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Why is it so? feeling flat about upgrading.(bit long)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Earlier this week I called into my local Yamaha store, to check out a few prices on bits & pieces and a bit of a browse. Upon leaving I got chatting to one of the chaps about upgrading. It just so happened they had a demo FZ6S Fazer for a couple of days, I was encouraged to take it for a test ride. It was raining lightly, I was reluctant to ride an unfamilar bike in the rain, but they ganged up on me and before I knew it I was sitting on this bike ready to zoom off into the rain. I looked at my little Virago sitting next to me, it was only a test ride, I'll be back little V :)

    Flip, down goes the visor & I'm off, albeit a lot slower than normal.
    The substantially higher seat than my V makes paddling with this bike extremely difficult. Maybe it would get better with practice I thought.
    Ooops, I stalled it, ok, settle petal, find the friction point and just cruise off nice and gentle, righto, where are the footpegs :p ohhh back here :wink:
    My main concern is braking in the wet.
    The Virago has got pretty poor brakes, the Fazer felt like it could have pulled up on a penny if I wanted it too. The difference was enormous.
    If the brakes are so impressive, I wonder what else this bike has in store for me to discover. Time will tell I guess.

    The Fazer only had 200km's on it when I took it out. It had oodles more than that when I returned it. Luckily they said I could have it overnight if I wanted. :LOL: 40km of city riding & an hour later, a little flashing symbol catches my attention, gee, it's got a fuel gauge too, how novel :cool:
    Time to stretch the back anyway, this different ride position is interesting to say the least. I go to do my first U turn to double back to the servo and something doesn't seem right. I complete the U turn with no hassles, but I couldn't quite pick what was so different. My fingers were starting to become stiff, there was also pain in my upper palms and when I squeezed the clutch it radiated down to my wrist, I am not sure if the discomfort was from the ride position or because the bike was virtually new and the clutch needed to wear in a bit, but either way I have been in agony for 3 days now.

    Another 50 km's of city riding, battling light rain occasionally, the confidence is building, I am not stalling the bike on take off as often now.
    For a 600, I would have thought that acceleration would have been awesome compared to the V. Maybe It would improve as the bike loosened up, it is new after all. I don't know, I just expected so much more of a woooosh, she's gone sorta thing, but it just wasn't there.

    I head off home and am soon cruising the HWY, the gauges are very easy to read compared to the V, the digital readout is funky, all these mod cons, I wonder if its got heated grips too , lol.
    I decided to go suss out a couple of quiete back rds in Donnybrook and give the legs a stretch. 180 no sweat, with plenty of twist left to go.
    I have had the V wound out to 140, 180 didn't seem any more scarier.

    I go to do a U turn and head for home and there's that confused feeling again, what is it that is so different with this bike compared to the V.
    Sure its a bit heavier, but there is something else.
    I noticed that when I was doing slow speeds on this bike, especially when lane splitting or approching built up traffic at lights & such, that it was convenient to take my feet off the pegs and extend my legs so they hung just off the ground, seemed to be easy to balance at slow speeds this way.With the V so low in the seat department, its impractical to take your feet off the pegs unless at a complete stop or else they will get ground down to your kneecaps.

    Back in the traffic again, some more fuel and a phone call to the bikeshop to let them know all was well, considering I had been gone 4 hours. :LOL:
    Hmmm, I stuck 4 lts in at the last servo when the light was flashing, and its flashing again after only 75kms, hmmm, the V gets 30kms a ltr. :shock:

    If I was to consider this bike as an upgrade, I would have to get our family bike guru (my Step dad Moz) to give it a once over and a thumbs up, cos if he didnt get to give it the stamp of approval and heaven forbid if I bought it and then something wasn't right, all I would hear would be " I told you so", blah blah. :roll:

    So... off to Mums I go. The look of disapproval I get from my mum when I roll up the drive says it all. She has had issues about me riding of late, and an upgrade to a bigger bike is not something she approves of.
    Moz spends the next hour going over the bike. ohhhh, look, its even got a centre stand :grin:
    "this offset shocker is different, I've never seen one like that before" Moz says. :cool: After a short squirt on it he returns with a big grin and reckons I should buy it. :grin: Mind you, Moz doesn't have a bike of his own at present, and has not had a bike for 5 years, so a ride on any bike is a thrill, although funnily enough, he declines my offers for a blat on the Virago. :LOL: :? :LOL:

    I finally figured out what the "strange" feeling was when I was doing U turns.... the wheel moves in the direction you want to go when you turn the bars, but the mirrors and fairing stay put, unlike on the virago when you move the bars the mirrors move too, I'm glad I finally figured it out, another quirk I spose I would get used to in time.

