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Why is it so hard to get a test ride?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Bogus69, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. So....

    I'm in the market for a new bike. I'm leaning toward brand new and I have a list of bikes I want to look at and test.

    But here's the problem:
    Whenever I ask for a test ride I keep getting told that they don't have a test bike available, that they "don't really do that", or "you'll have to wait for us to get a second hand one in"

    I have tried a few shops too. some of them might have the more popular bikes available to test.
    eg. Suzuki shops might have GSXR's but I want to try an SV650s.

    Is it that they can't keep stock?
    Is it that the manufacturers don't supply them?

    I just dont get it.

    While i'm not in a mad hurry to upgrade, I didn't thik I would be waiting for test rides as long as I am.

    Oh well. Off for a try of the F800ST this arvo, so thats something! :D
  2. I imagine it's because they're nervous about would-be Rossis trashing their expensive demo bikes.
  3. That's it in a nutshell. If it's a popular model, they feel they don't need to provide demos (plus it's a big risk), and if it's a slow seller then it's not worth it anyway.
    The only time some of them do it is when they order in a big shipment and find they can't move them (examples being Yammy TDMs and MT-01s) so they've got excess stock to move somehow.
    Triumph used to truck a fleet of test bikes around the country, until they added up how much it was costing them (usually at least one crash per test day!)
  4. You'll have to let us know what you think of the F800, I took one out on the weekend and thought it was great fun.

    BMW get some slating, but they sure know how to treat potential customers. They've always got a test bike on hand and I don't know of any other manufacturers that will allow you to take a bike for a good run.
    Of course, independent dealers might be a little different...
  5. I know this is an old thread but I figured it was still ok to post on it than start a new one :p

    we are having this problem as well
    Phil is wanting to get rid of the DRZ and upgrade
    he is currently trying to decide between a V-Strom 650 or the TDM900
    and nobody has test riders for him and he doesnt want to spend the time or money doing the monkey dance (wheeling and dealing) until he rides them to decide between them

    though I have thrown another bike into the mix for him with the Honda NT700V

    I have even tried the bike hire places

  6. You can understand the dealer's reluctance, but, really, who's going to stump up $15,000 or more on something that you haven't ridden?

    I test-DROVE a $30,000 car the other day; then again the chanec of me throwing that into the bushes is less than the chance of that happening on a test-RIDE :(
  7. perhaps during a coffee night or something you may "test ride" a fellow netriders bike. that's if they're willing...
  8. If it's specifically the SV you're having trouble test riding I think I know why. The K6 SV650s is in run-out mode, only two left in stock in Vic. No dealer wants to be stuck with old stock. Especially with dealer margins on these bikes being so small ($500 in some cases).

    The other issue is that there are very few k4+ SV's in dealers hands atm for you to test a second hand one.

    I've been struggling to get a good look at a new one for the past two months. The only good news I have is that the K7 should be here soon, it may come out in blue, if so the blue looks fantastic on the SV. Although expect to pay $12k ride-away for a basic K7.
  9. The bike market is small but there are many models of bike (this is the reason for a lot of 'problems' in the bike industry). If they are going to sell just a few score of few hundred of a particular model, Australia-wide, they can hardly give every shop a demo bike.

    You have to be either prepared to travel around to the bikes, or start looking well ahead of time. The big shops are much better at getting demos (they get more from distributors and have bigger second-hand fleets), but they are no necessarily the best places to buy your bike.
  10. I was able to test ride a brand new TDM at Yamaha in the city. also I rode an NT700v at Redwing.

    Good luck!
  11. That makes sense!
    If only the dealers could have told me that...
    I ended up getting the BMW that I thought I would.
  12. Watcha get?
  13. Blue one? I think I saw a blue one in Rathdowne a couple of days ago.
  14. :)


  15. One of these...

  16. oh very noooice bogus69!!!

    Phil ended up getting the V-Strom and is loving it
    I am itchin for my upgrade now hehe
    he leaves my poor gpx for dead :LOL:

  17. I noticed that Moto One in Oakleigh are advertising in AMCN and offering test rides of some fine Italian Machinery this Saturday.
    MV Agusta, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi.
    I understand that you need to call ahead and book.
    Could be interesting.
  18. Good choice!
  19. all i can say is good luck with getting a test ride.. its a pain i know, but its how it is unfortunatly.. :?
  20. what about finding someone selling one 2nd hand?
    any chance of finding a test ride that way?

    or just asking around here?