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why is bikepoint run by morons?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slyfox, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. go look at any bike you're interested in, vtr1000 for example, and you'll see bikepoint has separately listed-


    the same applies for almost any popular model.

    not to mention they have categories for bike that don't even exist, suzuki gsx600r for example (no not the new gsx600, gsx600r.)

    :roll: really with the money they're getting from advertising you'd think they could get their s**t together.
  2. It's the morons selling the bikes listing the model as that, not Bikepoint.
  3. i thought that might be the case, in which case bikepoint should step in and clean up their bike lists once in awhile. or just get a list of bike makes and models and be done with it. (yes you would have to add to it every so often but that's not the end of the world.) they could just go and steal the list from bikesales, i was under the impression they're now owned by the same group anyway and that they are going to be amalgamated.

    who are these people that are stupid enough to list their gsxr600 as a gsx600r? :facepalm: ..righto sleep time :grin:
  4. probably the same people who list their FZR250 3ln's as FZR250RR, or as an R2 :)
  5. I am interested in a VTR1000F at the moment, and I completely agree that this is a pain in the hole. I noticed that most of the ones listed as 'Firestorm' are private sales. I have never sold on bikepoint but there appear to be no restrictions on listing. I suppose it makes sense, otherwise they would have to hardcode every bike ever made from every manufacturer. Still, some people selling need a slap.
  6. or any gsx, gsxr, gsx-r, gsx###r, rr, r ws etc, etc.

    A pick list, then an inconvienient seperate screen to put in a different entry would be better.

    Tradingpost is worse, because when you do a search, it's a list of every bike ever listed.

    So if you are looking for a slightly unusual model it's search for it, even though there isn't one being advertise.

    A ctrl selection ability would be handy on all of them, so you could select multiple models when searching.
  7. This is my particular favourite, the Honda CB1100XX. Posted by a dealer believe it or not!
  8. Too suttle for me????? :wink:

    (sp mistake thrown in cos I must be a dumbcarn)
  9. Hmmm .. a very interesting opinion. I predict that they will get a lot better real soon :)
  10. why did netrider buy it? :grin: or did you get a job working for them?

    i tried emailing them to let them know of the problem and got a delivery failure :?
  11. Hahaha .. I'm flattered that you have such high regard for Netrider and/or myself :)
  12. ive had this problem i found if you put in keywords such as r6 it comes up with all the r6's (plus a few gsxr600's)
  13. those letters after the model number must mean something. I was told by yamaha to tell the insurance company that it was a xv250r, whatever r stands for.
    It's like say a tarago has a gl model, gli model etc. means there are different features in the thing.
    Before I bought the xv I was talking to handa about the cb250, I have seen a cb250rr and it looks nothing like the cb250 I was going to get. cb250r has full fairing cb250 is a naked bike.
  14. when you get more acquainted with bike names (and when you start window shopping for a bigger bike) you'll see what we mean. it's a cbr250r or cbr250rr not cb250r. the problem is you want to look at the one bike model and that one model is divided into ten subsections.

    for insurance purposes it makes sense, but not when you want to browse bikes for sale :)
  15. It's not, actually.

    I just tested it. When entering your details you have to pick from the existing list. You can't enter your own specific model details.

    Having said that, there in the list of Honda models starting with CBR, there's a CBR1100XX Bluebird....

    I'm surprised that BP doesn't use the same database that Redbook or Glass's Guide does.

    Certainly, the database needs tidying up.
  16. Must agree as well. When i spent time looking you have to go to 3 or 4 different options to find the bike you want.. :evil:
  17. Its bloody anoying isnt it