    I return the bike and just for curiousity's sake go through the the number crunching motion with the salesguy.
    It is slightly out of my ball park, but if I was really impressed with it I would/could make it happen. I just aint that impressed.

    So, where am I at with this bike? It's OK, I guess. :? The OMG feeling just wasn't there. Sure, it's a sports bike, its new, it goes faster than the Virago, and might even take off just as well with a bit of practice and wearing in. (maybe it does take off better than I realise, it could just be my unfamiliarity with it & the new stiff clutch clouding my judgement)
    But, it uses more fuel, rego & insurance are dearer, as are tyres and maintenance..... & to be honest, its not really very sexy looking! lol.

    I honestly think I would have had a completely different experience had it not been raining on and off, but that wasn't the case so I am stuck with the opinion I have. In a nutshell, after getting back on the little Virago I can't say I am in a rush to upgrade to a Fazer, or anything else for that matter. I am sure I will eventually find what I am looking for, the Fazer just isn't it, it has left a rather flat feeling with me.
    I really think I will end up with an SV650, I can't seem to warm to anything that isn't a V Twin, not to mention the SV's are cheaper than the Fazers. They would want to do better than $10500 + my virago, throwing in a ventura rack and an offer of a bag at half price will not cut it for a bike that doesn't inspire me much.

    Why am I not in a rush to upgrade like everyone else that is off their restrictions? Is it unusual to be content with a 250, and a Virago at that.
    Will I get that OMG sensation I seek, I spose the only way to find out is to test more bikes. And on that note..... I'm off to find an SV to ride.

    Sorry for the rant, I am just curious if anyone else had any similar experiences when they came off restrictions.
  2. . . . . because after sitting on my Monster ! (jokes aside please ! ) :p

    Deep down, you really want one !
  3. Mickey, next time I have to tell you it will be via a solicitors letter.
    Give me back my prosthetic penis!!!!! :evil: ;)
  4. Caz, it's not that unusual at all.

    If they're not just a form of transport, they're about passion. You don't ride a bike to get to B, it's to enjoy the detours from A-Z that eventually get you to B. If the little Fizzer doesn't stir your loins :p it's because you're not meant for each other.

    There will be other bikes out there that will get you. It'll be because of their looks, the way they move, maybe the way they talk and sometimes a bike you love the look of doesn't make the sounds you want, but there should always be something on a bike that makes you want to take them home... :p Just like life really.
  5. Never buy a bike you have not fallen in love with and get the goose bumps when you sit on it and sleepless nights and cold sweats waiting for delivery. I recently did the 250-600 upgrade and I am thrilled with my CBR600. 10K plus your virago is way too expensive IMHO for Fz6. I sold my ZZR250 privately, poneyed up an extra 4.2K and I have a 2005 CBR600F with 12 months rego and 3500km on the clock.
  6. Caz, I know where you are coming from. Why do you think I stuck with the Across for over 4 years. :wink:
    And I still miss it :(

    The Virago is your 1st love in your Motorbiking life so it stands to reason why you don't want to part with it.
    Wouldn't it be great to have a couple of bikes and put them on the same rego and insurance instead of having to pay for each.
  7. If you want to experience the zoom zoom feeling, then a 600cc machine isn't the way to get it.

    Try an SV1000, that will get the woooosh feeling happening.
  8. Coming from a cruiser, a naked will make more sense. Try an SV or hornet.
  9. I recently was doing the test ride thing. I think you're probably right in that the FZ6 wasnt for you.

    I wanted another twin, and the feeling of riding an inline 4 just made everything feel flat and wrong. Everything I rode didnt feel right, one way or another.

    And I can get an FZ6 rideaway for $10500 with no trade in anyway, so they're not doing you any favours at all on the price.

