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Why is it so hard to decide on a bike (long rant)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V8cressida, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. G'day

    I have as of about an hour ago decided to sell one of my bikes online. (GsxR 1000 k1). I have been thinking about it for a while (discussed partly here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=108629 ) but now I have pulled her out of hiatus due to an injury, bald tyres etc the decision has been made..... Really today and yesterday were the deciders. Yesterday I took the Gsxr for a run on spanking new Shinko f003's (discussed here https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=108849 ) due to the dubius reports on these I took it pretty easy.

    After an 80km ride around the backroads I really was looking forward to getting home...My shoulder and wrist were aching....I wasn't really having that much fun..just going through the motions. The power is insane.... but for general riding around you soon run out of road/luck or licience....it just pulls in almost any gear...and who needs gears 4 to 6 anyway? The chicken strips are still a bit wide..might take it for a spin to Port Arthur tomorrow...

    Today I had to run an errand 50km round trip, I thought I would take the 600F. Well in short I had a ball. Roundabouts, turn offs etc were way fun.... Not sure if it is because I ride the Honda 2-3 days a week to work or if it is the babbling Cammy sounds coming from the Remus Exhaust or just a smaller bike. Or the low confidence I have in the Gixxers new tyres. I really like peddling through the gears on the Honda...It's a big part of the fun getting a corner right in every way including gear selection. For ballz out grunt the Suzi would run over the Honda and dance a merry dance on its crumpled body. Arriving home on the 600 no aches and pains.

    So what for a replacement? No more than 9g's (prefer less). Still would like the litre grunt....but then do I need it? As an example would it be more fun in the twisties on a SV650 vs the SV1000 as far as getting stuff right rather than being lazy and letting the cubes do the work? Thats what I am wondering..Id like to go naked or semi (the bike I mean you twits :) ) Must be as comfortable as the 600F. Bikes that interest me are the Z1000/750 VTR1000F SV1000/650 or even FZ1. Maybe I should even stick with what I like and get a newer 600f.

    aaaaaaah decisions.. ](*,)

  2. Sell both and get a Triumph Speed Triple....Absolutely awesome fun, comfy and would make a good commuter as well. These bikes seem to age well, even the 94/95 models still look great and hold their value.

    Good luck with your purchase
  3. I have a Hornet 600 and my boyfriend has a VFR800.

    The reason I bought the Hornet was because as a guitarist, I needed a bike with a riding position that would be nice & comfy on my wrists if out for a long period of time.

    My boyfriend has ridden both bikes through some sections of the Adelaide Hills and has said that he's faster on the Hornet through tight twisties (i.e 80kph roads with corners signposted form 35kph to 55kph) due to it's light weight, comfy positon & flickability than he is on the VFR.

    However, for longer rides on roads with bigger more open sweepers & higher speeds, he's faster on the VFR.

    it really depends on what kind of riding you like mate.

    personally, I say if you have run riding the 600F then keep it!
  4. VTR or possibly even a TRX... Not as much go as the others, but I find it very comfortable...

  5. I was always going to keep the 600 to use as commuter. Just my weekend warrior is going.....

  6. in that case grab a z1000.
  7. I'd go the FZ1N but the faired FZ1 is identical + a half fairing, 2006 onwards.

    There is a FZ1 a mate rides that is about as good a "do it all" bike as I have seen. It's a weapon through the twisties, it hasn't looked out of place on the track and is compfy enough to do the long distances. A lower fairing (as my mate has) also improves the looks, if the half fairing is not your thing.

    Might struggle to get one at $9k, if so, fo the z1000!
  8. +1 for Z1000 (but then I'm bias :D)

    Wicked looks, super comfy riding position, and easy to flick around.

    I even commute on mine and it's easy to split traffic.
  9. Been doing some snooping around the net and it seems the Street Triple is Fooly sick....Bit outside my budget but hey its only money 8-[ .

  10. SPEED triple, not STREET triple. Check some of those out.

  11. I already have...Not a fan of the single swingarm (on any bike). To me it kills the looks and makes them look fat...

  12. After having ridden the Speed triple, I am so glad I bought the Street. A better bike in many ways.
  13. VTR1000 / SV1000 / FZ1 would be my picks although you may have to settle on an older FZ1 to be within your $9k budget.

    If you are going towards a speed/street triple, i liked riding the street more than the speed.
  14. i am starting to fall into the thinking of

    But i guess it depends on the rider, some just love the power, me i like the power too but if i can't use it (can't afford to lose my license) is there any point having it.

    Still i think the sv1000 is a cracker....but not stupidly powerful like the i4 1000
  15. I'm sorry but I really do not understand how people get sore wrists riding a sport bike (unless you have a back injury). I ride consistently big days on a daytona 675 (probably one of the most aggresive positions) and I do not have a problem.

    I think maybe examining your posture maybe the way to go. I see way too many riders with straight arms and locked elbows and shoulders. No wonder they get sore! The worst thing about it is though, riding in that position doesn't allow your front suspension to work properly - you just feedback shocks back into the front forks. Have a look at some GP riders - not one has a straight arm while on the bike. Yeah they look flogged after a race but they don't look sore. Even if you did replace your bike with something more upright the problem is still not fixed, it may be less servere if the new position makes you have bent arms.

    You may fall in love again and its cheaper than replacing a bike.

  16. While I agree with the sentament, not knowing anything about you, your age, preoccupation etc. Could be a one eyed view of the world. I am approaching 40..... to damn quickly :nopity: worked a labour intesive job my whole life and am just about rooted....joints wise.

    I can ride my cbr600f no probs at all my arse doesn't even get numb. (unlike the tailbone caning zzr250 I did my l"s on).

    I don't hate the Gsxr....going on a spirited ride I don't get sore....It's just having to go through long ho - hum less than 100kph crap to get to twisties that bites.

    Sad part is that after my long stint away from it it is growing on me again.:confused: . It doesn't bloody help when everywhere you go people keep checkin it out! I swear 1 guy at a servo was nearly dribbling over it.

    Good for the ego but!:cool:

  17. Yeah sorry - I should take injuries into account. Maybe keep it as a tracky - short sessions (so no pain) and you dont have to ride boring bits to get to the twisties. Added bonus of no cops and you can go as fast as you like. Watching the superbikes down the front - they get up to warp speed.

    Or just take regular breaks - going for a ride on the weekend - who cares how long it takes?