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Why is it called Squiding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DisgruntledDog, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. After reading the Hot Weather thread, I started to wonder why it is called squiding?

    Is it because when you come off when you're not wearing the right gear your skin hangs off you like tentacles?

  2. lolololol classic
  3. I thought it was Squid because you’d both make the same sound when hitting the road.
  4. sorely tempted to lock this thread.....
  5. Cause squids normally dont wear gear, and instead of Ink squirting out of you, its blood when they come off :LOL:
  6. Aww don't do that, this could get interesting :LOL:
  7. A term the yanks came up with for people who ride with no gear. Usually pulling wheelies in thongs.. We'd just call 'em tools.

    Then there's the "macronyms" (acronyms made up after the fact).
    Stupidly Quick, Under-dressed, Ignorant and Dangerous

    It's more of a state of mind kinda thing I think.. You don't wear proper gear: you're more likely to be the kinda person to pop a wheelie between two semi trailers at 200km/h.
  8. Think of the terms used on ACA, etc. Generally when you're simplistically moralistic, as most of the atgatt pedants around here are, and a short short of imagination, as most of the etc., then you want a single term by which to define the 'other', and if it's an Americanism then all the better!

    If you actually spend a lot of time on a motorcycle, and hang with a wide variety of motorcyclists (esp more experienced ones, the great variety of older guys, a good number of who can't be stuffed with forums but who have spent a life-time in their shed and on the road), then you find simplistic narrow terms unhelpful, and anyway you tend to speak the local language.
  9. Yeah, what mattb said.
  10. Luv it. Never heard it before.
  11. Since moving here, I've never seen so many people in shorts, thongs and a t-shirt. But whatever floats their boat, each to their own. It takes all-sorts.

    Got to admit though, thongs? Surely that's got to hurt?