    If you look on tradingpost 1300Kawasaki have ER6f's brand new for $8800 iirc - 650 twin, decent power, good allrounder (but not a sportsbike by any stretch of the imagination). Someone else had SV650's for $7690 + ORC down in ferntreee gully - was it BTX?

    You've got a few downsides to think about. One is the obvious money thing, and the insurance.

    But if you're trying to find the "perfect" bike there isnt one, so any purchase you make you will regret not buying something else. I still regret not buying a 600 monster, even though my T-Rex would kill it in every way imaginable (except for being a ducati). I still regret not buying an SV650 too, but there werent good ones at the right price at the right time.

    The biggest issue though, is, if you're happy with your bike - why change it? And if you like the style of the bike, why buy something totally different? Why not get a bigger virago or a different cruiser?

    Buying a bike doesnt fix all the other problems in your head. Think through what you want and why you want to buy it. It doesnt sound like you want to get rid of the virago. It's hard getting rid of your first bike.
  10. ditto all the above. similar to deb, i stayed with my 250 for 3 years and to this day when i see a zzr on the road i get all smulchy and nostalgic. took me ages to choose my next bike. narrowed it down to the SV650 vs Hornet and then looked at a few Hornets before we found the one i was destined for which i fell in love with on first sight (similar to when i first found my zzr - i just knew, the moment i layed eyes on it).

    love what cejay says. it's so gotta be right for you. trust your intuition. somewhere out there s/he's waiting for you (all my bikes are shes and no, don't go implying anything about my sexuality from that! they're my guardian angels).

    my mum was a bit anxious when i upgraded too. she relaxed a bit after i explained how much more stable, solid and safe i felt on it especially in high winds.
  11. cejay and karl are dead right, Caz; if you didn't fall in love with it, you're not going to, time to try something else. You of all people know about the bond between you and the bike; one day you'll ride something and want to kill the salesman who tells you, "No, you can't ride the demonstrator home, you have to buy a new one...!" :LOL:
  12. pfft... Easy!

    If you're not dying to upgrade then you can take your time and make a well-informed and well-considered choice! I feel it's a bit of a curse; that desperate need to upgrade (sometimes before your skills are even up to it!) can lead to impulse buying and ending up with something not right.

    You can browse bikesales.com.au and all the shops, test-ride etc, and really find the ideal bike for you. That's good news!

    I just went out and bought the first thing I rode when I upgraded! Thankfully it was an SV650s which totally rules and I love dearly, tenderly, and with all my heart, to have and to hold etc etc!

    Happy shopping!
  13. Having just gone through the upgrade issue myself, I can say that you aren't alone. I had to sit on a few different bikes to find something that I was happy with. I was going from an SV650, I tried the 600 sport bikes and they felt flat. The SV has so much torque, you should really try it, they are a fantastic machine. I can't imagine the how amazing the SV1000s.

    In the end I had to go a thou because that felt more like and upgrade rather than something the same. I really loved the daytona 675's motor, but it wasn't comfortable enough for me.

    Sit on lots of bikes, don't buy anything until you are completely satisfied. It's just like falling in love "you just know".

    Best of luck.
  14. Phheewwww, now I don't feel so bad about having been off my restrictions for 3 months and still not upgraded :wink:

    Last year after having been riding for only 8 months in total, albeit with a grand sum of 25,000kms under my belt, I thought I was ready to upgrade then and there. I even wrote to Vicroads to apply for an exemption on my restrictions due to the extremely high amount of K's I have done....
    it didn't wash with them though...lol.

    I have looked at numerous options, new secondhand, superseded.
    I think flipper hit the nail on the head about the Virago being special since it was my first bike & all that jazz.
    It's a bit like breaking up with someone I guess....
    sorry, its not you, its me.
    However, unlike when you breakup in a relationship, I do not want time alone without a bike so to say. :LOL:
    I will find it hard to part with her, but I know I am ready for an upgrade, the speedometer tells me so, 60,000 kms.... 44,000 of which I put on there in the short time of 17 months.
    36,000kms in a year is a major effort on a 250 for anyone.

