, gets my thumbs up to.