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Why is it so hard to turn your head in a car?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by DarkHorse, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Classic freeway 'could-a-been-nasty':

    Cruising along at 100 in the right lane inbound on the Eastern (Melb) thismorning, passing the cages in the left lanes and otherwise minding my own business. I come up next to a Pajero driven by Dad with mum next to him and three kids in the back. Ahead of him is another car dawdling a bit, so he decides to swing out into the right lane to overtake - not bothering to turn his head to see me level with his front door before he moved after flashing the indicator once.

    Thankfully I was switched on enough to predict the situation and was waiting for exactly that to happen, so I dabbed on the anchors and dropped back while he got around and then moved back over. Was somewhat satisfying to see the kid in the middle of the back seat turn around and look at me with his eyes wide, and the bloke had the decency to wave and say sorry as I went past a few seconds later.

    Just goes to show that normal, nice, wellmeaning people can be just as dangerous simply because they get a little bit careless and lazy.

    Keep your eyes open and always be prepared for the worst possible scenario!

  2. Welcome to riding in Melbourne champ.
  3. I reckon it's because in a car there's a seat which semi restricts the movement of your back. It's harder to turn your head and feels harder then being free to move like on a bike :) If it's harder then lazy people won't do it.
  4. had a guy in a van on the freeway decide he needed to be where i was, first time ive used the horn :-O
    its annoying, but expect it
  5. This is why we stay ahead of vehicles.
  6. But getting there safely is the problem :p
  7. personally, i think its safer to stay behind. that way you can see what they are doing.
  8. Lilley, I'm hearing you ! But staying behind means you'll eventually be caught by other wankers. Don't know what it is with Melbourne drivers - they see you on the road with a bike, and feel 'obliged' to cut you off, stick to your ass or endanger your life unnecessarily. Would love to smack some serious sense into these types. Sure, mistakes happen..but having a P plater cut you off when there's a gap you're about to take makes my blood boil past the 200 degree mark !
    What shits me the most ? I'm from Melbourne, and have driven/ridden around lots of Australia.. but even Sydney drivers seem to be less 'aggressive' than those in Melbourne. A real shame...makes us look like prize tools to our neighbouring states.
    I've never snapped off a mirror (yet).. but if they keep doing what they do, it'll be more than a mirror I snap off... and I'm NOT afraid to go that way either !
  9. I snapped off a mirror just last week.

    Only problem was, the bike was damaged in the process. Couldn't evade in time when the dude decided he wanted to share lanes and I left nice dents in the front 1/4 panel and door.

    Tell ya what though... won't be trying that again in a hurry.
  10. bad move.

    well done, you anticipated a Pajero and reacted.

    learn this lesson well noobs!
    it is a scientifically proven fact that all Pajeros are driven by ****ing retards.

    and that is EXACTLY the sort of information that SHOULD be on the 'spokes' website.
  11. And the award for thread resurrection goes to....(drum roll), Monkeyman!
  12. also don t be afraid to give a blast of your horn thats what it there for
  13. But the Pajero driver..indicated. So alls good.

    Secondly whats the use of a horn when it makes a ghey clucking meep meep sound? Thats why I fitted a Steible 2 tone.
    Marrrrp!!!!.... Marrrp!!!!!
    Scares the bejezzus out of them as they look for the truck!

  14. Fixed that for you (y)
  15. You try turning your head, whilst on the phone, smoking a cigarette & tuning the radio & working the gears all at once.!!
  16. OK, for the sake of argument:
    1) being on the phone doesn't restrict the movement of your neck or head
    2) neither does smoking a cigarette
    3) the original scenario was cruising on the freeway, so he would have been in 5th with no reason for changing down.

    I know you were taking the p1ss, but come on.

    BTW I can't agree with the (much) earlier post about a seat/seatbelt restricting the movement of a driver's body for head-checking. I can look straight behind the bike without moving anything from my shoulders down.
  17. Two reasons people don't turn their heads. One their lives generally don't depend on it so its not as instinctual. Two they are taught to drive to a test not to drive safely and considerate of all other road users.
    Frig my 260Z you can't see anything looking over your shoulder. So you know what I do, I set my mirrors to see my blind spots and watch all three mirrors like a hawk. If I miss place a car or bike or worse a truck and I want to change lanes I indicate and slow down watching the mirrors to see if anything pops up before moving over carefully.
  18. I fuggin hate mirrors. My mirrors are there to tell me whats coming up from far away. If i'm moving laterally I check the shoulder instinctively. Bike or car, its not that hard to do....

    Having said that, most driver's i've come across don't do it. Personally I just don't trust something unless I see it with my own eyes and a mirror image of something can be a trick too... "Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear"
  19. 1 - fair call unless it's a semi in your blind-spot...
    2 - if you breathe without checking your mirrors and head-checking in a driving test, let alone pull out or change lanes, you fail. It's after the test when there's no-one watching over your shoulder that people get slack, even if they get a scare now and then it doesn't seem to change people.
  20. Thats kind of what I meant with the taught to drive to a test. The skills they are learning they aren't seeing them as life saving so they learn them only for the test. Hell I think I had 12 hours driving experience when I got my p plates in the car when I was 17.

    As for Not4Resale your comment on mirrors if they suck so badly put ones on the car that work and show you what you need which in my opinion is to see both your natural blind spot that you can't see with a head check and what is approaching you. Checking over my shoulder in my 2 door 260Z gives me a great view of the inside of my c pillar. I still do it but the mirrors are the only way I'm going to be able to tell what is sitting just off my rear quarters.