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Why is my car's indicator on the wrong side?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Renee_AW, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. I got my first bike a couple of weeks ago & can not figure out why the indicators on my car are on he wrong side...where is the sense!

  2. If it's a European car, then its indicators are on the correct side; millions more people drive on the right hand side of the road than do on the left, as in England and Australia......

  3. hahahahahaa...it's a Holden made in Belgium...doesn't that make it an 'Opal'?
  4. Most imported cars are designed to be left hand drive so the hand controls are arse about to what we are used to.

    To save money the car manufacturers just slide the steering wheel across the car and don't bother to flip the steering wheel controls around (in simplified terms of course).
  5. So in right hand drive countries are the controls on motor bikes on the other side?
  6. Its an OpEl, but on bikes, (except for the way BMW play with thei indicator controls) all controls are in the same place no matter what country they are made and sold in....
  7. Tip your Car onto its roof, then put a Skateboard under each corner. Drive it that way, and problem solved. You'll soon get used to it.
  8. You'd think with all the effort of relocating the whole steering column, dash and pedals, they'd put in the extra bee's d1ck of work to swap over the levers too. Nup. Bloody pain in the arse, don't they think Aussies need to indicate while changing gears?

    I'd go with Roger's advice.
  9. the gear stick in my car is in the middle.what do i do?
  10. I was driving a Peugeot 404 in 1973, with the indicator stalk on the 'wrong' side; got used to it in an instant, and never had any trouble swapping back and forwards to other cars. Millions of people drive Astras, Barinas, BMWs, etc, etc. In fact I would reckon that there would be more new cars on the Australian roads with the European set-up than with the traditional Australian set-up.
  11. when I was going for my P's in the car, I managed to turn on the wipers instead of the indicators as the car I practiced on was a VW. I then turned off the wipers, turned on the correct indicator lever, it wasnt too bad, until I realised I hadn't turned the wipers off fully and they were still wiping.... my driving instructor and the tester were pissing themselves laughing
  12. Bwah who cares. At one point my parents cars were both left side, mine was right.

    At first you turn the wipers on a bit, but it just becomes second nature. I don't even think about it.
  13. The indicator should be on the opposite side of the body to the gear selector.

    All good vehicles are laid out this way.
  14. Ferrari is like this. We should get one each, Ktulu. Red ones
  15. Yeah it's a pain in the ar$e having the gears and indicators on the same side... agree with Loz that they put so much effort into changing the steering column, pedals and redesign a whole new dash to convert it to right hand drive and then leave the indicators and wipers as are :?
  16. Yeah. Mrs Samurai's car is a Peugeot. Every single time I get in the f*^ker I wipe the windscreen at the first junction.
  17. So what is 'correct' can be judged by the amount of people following that rule/concept/etc? :D
  18. Even in Euro cars it's only a problem in a small proportion of them.

    Only about 5% of cars sold these days are manuals and if it's an auto (and most are) then you don't need access to the blinkers and the 'gears' at the same time.

    What did we learn from this people?

    Auto > Manual :p
  19. What did we learn? We learned that some of you lot, are unco-ordinated.
  20. But if the inicators stalk is on the left hand side, the allows me to use my right hand for smsing :p

    BTW: I've driven both styles regularly, and dont often make the mistake of which side to use.

    Oh, and you say holden, you must be reffering to the Combo, Barina, or Astra... these are designed in Eu, but still made here afaik.