    Any bike I do decide to buy must be able to cope with lots of touring and umpteen thousand K's a year. I am going places :p

    Cejay, I love your comparison, lol, what you say is true, hahaha, perhaps that is why I am single, I am yet to find a man I want to take home :p

    Micky, I'm not too sure about a monster, I don't think the tucked in draggin look suits me :wink: Although the seat height is perfect :!:

    Your spot on the money too Karl, the $$$ they want and the poor price they offered me for the Virago are not helping their cause if they want to gain a sale. I bet if did the shop around and went back to them with comparisons of similar bikes in different brands they would sharpen thier pencils, I think they are just seeing if this chicky is smart enough to know what the market is like at present.

    Tweet, I know what your saying about the huge difference re the woosh aspect with a 1000cc bike, I have ridden a few big bikes, including a ZX14, however none of them were ridden for any real substantial amount of distance, just a short blat here and there to satisfy my curiousity mainly.
    I think the ZX14 has set a bench mark that no other bike will compare to, that has serious WOOOSSHH, so serious I was scared, hence why I am sussing out the mid range bikes for the next step.
    I may get bored with a 600 quickly, who knows, but in my mind I believe I will gain alot by just taking a meduim hike as opposed to a major one.
    lets face it, 250 to 1000 or beyond is a gigantic step.

    Loz, a naked is probably what I will end up with, however, I know this midsize upgrade is only going to be for a year or two, and when the time comes to step up again I want to have an educated opinion about the differences between faired and naked, not just from a looks perspective, but from a practical and performance angle as well. I am more concerned with the ride position than whether or not it's faired or naked.
    I think a full on sports bike at this stage is way out of my league coming from a cruiser, thats why I like the SV, not too agressive but not to upright like the ER6.
    Its a pitty yamaha dont make a Vtwin sports/tourer & also that the VTR doesn't come in a mid size, I reckon a 600 VTR would be right up my alley.

    Some very sound advice their TRiX, I do have a soft spot for the wee V, but I am ready to move on if and when I find a suitable replacement.
    I feel I am ready for the next step if only I can find a ride thst I am as confident on as I am on the virago, that will be the hard part.
    I have factored in the increase in overall costs with a bigger bike, it will be the same no matter what I choose, it's a fact I can't alter, bigger bikes cost more money to run right across the board, I just want to find a bike that I can justify the extra cost is worthwile. No point forking out extra if I am not happy with the end result.

    LOL Carri, so it seems it's just us women that are content on our 250's for longer than the norm. Patience is a virtue, so they say!
    The situation with mum has gotten worse since my bro mentioned to her about a rider fatatily and a couple of serious offs from within NR.
    She has health issues re high blood pressure ect, and on a few occasions has stressed herself so bad she has been hospitalised, thus preventing me from attending the funeral of a fellow rider and a few long distance rides I have planned. emotional blackmail maybe, I don't know, but one thing is for sure.... I will NOT be giving up riding.

    Paul, one condition I have with any bike store I visit when looking at upgrades, if they dont have a bike I can test ride, they don't get my $$$. Thier is not a hope in hell of me parting with any cash on a bike I can not test before hand. As I learned during the week.... any significant amount of time on the bike will demonstarte its weakness, well maybe not weakness as such, its short comings is more apt. And a quick squirt up the rd does not constitute a worthwhile test ride IMHO, an hour at least, is a must, preferably longer.

  15. karl thats what happened when i sat on the benelli today OMFG that bike was built for me *wipes residue from the inside of boxers*

    if i had a spare $20,000, for a 3 yr old bike i would get it tomorrow
  16. What about Duc Multistrada??

  17. that is so true !

    I was set on getting a Cagiva Raptor.

    But when i saw the Red Monster, I left work early to check it out.
    Then when I started her and realised she had Termis on . . . mate, it was goose bumps all over !!!

    I remember riding the Monster for the first time . . . felt like my arms were being pulled out of its sockets !

  18. What about them? Other than the fact that they're the ugliest thing on two wheels....
  19. He's got a point, there, Alex!! It might be a great multi-purpose bike, but it sure ain't pretty :LOL:.
  20. Don't feel too bad, I've been off restrictions for three years (actually I've never been on restrictions in the first place) and I still ride my CB250!

    I would say hang on a little longer until Triumph Street Tripple hits the streets, because it might be just the bike for you. It's not a Vtwin but a tripple is nice too, it will be the right size and the promised price seems reasonable.